Madison County (IL)

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  • Population (2020)
  • ISP District 11/ISP Troop 8 (2023)
  • IDOT District

Madison County Sheriff's Office / Madison County 911 PSAP

Madison County Dispatch Center

Vehicle Photo

Sheriff's Department provides the dispatchers and comm center to answer the 911 phones.

  • 618-692-4433 (Dispatch Center); 618-692-0871 (Investigations); 618-296-3000 (Anonymous Tip Line)
  • Sheriff vehicle has at least 553 Dell Latitude 5420 Rugged Laptops

Fire/EMS Agencies Dispatched by Madison County PSAP (May be dispatched locally too) Dorsey FPD, Fosterburg FPD/Rescue-EMS,, Godfrey Fire and Rescue, Grant Fork Fire, Hamel Fire, Hamel-Alhambra EMS, Highland EMS, Highland Fire, Highland-Pierron Fire, Holiday Shores Fire/Rescue, Long Lake Fire, Marine Fire, Meadowbrook Fire, Mitchell Fire, New Douglas Fire, Olive (Township) FPD (Livingston), Prairietown FD/EMS Assists, St. Jacob Fire/EMS Assists, Worden FPD

Police Agencies Dispatched by Madison County PSAP

  • Madison County Sheriff, Highland Police, Worden Police
  • 154.43 NOT USED as Dispatch/Paging by Bethalto, Edwardsville, Collinsville, Glen Carbon Fire/Rescue/EMS, Maryville Fire/Rescue/EMS, Troy, Alton, Wood River/E Alton/Roxana/S Roxana/Hartford, Madison or Granite City
Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
155.04000      KCX387   BM  100.0 PL  Mad Shrf Courts Sheriff/Courts/Probation   FMN  Law Dispatch 
154.43000      WNZI271   BM  167.9 PL  MadisonFireNorth Fire/EMS: North - Tone-Outs/Dispatch (see notes)  FMN  Fire Dispatch 
158.85000  154.77000   KSB221   RM  100.0 PL  Madison InterOp Countywide Interop (Patch with STARCOM21 TGs)  FMN  Interop 
158.38500      WNXW853   BM  123.0 PL  MadC Sewer Ops Madison County Sanitary Sewer District: Ops  FMN  Public Works 
158.82000      KNDA355   BM    MadC Sewer Data Madison County Sanitary Sewer District: Data (CSQ)  Telm  Data 
462.82500      WQOB596     MadCo HealthPG Health Department: Paging (Wood River) (CSQ)  Telm  Data 
155.59500  159.28500   KSB221   RM  263 DPL  Mad Shrf Jail263 (OLD) Sheriff: Jail Operations   FMN  Corrections 
854.96250  809.96250   WRFW617   RM  022 NAC|TG 1  Mad Sheriff Ops Sheriff: Jail (patched with SC21 TG7308)  P25  Corrections 
155.59500  159.28500   KSB221   RM  100.0 PL  Mad Shrf Jail100 Sheriff: Jail Ops (in use?)  FMN  Corrections 


001 (1) Madison County Simulcast 851.350000 851.875000c 852.137500a 852.300000a 852.537500 853.087500

059 (3B) St. Clair County - Simulcast851.075000 851.175000 851.225000c 851.562500c 851.700000 851.800000 852.087500 852.162500c
    852.587500 852.700000 852.750000 853.137500 853.637500 853.750000 853.850000 857.737500

060 (3C) Greenville 851.125000 851.587500c 852.800000a 853.250000a 853.725000

012 (C) Mount Olive769.681250 769.718750 770.687500a 774.068750c 774.812500a 855.387500 855.737500

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description
7300  1c84  Mad Sheriff Inv2  Sheriff: Investigations  
7301  1c85  Mad AnimalContrl  Animal Control: Dispatch (Shelter) 
7302  1c86  Mad Co Calling  Countywide Calling [MC CALL] (with Dispatcher) 
7303  1c87  Mad Coroner Ofc  Coroner's Office  
7304  1c88  Mad Sheriff c2c2  Sheriff: Car-to-Car/Secondary Dispatch [Ch 2] 
7305  1c89  Madison EMA  EMA: Operations [MC EMA] (DB: Glen Carbon PD) 
7306  1c8a  Mad Common C  Countywide Common / Mutual Aid (Ch C) 
7307  1c8b  Mad Common D  Countywide Common / Mutual Aid (Ch D) 
7308  1c8c  Mad Baliff/Court  Sheriff: Bailiffs / Court Ops (Can simulcast 800 R) 
7309  1c8d  Mad Sheriff InvA  Sheriff: Investigations 
7310  1c8e  Mad Sheriff InvB  Sheriff: Investigations  
7311  1c8f  Mad Sheriff InvC  Sheriff: Investigations  
7312  1c90  Mad Sheriff AHS  Sheriff: Alton High School - Officers  
7313  1c91  Mad Sheriff InvD  Sheriff: Investigations (w/ Local Law) 
7314  1c92  Mad Rural Law   Rural Police: Ops [RURAL PD] (rare use) 
7315  1c93  Mad Sheriff/Law1  Sheriff/Rural Law: Dispatch [Ch 1] [MC MAIN] 
7316  1c94  Mad Sheriff c2c3  Sheriff: Altermate Dispatch / Car-to-Car [Ch 3] 
7317  1c95  Mad Sheriff c2c4  Sheriff: Car-to-Car [Ch 4]  
7318  1c96  Mad Sheriff InvE  Sheriff: Investigations  
7319  1c97  Mad Sheriff InvF  Sheriff: Investigations  
7320  1c98  Mad Shrf Tac-1  Sheriff/Local Law: Tac 1 (Events; w/ Dispatcher) [MC Tac 1] 
7321  1c99  Mad Sheriff AdmB  Sheriff: Admin (w/ Dispatcher)  
7322  1c9a  Mad Sheriff InvG  Sheriff: Investigations 
7323  1c9b  Mad 911 MCE911  PSAP to PSAP: Intercom [MC E911] 
7324  1c9c  Mad Sheriff InvH  Sheriff: Investigations 
7325  1c9d  Madison EMA 7325  EMA: Operations 
7326  1c9e  Madison EMA Ops  EMA: Operations / Coroner's Office [MC EMA OPS] 
7327  1c9f  Madison EMA 7327  EMA: Severe Weather Operations 
7339  1cab  Madison HazMat A  EMA: HazMat A [MC HAZMAT A] 
7340  1cac  Madison HazMat B  EMA: HazMat B [MC HAZMAT B] 
7341  1cad  Madison HazMat C  EMA: HazMat C [MC HAZMAT C] 
7342  1cae  Madison HazMat D  EMA: HazMat D [MC HAZMAT D] 
7350  1cb6  Mad Sheriff 2  Sheriff: Channel 2 
7351  1cb7  Mad Shrf 7351  Sheriff: Ops (w/ SOS Police) 
7355  1cbb  Mad Sheriff AdmA  Sheriff: Captains/Administrators: (Charles Units) 


  • [Webpage]
  • Operational in June 1992 with 15 PSAPs: Alton, Collinsville, Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, Granite City, Sheriff, Pontoon Beach, Wood River, Troy, Highland, East Alton, Bethalto, SIUE, Venice, Madison city
  • MADCOM - unmanned PSAP at the Wood River Training Facility (hasn't been used since 2014/2016 after a flood at the Glen Carbon PSAP)
  • Consolidation info: PDF
  • PSAPs set to be decommissioned are Troy, Highland, Bethalto, SIUE, Venice, Madison city and East Alton
  • 8 PSAPs will be left: Alton, Collinsville, Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, Granite City, Pontoon Beach, Wood River and Madison County Sheriffs
  • 911 Consolidation Plan 10/19
  • Summer 2022 - Bethalto consolidated with Wood River PSAP
  • Fall 2022 - Madison County will consolidate the Highland Police PSAP into the Sheriff dispatch.

Madison County IL State's Attorney's Office Facebook page

  • Dispatched by Glen Carbon Police on their STARCOM21 talkgroup

Madison County Government

Wood River Facility

  • Coroner, Public Health at 911 offices are located in old Wood River Township Hospital

Madison County Health Department

  • Has portables on VTAC and a mobile repeater and has recently purchased a computerized alert system to telephone residents during emergencies
  • 151.04750 WQDR985 BM MadCo Health1 Health Department: Mobile Extenders
  • 155.93250 WQDR985 M MadCo Health2 Health Department: Mobile Extenders (WPYM727 151.1375)

Madison County Coroner's Office

Madison County EMA

  • Units: EMA-1, EMA-2, HazMat 1
  • Dispatched by Glen Carbon Police on their STARCOM21 talkgroup

Madison County Highway Department

Soil and Water Conservation District

Madison County Animal Control

  • Uses talkgroup on SC21 (See Sheriff) "Shelter Dispatch to King 91"

MABAS Division 35

  • MABAS info on Godfrey Fire Website
  • The Madison County Hazardous Materials Team is also part of Division 35. This highly trained group of individuals are selected from fire departments across the county. Team members go through several courses and attain certifications as Hazardous Materials Technicians from the Office of the State Fire Marshal. The team's 2006 Pierce HAZMAT Truck is housed at Wood River Fire Department. This unit is stocked with equipment and supplies capable of identifying and mitigating a variety of hazardous materials incidents. Division 35 also has an air truck that is housed at the Highland-Pierron Fire District.

Metro-East Fire Investigation Task Force

  • A cooperation between St. Clair and Madison County fire and arson investigators. It includes Troy, O'Fallon, Marissa, Edwardsville, Collinsville, East St. Louis and Alton, as well as the State Fire Marshal's Office and the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

STARCOM21 Fireground

  • Agencies may be using Collinsville Fire's license - for Scene of Action 769.54375, 770.26875, 770.61875, 770.896875 (P25/Narrowband) WQPP944

EMS Agencies

  • Alton Memorial Hospital EMS system Webpage

Northern Madison County is served by Alton Memorial Hospital EMS (See below) North-Eastern Madison County served by Staunton Ambulance Service (of Macoupin County) Central and Southern Madison County has local services; and AMR Abbott EMS provides response to skilled nursing facilities.

Alton served by Alton Fire/EMS, Alton Memorial EMS, Lakeside EMS (formerly LifeStar Alton Division) Bethalto/Cottage Hills/Meadowbrook/Rosewood Heights served by Alton Memorial Hospital EMS Collinsville served by Collinsville Fire/EMS Edwardsville served by Edwardsville Fire/EMS Glen Carbon served by Glen Carbon FPD/EMS Godfrey served by Alton Memorial EMS and Lakeside EMS (formerly LifeStar Alton Division) Granite City served by Granite City Fire/EMS Highland served by Highland FPD/EMS Maryville served by Maryville FPD/EMS Mitchell/Pontoon Beach served by Rural Med EMS (as of 4/23) Troy served by Troy FPD/EMS Wood River (PSAP Agencies: WR, East Alton, Roxana, S Roxana, Hartford) served by Alton Memorial EMS

See ARCH Helicopter for more information

AMR Abbott EMS - Belleville

Provides 911 EMS to State Park FPD (which extends into I-55/70, I-255 Collinsville area), Venice and Brooklyn; Provides Interfacility transfers for some nursing homes, Anderson Hospital and Gateway Regional Medical Center in addition to St Clair County hospitals and nursing homes.
Bellville Repeater on 462.95 192.8 PL for 911 tone-outs and backup communications to CAD/LOGIS dispatching.

See LINK for additional information.

Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
462.97500  467.97500   KMK409   RM  192.8 PL  Abbott EMS MO EMS: Missouri Ops - Back-Up [MED-10]  FMN  EMS Dispatch 

Lakeside EMS

  • Based out of Effingham
  • 3/1/23 - Has taken over for LifeStar Alton Division, serving the west side of Alton and Godfrey for 911 contracts.

LifeStar Ambulance - Alton Division

11/17 - Began using Encrypted VHF DMR System

  • TG 1000 SL1 RIDs: 17, 20, 24, 26, 27, 49, 100
  • TG 1000 SL2 RIDs: 27, 101
  • 152.33750 157.59750 WQZI495 RM LifestarAltn EMS [Former] EMS: Dispatch DMR EMS Dispatch
  • 152.33750 157.59750 WQZI495 RM LifestarAltn SRA [Former] SRA Medicar: Dispatch DMR EMS Dispatch
  • 152.33750 157.59750 WQZI495 RM LifestarAltnEMS2 [Former] EMS: Dispatch DMR EMS Dispatch

MedStar Ambulance (based out of Sparta)

  • Provides primary 911 response to Madison City, back-up Ambulance Service to southern Madison County as needed
  • Uses STARCOM21 for all communications (including Patient Reports)
  • All information has been moved to EMS Agencies (Area Wide)
001 (1) Madison County Simulcast 851.350000 851.875000c 852.137500a 852.300000a 852.537500 853.087500

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description
7252  1c54  MedStarMutualAid  EMS: Mutual Aid 
8906  22ca  MedStar 8906  EMS: Operations 
8907  22cb  MedStar 8907  EMS: Operations 
8908  22cc  MedStar 8908  EMS: Operations 
8909  22cd  MedStar 8909  EMS: Operations 
8910  22ce  MedStar 8910  EMS: Operations 
8912  22d0  MedStar BMHE PR  Patient Reports to Belleville Memorial East 
8913  22d1  MedStar BMH PR  Patient Reports to Belleville Memorial 
8914  22d2  MedStar SEH PR  Patient Reports to St Elizabeths (O'Fallon) 
8915  22d3  MedStar 8915  EMS: Operations 
8916  22d4  MedStar St Clair  EMS: Dispatch - St Clair County 
8917  22d5  MedStar Randolph  EMS: Dispatch - Randolph County 
8918  22d6  MedStar Clinton  EMS: Dispatch - Clinton County 
8919  22d7  MedStar CarToCar  EMS: Car-to-Car 
8920  22d8  MedStar Event 1  Event 1 
8921  22d9  MedStar Event 2  Event 2 
8922  22da  MedStar Ops Enc  EMS: Operations 
8923  22db  MedStar Emerg  EMS: Emergency 
8924  22dc  MedStar TRH PR  Patient Reports to Touchette Regional 

Rural Med EMS - Metro East

  • Website Facebook page
  • As of 4/1/23 serving Long Lake and Mitchell FPD for Primary 911 response
  • Unknown dispatch methods and frequencies

Alton Memorial Hospital / AMH EMS

  • See the Hospitals page for that information
  • Serves Alton, Godfrey and most of northern Madison County as primary EMS service.
  • AMH has nine ALS units (5 day, 4 night) serving the River Bend area (6 active, 3 backup/special events). Provides primary EMS services to Alton, Godfrey, Fosterburg, Dorsey, Midway, Moro, Holiday Shores, Bethalto, East Alton, Wood River, Hartford, Roxana, South Roxana in Madison County and to Brighton Fire District in Macoupin/Jersey Counties.
  • AMH is the resource hospital for 16 area Fire Departments, St. Louis Regional Airport and Conoco-Phillips
Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
464.87500      WNRD929   BM  173.8 PL  AMH Ops Maintenance / Security / Admin  FMN  Business 
464.42500      WNRD929   BM  156.7 PL  AMH Maint Maintenance  FMN  Business 
464.47500  469.47500   WQJE384   RM  143 DPL  AMH SecMaint Security / Maintenance / EMS (Barnes Central) [Expired 8/18]  FMN  Business 
462.75000      WQFX930     AMH Paging In-House Paging System  FMN  Business 
451.50000  456.50000   WQJE384   RM  91.5 PL  AMH Ops ENC Patient Transportation (ENC Data?) [Expired 8/18]  FMN  Business 
452.71250  457.71250   WQJE384   RM  071 DPL  AMH 4527125 Patient Transportation / Security/Admin [Expired 8/18]  FMN  Business 
452.11250  457.11250   WQJE384   RM  114.8 PL  AMH 4521125 Patient Transportation / Security/Admin [Expired 8/18]  FMN  Business 

Staunton Area Ambulance Service

  • Dispatched by Macoupin County 911 on 154.7475 D131 and may have local ops on 154.025 D703
  • Serves FPDs of Staunton, New Douglas, Olive, Worden (including Livingston, Williamson)
Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
154.02500  159.00000   WPXE998   RM  703 DPL  Staunton EMS Loc EMS: Local / Fireground   FMN  EMS Dispatch 

Laughlin Ambulance Service - LAS (Troy)

  • As of Mar 1, 2013, emergency contracts with Troy and Marine have been cancelled. No longer in service.
  • No Longer Providing Service to Troy/Marine Fire 3/22/13
  • Formerly: Serves Troy, backup to Highland/Glen Carbon/Edwardsville/Maryville areas.
  • Formerly: 4-ADAM-54 (heard on SC21 with Troy Fire units)
  • 155.295 KNJX363 BM 203.5 PL LaughlinEMS EMS: Dispatch (DB: Troy PD/Highland) FMN Deprecated
  • 155.22 M 203.5 PL LASEMS U2U EMS: Unit-to-Unit FMN Deprecated


Municipalities and Districts

Parochial Schools

Father McGivney Catholic High School

  • 7190 Bouse Road, Glen Carbon Website
  • The school is on 80 acres north of Anderson Hospital and serves a variety of students from both Madison and St. Clair counties including Staunton, Highland, Collinsville, Glen Carbon, Maryville, Troy, and O'Fallon.

Federal Government

US Marshals - East St. Louis

  • Units heard: 2500, 2516 (Note: these freqs are NOT heard on a daily basis, just seems to be with they happen to be in the area)


  • 167.3125 TG 1, RIDs: 3472057, 3422013
  • 167.3125 TG 1, RIDs: 3472057, 3472046, 3472089, 3472006, 3472659

OCDETF - Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces

Agency for Community Transit

  • ACT operates all fixed route and paratransit services for Madison County Transit (MCT), the RideFinders carpool/vanpool program, and constructs and maintains the MCT Trails system, as well as operates the ACT Community Action Grants program.

Radio IDs

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