Madison County (IL) Municipalities and Districts

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001 (1) Madison County Simulcast 851.350000 851.875000c 852.137500a 852.300000a 852.537500 853.087500

059 (3B) St. Clair County - Simulcast851.075000 851.175000 851.225000c 851.562500c 851.700000 851.800000 852.087500 852.162500c
    852.587500 852.700000 852.750000 853.137500 853.637500 853.750000 853.850000 857.737500

060 (3C) Greenville 851.125000 851.587500c 852.800000a 853.250000a 853.725000

012 (C) Mount Olive769.681250 769.718750 770.687500a 774.068750c 774.812500a 855.387500 855.737500

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description
7191  1c17  SWIC GC PubSafty  SWIC Granite City Public Safety 
7344  1cb0  Hamel Police  Hamel Police: Local Ops (Adam-36) 
7345  1cb1  Worden Police  Worden Police: Local Ops (w/ Hamel) 
7346  1cb2  PontoonBchPolice  Pontoon Beach Police: Dispatch 
7347  1cb3  GlenCarbon City  Glen Carbon: Local / Citywide 
7348  1cb4  Glen/Mary Police  Glen Carbon/Maryville Police: Dispatch [MC GLEN PD] 
7349  1cb5  Glen Police c2c2  Glen Carbon Police: Car-to-Car Ch 2 / Detectives (GCI) 
7376  1cd0  Mad Co Law 7376  County Law: Operations 
7921  1ef1  GranitCty Police  Granite City Police: Dispatch 
7922  1ef2  GrntCty PD c2c  Granite City Police: Car-to-Car/Events 
7923  1ef3  GrCtyPolice7923E  Granite City Police: Operations 
7924  1ef4  GrCtyPolice7924E  Granite City Police: Operations 
7925  1ef5  GrCtyPolice7925E  Granite City Police: Operations 
7926  1ef6  GrCty HighSchool  Granite City High School: Admin/Security/Truancy 
7927  1ef7  GrCty School7927  Granite City Schools: Ops 
7928  1ef8  GrntCty PD 7928  Granite City Police: Operations 
7929  1ef9  GrCty School7929  Granite City Schools/Police 
7930  1efa  GrntCty PD 7930  Granite City Police: Operations 
7931  1efb  Madison Police  Madison (City) Police: Dispatch 
7932  1efc  Madison PD c2c  Madison (City) Police: Car-to-Car  
7933  1efd  Madison PD Tac 1  Madison (City) Police: Tactical / Fire: Response 
7934  1efe  Madison PD Inv  Madison (City) Police: Investigations ? 
7935  1eff  Madison PD Tac 2  Madison (City) Police: Tactical 
7941  1f05  Mryvl Police Evt  Maryville Police: Local / Events 
7942  1f06  Mryvl Police c2c  Maryville Police: Car-to-Car  
7943  1f07  Mryvl Police Inv  Maryville Police: Investigations (Enc?) 
7951  1f0f  SIUE Police  SIUE Police: Dispatch [SIUE PD] 
7952  1f10  SIUE Police c2c  SIUE Police: Car-to-Car 
7953  1f11  SIUE Police 3  SIUE Police: Operations 
7954  1f12  SIUE Edw PD Old  SIUE Police: Edwardsville Police Patch (Former) 
7961  1f19  Troy Police  Troy Police: Dispatch  
7962  1f1a  Troy Police c2c  Troy Police: Car-to-Car  
7963  1f1b  Troy Police Det  Troy Police: Detectives 
8176  1ff0  Coll Fire / EMS  Collinsville Fire/EMS: Dispatch/Operations [CFD MAIN] 
8177  1ff1  Coll FireEMS Ops  Collinsville Fire: Operations 
8178  1ff2  Coll FireCommand  Collinsville Fire: Command 
8179  1ff3  Coll Fire 8179  Collinsville Fire: Ops w/Police 
8201  2009  Troy Fire 1  Troy Fire: Dispatch/Ops [MC TROY FD MAIN] 
8202  200a  Troy Fire 2  Troy Fire: Operations 
8203  200b  Troy Fire Cmmnd2  Troy Fire: Command 2 [Command 2] 
8226  2022  Mryv Fire / EMS  Maryville Fire/EMS: Dispatch/Operations [MC MFD DISPATCH] 
8227  2023  Mryv Fire Ops A  Maryville Fire: Operations A 
8228  2024  Mryv Fire Cmmnd1  Maryville Fire: Command 1 [Command 1] 
8229  2025  Mryv Fire Ops B  Maryville Fire: Operations B 
8230  2026  Mryv Fire Event  Maryville Fire / Public Works: Events 
8361  20a9  Edwdsvl Fire B  Edwardsville Fire/EMS: Dispatch [EFD B] 
8362  20aa  Edwdsvl Fire A V  Edwardsville Fire/EMS: 154.175 Simulcast [EFD A] 
8363  20ab  Edwdsvl Fire C  Edwardsville Fire/EMS: Tac [EFD C] 
8364  20ac  Edwardsville PD  Edwardsville Police: Dispatch [EPD MAIN] 
8365  20ad  Edw Police Trffc  Edwardsville Police: Traffic Stops [EPD 2] 
8366  20ae  Edw Police c2c  Edwardsville Police: Car-to-Car [EPD C2C] 
8367  20af  Edw Citywide/CSO  Edwardsville Citywide (CSO/AC) [EDW CITYWIDE] 
8368  20b0  Edw Police 8368  Edwardsville Police: Ops 
8370  20b2  Hamel EMS  Hamel EMS [HAMEL EMS] 
8371  20b3  GlenCarbon Fire  Glen Carbon Fire: Dispatch / Ops [MC GCFPD MAIN] 
8372  20b4  GlenCrbn FireAlt  Glen Carbon Fire: Alternate 
8373  20b5  Glen Fire Scene  Glen Carbon Fire: On Scene  
8391  20c7  St Jacob Fire  St Jacob Fire: Operations 
8399  20cf  Mad Co Fire 8399  County Fire: Operations 
8400  20d0  Mad Co Fire 8400  County Fire: Operations 
8401  20d1  Mad Co Fire 8401  County Fire: Operations 
8402  20d2  Mad Co Fire 8402  County Fire: Operations 
8403  20d3  Madison Co Fire  County Fire: Dispatch (154.43 Patch) [COUNTY FIRE] 
8451  2103  Mad Co Hosp 8451  unidentified Hospital 
8453  2105  AndersonHospital  Anderson Hospital: Outbound / Inbound 
8461  210d  Godfrey Fire  Godfrey Fire 
8463  210f  Godfrey Fire ENC  Godfrey Fire  
8551  2167  Coll Police 8551  Collinsville Police 
8552  2168  Coll Police Main  Collinsville Police: Main (Dispatch)  
8553  2169  Coll Police C2C  Collinsville Police: Car-toCar 
8554  216a  Coll Police 8554  Colllinsvile Police: Ops 
8555  216b  Coll Police 8555  Colllinsvile Police: Ops 
8557  216d  Coll PoliceEvent  Collinsville Police: Events (Local) 
8560  2170  Coll Police 8560  Collinsville Police: Ops 
8561  2171  Coll Inspct 8561  Collinsville Inspectors/BN Service 
8562  2172  GatewayCenter A  Gateway Center: Security / Ops 
8563  2173  GatewayCenter B  Gateway Center: Ops (or State's Attorney?) 
8981  2315  GrntCity Fire 1  Granite City Fire: Testing 
8982  2316  GrntCity Fire 2  Granite City Fire: Testing 
8983  2317  GrntCity Fire 3  Granite City Fire: Testing 
8984  2318  GrntCity Fire 4  Granite City Fire: Testing 
8991  231f  Venice Police  Venice Police: Dispatch 

Glen Carbon PSAP (GlenCom)

Glen Carbon (Village)

Dispatches Fire/EMS for Glen Carbon, Maryville and Troy. Pagers on VHF, Dispatch on STARCOM21 (Troy Fire response by Troy PD) Dispatches Police for Glen Carbon and Maryville on STARCOM21

State-of-the-art, 24-hour telecommunications center. Officers are monitored via GPS and radio communications. Telecommunications also answers all incoming calls to the police department and serve as after-hour contact for all Villages of Glen Carbon and Maryville offices. As a 911 public safety answering point, the center also services the Glen Carbon Fire Department, the Maryville Police Department, the Maryville Fire Department, and Troy Fire Protection District. The center is also the Madison County Emergency Management and Metro East Crash Assistance Team activation point.

Glen Carbon Police Department

  • Police using Starcom21, see listings at the top of the page
  • 18 officers; LIDAR (like RADAR) is used in city and on I-270.
  • KB39310 for 155.0550 I-REACH for 10-110 wt Mobiles (no normal use)
  • 12/8/09 - Will upgrade their SC21 radio equipment, by installing Pyramid Vehicular Repeaters
  • The first police department in IL (outside of St Clair County) to start using STARCOM21 (in 2007)
  • WNQA348 - former Police Repeater on 460.35
  • WQLP241 - Police mobile extenders to SC21, 770.89375/800.98375 Expired 3/20 (was confirmed in use before simulcast Madison County site WQLP241 FCC License

Glen Carbon Public Works

Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
154.99500      KXM656   BM  CSQ  Glen PW/WaterB Water / Public Works - Base  FMN  Utilities 
453.12500  458.12500   WPYL839   RM  241.8 PL  Glen Siren Data Emergency Siren Data (Test 5am)  FMN  Data 
154.99500      KXM656   BM  100.0 PL  Glen PW/WaterM Water / Public Works - Mobiles  FMN  Utilities 
770.89375      WQLP241   CSQ  Glen PD MX-O Police: Mobile Extenders (to SC21) [Expired 3/20]  FMN  Law Dispatch 
800.89375      WQLP241   CSQ  Glen PD MX-I Police: Mobile Extenders (to SC21) [Expired 3/20]  FMN  Law Dispatch 
770.89375      WQLP241   156.7 PL  Glen PD MX 1567 Police: Mobile Extenders (to SC21) [Expired 3/20]  FMN  Law Dispatch 
770.89375      WQLP241   67.0 PL  Glen PD MX 67.0 Police: Mobile Extenders (to SC21) [Expired 3/20]  FMN  Law Dispatch 
770.89375      WQLP241   110.9 PL  Glen PD MX 1109 Police: Mobile Extenders (to SC21) [Expired 3/20]  FMN  Law Dispatch 
770.89375      WQLP241   118.8 PL  Glen PD MX 1188 Police: Mobile Extenders (to SC21) [Expired 3/20]  FMN  Law Dispatch 
462.11250      WQUT361     Glen PW Data Public Works: Water Data (CSQ)  Telm  Data 
461.22500      WQZV399     Glen PW Data 2 Public Works: Water Distribution Data (CSQ)  Telm  Data 

Glen Carbon Fire Protection District/Ambulance District

  • Serves: 15 square miles around the village limits. Became a Fire District in 1956. ALS Ambulances added in 2007.
  • Station 1 - 199 S Main - New station opened 7/21/2020
  • Station 2- 430 Glen Carbon Rd - New station opened
  • 1993 Cummins Diesel Emergency One pumper with a 1,000 gallon tank and 1,000 GPM pumping capacity.
  • 2006 Crimson Spartan rescue pumper, also with a 1,000 gallon tank and 1,000 GPM pumping capacity.
  • 1984 Ford C-800 pumper, which has a 1,000 gallon tank with a 750 GPM capacity.
  • 1998 Emergency One 75-foot aerial ladder truck with a 500 gallon tank with a 1500 GPM * 1991 Ford F450 mini pumper or brush truck, with a 250 gallon tank.
  • 2 Ford EMS quick response vehicles, each equipped with advanced medical equipment.
  • 2 ALS ambulances staffed 24/7 with an additional 2 units available in reserve.


Glen Carbon Public Works

  • Public Works: Truck 34 (154.9950)

Maryville (Village)

  • Police and Fire/EMS are dispatched by Glen Carbon Police dispatcher. (Fire/EMS toned out on 154.25, dispatch/ops on SC21)

Siren System Upgrade (4/8/12)

  • Global Technical Systems Inc. submitted bids which included one that would essentially replace the system at a cost of $64,650
    • Even with the $6,000 repair proposal, the village will be able to switch to a digital transmission system. That, then, will enable the Glen Carbon Police Department, which handles dispatching services for Maryville to activate the warning system, according to the Police Chief. Currently, Maryville’s system must be activated from inside the police station, which isn’t always easy when patrolmen are out at night.
    • Maryville’s emergency warning system is tested at 10 a.m. on the first Tuesday of each month.

Maryville Police Department

  • Police using Starcom21, see listings at the top of the page
  • Village Website
Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
155.88000      WZW728   BM  CSQ  Mv PubWrksO (Old) Public Works / Water / Animal Control   FMN  Public Works 
155.88000      KAS418   BM  146.2 PL  Mv Siren/PD Emergency Siren Data / Police: Backup  FMN  Emergency Ops 
464.81250      WQNF712     MaryvilleWDD Water Data (CSQ)  Telm  Data 
154.06250  159.07500   KA57594   RM  251 DPL  Mv PubWrksN Public Works / Water  FMN  Public Works 

Maryville Fire / EMS Protection District

  • Serves 8000 residents in 8 sq.mi. area, 1000 calls a year.  3 full time, 30 volunteer w/ 25 EMT/Paramedics

Saint Jacob (Village)

  • Police patrolled locally, by county and ISP. Dispatched on Troy Police talkgroup on STARCOM21
  • Formerly used Troy Police on 154.74 R 203.5 PL (after Troy went to SC21)

Saint Jacob (Township) Fire Protection District

  • Dispatched by County, Troy or Highland on county fire 154.4300 167.9 PL
  • 154.4300 WNGU348 St. Jacob TFPD Dispatch 1
  • 154.2650 WNGU348 St. Jacob TFPD Fireground 2


Troy (City)

Troy Police Department

  • Police uses Starcom21
  • [ Police Webpage]
  • 18 officers

Former VHF Frequencies

  • 153.7400 Police repeater output. 153.9350 repeater input, although it was deleted from license in 2008.
  • 156.0450 is supposed to be the new input, but have not heard it in use at all. (*up to 8/4/09)
  • 154.9950 is Public Works repeater output, but KLU488 is licensed only as Base/Mobile.
  • 153.9650 is repeater input on license WNUK672
Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
154.99500  153.96500   KLU488   RM  203.5 PL  Troy PublicWorks Public Works: Water (WNUK672 input)  FMN  Utilities 
156.15000      KLU487     Troy Police VHF Police: Tactical [Ch 2] (Old?)  FMN  Law Tac 
154.25000  158.77500   KFA468   RM  CSQ  Troy Fire T/O PG Troy Fire: Tone-Outs (from 158.775)  FMN  Fire Dispatch 

Troy Fire Protection District

  • Fire/EMS - Serves 65 square miles & I-70, 55 & 270 around the city of Troy and responds to an average of 250 calls per year


Troy Public Works

  • Units: 512,514,543,553,555,602 Water Office

Wood River Central Dispatch PSAP

Wood River now dispatches for:

  • FIRE - East Alton, Wood River, Hartford, South Roxana, Roxana; 154.145 is Paging, 153.785 is Command/Fireground for all departments (Tac 2) (NO licensed base stations)
  • POLICE - Wood River, East Alton, Hartford, South Roxana, Roxana on 155.115; Bethalto is dispatched on their NXDN frequencies
  • Article - WR to dispatch 6 cities for Police
  • Backup PSAP is Alton Police

Interim Coordinator Burris introduced Wood River Fire Chief Brendon McKee. Chief McKee gave a presentation on radio needs and communication issues. He introduced Cory Heuchert from Edwardsville Fire Department and Stan Foiles with Data Tronics for any technical questions. He reported that after the East Alton PSAP consolidated with the Wood River PSAP the surrounding areas have had increased problems with radio communications. He spoke on: safety issues for fire and police personnel; technical issues; interoperability issues; possible solutions such as a voter analog system, Starcom, and a pilot program for a digital radio system; and costs. He asked the ETSB to be receptive of supporting a digital radio system in the immediate area (Wood River, East Alton, Bethalto, etc.) for use as a pilot program to then eventually implement across the County. The cost and scope of the project is still being evaluated. Mr. Petrokovich confirmed the issues the Wood River area is experiencing and spoke on radio communication needs to backup PSAPs


Bethalto (Village)

Police and Fire dispatched by Wood River PSAP (as of 2/21)

  • WRPD uses 156.1725 (input to Repeater) 45 RAN to reach the Bethalto Police Repeater and can be heard through-out the area (Encrypted)

Bethalto Police Department Facebook page

  • Animal Control
  • Police using NXDN since Summer 2018 (formerly on SC21)

Bethalto Fire Department Facebook page

Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
158.80500  156.00000   KUN481   RM  179.9 PL  Bethalto PoliceA Police: Simulcast of NXDN  FMN  Law Dispatch 
158.92500      KUN481   BM  206.5 PL  Bethalto PubWork Public Works  FMN  Public Works 
158.92500      KUN481   BM  146.2 PL  Bethalto Water Water Department  FMN  Utilities 
151.49000  154.31000   KRA500   RM  143 DPL  Bethalto Fire Fire: Paging/Dispatch (Patched to SC21 TG8351)  FMN  Fire Dispatch 
151.23500  156.17250   KUN481   RM  45 RAN|TG 1  Bethalto PoliceD Police: Dispatch  NXDN  Law Dispatch 
151.10000      KUN481   RM    Bethalto NXDN A Police / Fire   NXDN  Multi-Dispatch 
151.11500      KUN481   RM  50 RAN  Bethalto NXDN B Police / Fire   NXDN  Multi-Dispatch 
154.79250      KUN481   BM  156 DPL  MadCo Sheriff *P Sheriff: Dispatch (Receive patch SC21 TG)  FMN  Law Dispatch 
151.23500  156.17250   KUN481   RM  45 RAN|TG 3  Beth Police TG3 Police  NXDN  Law Tac 
  • (former use) STARCOM21 talkgroups 8351 - 8354. Now using VHF.
  • (former use) 154.175 BM 114.8 PL Fire: Old [Abandoned 4/12] FMN KRA500

Bethalto Public Works

  • Street Department Units: Truck 4
  • 464.15 Fixed for NFM Water Data WQSW924

Cottage Hills (Unincorporated)

  • Wiki Info
  • Law by Madison County Sheriff (w/ backup by Bethalto Police and Illinois State Police)
  • EMS Provided by Alton Memorial Ambulance
  • 451.1375 for Water Data (4/12) American Water Works Service Company WQOV283

Cottage Hills Fire Protection District Facebook page

  • Dispatched on 154.43 by Madison County 911
Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
154.28000  KBF257   CSQ  CottageHills FG Fireground  FMN  Fire-Tac 

East Alton (Village)

Police - dispatched by Wood River PSAP

East Alton Fire Department Union Facebook page

  • Uses the Wood River Fire Protection District frequencies
Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
155.43000  154.71000   KSC756   RM  192.8 PL  E Alton Police Police:Secondary/Back-Up  FMN  Law Dispatch 
154.98000      KNDD717   BM  192.8 PL  E Alton PubWrks Public Works / Water [Ch 1] [Expired 8/02]  FMN  Public Works 


"East Alton Public Works'

  • Street Division, Water Division and Sewer Division
  • Units heard: #3,30, "Water Plant"

Rosewood Heights (Village)

  • Police by Madison County, back-up by Bethalto and Wood River Police

Rosewood Heights Fire Protection District '"`UNIQ--freqsubcat-00000010-QINU`"'

Roxana (Village)

Roxana Fire Department

  • Uses the Wood River FPD frequencies
Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
153.81500  155.98500   KA91441   RM  225.7 PL  Rox PW1/PD2 Police: Tac [Ch 2] / Public Works [Ch 1]  FMN  Multi-Tac 

South Roxana (Village)

South Roxana Fire Protection District

  • Uses the Wood River FPD frequencies
  • 153.860 WNAS645 B Fireground (Never heard) [Expired] FMN

Wood River (City)

Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
155.11500  155.71500   KDX509   RM  143 DPL  WoodRiver Police Police: Dispatch - Multiple Agencies [Ch 1]   FMN  Law Dispatch 
153.78500      WPCM483   BM  192.8 PL  WdRvr Fire Cmnd Command/Fireground [Tac 2]  FMN  Fire-Tac 
154.14500      WNYJ377   BM  107.2 PL  WoodRiver Fire Fire: Dispatch - Multiple Agencies  FMN  Fire Dispatch 
155.71500      WSL817   BM  CSQ  WdRvr PubWorks Public Works/Township Road Maintenance   FMN  Public Works 
456.10625      WQHF458     WdRvr WDD2 Water Distribution Data   Telm  Data 
453.83750      WQHM978     WdRvr WDD1 Water Distribution Data   Telm  Data 

Wood River Fire Protection District

  • Serves Wood River, Hartford, Roxana, South Roxana
  • Pages/Dispatches: Wood River Fire, HazMat, Rescue, Regulars, Engine 73; South Roxana Fire; Roxana Fire/Roxana Regulars; "Central Station; Roxana Medical Emergency; Hartford Fire


Wood River Public Works

  • Units Heard: 15,30,51, C52, C57

Municipalities and Districts


Collinsville Township Unknown radio usage, Unit "C-51" truck had what looked like a VHF whip on side mirror area. **Update 1/07 - Confirmed a UHF antenna on top of truck (center loaded). Could be using a KLL or Warner repeater or LTR.

  • 464.225 110.9 PL - unidentified Township ops? - Snow Plowing on Wagner, Buffalo Roads (Marine and/or Alhambra Townships), talk about 143 and another road that the state has not done. Repeater located in troy (Pin Oak Township)
Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
151.02500      WNVN435   BM  210.7 PL  ChoutTwp Roads Chouteau Township Roads [Expired]  FMN  Public Works 
154.11500      WQA758   BM  118.8 PL  EdwTwp Roads Edwardsville Township Road District  FMN  Public Works 
155.10000      KDA985   BM    GodfreyTwp Road Godfrey Township: Roads  FMN  Public Works 
154.04750      KNIG943   BM  136.5 PL  FtRusslTwp Road Fort Russell Township: Roads [Expired]  FMN  Public Works 
151.02500        BM  136.5 PL  FostrbrgTwp Road Foster Township: Roads  FMN  Public Works 
154.11500      KNDU336   BM  CSQ  NamkTwp Road Nameoki Township Roads [Term 2002]  FMN  Public Works 
456.05000      WPMA349   103.5 PL  TriTwp Water Tri-Townships Water District  FMN  Data 
155.08500      KFX582   BM    ME Sanitary Dist Metro East Sanitary District: Ops [Expired]  FMN  Public Works 
153.57500      WQYD378   BM    NEC Water North East Central Water District  FMN  Utilities 
956.34375      WQHT678     B-MWD WDD Bond-Madison Water: Data  Telm  Data 
153.53750      WPNY502     BMWC WDD Bond-Madison Water: Data (CSQ)  Telm  Data 
464.22500  469.22500   KNGM587   RM  110.9 PL  Mar/PO Twp Rd Marine/Pin Oak? Township: Roads (no longer on air? 7/22)  FMN  Public Works 
151.07750      WRBW717   BM    WdRiv Twp Roads Wood River Townshp Roads (Cottage Hills)  DMR  Public Works 
463.73750      WQVD372     NECWD Data Northeast Central Water District: Data (CSQ)  Telm  Data 

Water, Sewer and Levee Districts

Wood River Drainage and Levee District

  • District officials are looking at a total renovation for the levee, including pump stations, relief wells, turn gates and other structures. -- Unknown communications.


Alhambra (Village)

Alhambra Community Fire District

  • 154.4300 167.9 PL Local Test Page 6pm)
  • Former dispatch, now on 151.1825R D243/159.1725 (D152 input)


Alhambra-Hamel Ambulance Service '"`UNIQ--freqsubcat-00000017-QINU`"'

Alton (City)

Alton Police Department Police webpage Website

  • The Alton City Jail has twenty-seven (27) adult jail cells, two (2) juvenile cells, and four (4 )holding cells. All but the two (2) juvenile cells and two (2) of the adult cells are double-bunked, creating a capacity for up to fifty-three (53) inmates
  • 155.19 NXDN 9600 RAN19 - Primary Channel
    • RIDs: 172, 184 [0184], 316 [0316], 701 [0701] 1202 (updated 12/21)
  • FORMER 2/16 - 155.19 Repeater still on air, has some use (Motorola Securenet available for use on repeater and simplex -Unknown if this is still available); 158.835 no longer on air?, 154.085 (still in use 12/13) [both deleted from license]
  • 6/20 155.6325 is a Backup. They are testing different modes including NXDN and DMR. DMR could Possibly have the big E.
  • 154.8075 is DMR, but have yet to here any traffic
  • Handhelds are NXDN and Mobiles are DMR
  • Back-up PSAP for Wood River

Alton Fire Department / EMS Webpage Facebook page Fire union page

  • Now providing secondary EMS to East Alton (primary is AMH) (as of 8/18)
  • EMS service began in Apr 2017 with 2 units, serving only the city limits. LINK The city would only provide transport from the scene to local hospitals, however. Inter-facility transports, like from nursing homes to hospitals and from hospital to hospital, will not be done by the city ambulance service under this plan.
  • LifeStar serves the west side of town and Alton Memorial Ambulance serves the east half of Alton.

Alton Public Works

  • 154.0850 151.4000 PL Public Works - Streets / Zoning-Inspectors / Water Department / Snow Plows
    • Expired/Deleted from license, confirmed still in use 1/19/10
    • Units: 4 (dispatch), 43, 44, 221, 223
Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
155.19000  156.03000   WNJE317   RM  156.7 PL  Alton Police Tac Police: Tac  FMN  Law Tac 
154.38500  159.06000   KDR424   RM  156.7 PL  Alton Fire/EMS Fire/EMS/Rescue: Dispatch / Operations  FMN  Fire Dispatch 
158.97000      KNNU219   156.7 PL  AltonPolice c2c3 Police: Tactical / Car-to-Car [Ch 3]  FMN  Law Tac 
153.75500      KNNK341     Alton PW Site 1 Public Works: Job Sites [67.0?]  FMN  Public Works 
153.93500      KNNK341     Alton PW Site 2 Public Works: Job Sites   FMN  Public Works 
154.95750  153.86750   KSH507   RM  151.4 PL  Alton PublicWork Public Works  FMN  Public Works 
155.63250  159.02250   WNJE317   RM  047 DPL  Alton Police Police: Dispatch  FMN  Law Dispatch 
154.77750      WQLI552     Alton Marina Marina Security (D243?)  FMN  Security 
155.19000  156.03000   WNJE317   RM  14 RAN  Alton PoliceNXDN Police: Dispatch (Simulcast of 155.6325)  NXDN  Law Dispatch 
154.80750  153.97250   WNJE317   RM    Alton DMR 100 [Future] Fire  DMR  Multi-Dispatch 
154.80750  153.97250   WNJE317   RM    Alton DMR 200 [Future] Citywide Aid  DMR  Multi-Dispatch 
154.80750  153.97250   WNJE317   RM    Alton DMR 77199 [Future] Public Safety   DMR  Multi-Dispatch 
154.80750  153.97250   WNJE317   RM    Alton DMR 101 [Future] Public Safety   DMR  Multi-Dispatch 
154.80750  153.97250   WNJE317   RM    Alton DMR 201 [Future] Public Safety   DMR  Multi-Dispatch 
154.80750  153.97250   WNJE317   RM    Alton DMR AllCal [Future] Public Safety   DMR  Multi-Dispatch 

  • Marine License for 156.45, 156.575, 156.78 WQXH438
  • 154.08500 KSH507 BM 151.4 PL Public Works [Deleted*] FM
  • 158.83500 153.87500 KSH507 RM 156.7 PL Animal Control [Deleted*] FM
  • 453.73750 KB26071 M Parks / Recreation [Expired] FMN

Brooklyn (Village)

  • St Clair County, using STARCOM21
  • (Old) Police Units: 687
  • (Old) In the past have also used 158.8350 100.0 PL with St. Clair County Sheriff

Collinsville (City)

Collinsville Police Department

  • 9 Full-Time and 3 Part-Time Dispatchers (9/12)
  • Webpage
  • Article on 911
  • IWIN MDT's are used in cars (also data squeals on portables)
  • 460.1R KSA903 RM 026 DPL Collinsville Police: Dispatch [Ch 1/2] (Simulcast SC21 TG8552) FMN (no longer in use, as of 3/21)

Collinsville Fire/EMS

  • 154.355 is also used for the Outdoor Warning Sirens (verified 7/22)
  • WQPP944 - Fire (Scene of Action) 769.54375, 770.26875, 770.61875, 770.896875 (P25/Narrowband)

Former VHF Actual Radio Layout

155.6700             KSA903  BM      CSQ  Collinsville EMA: Local    
154.3550  159.7750   WPII568 RM  91.5 PL  Collinsville Fire/EMS: Dispatch - Main
159.9750             WPII568  M      CSQ  Collinsville Fireground     
150.7900             WPII568  M           Collinsville Fire: Mobile Extenders   
154.3550  159.7750   WPII568 RM  91.5 PL  Collinsville Fire/EMS: Dispatch [1-FD Main]    
154.3550             WPII568  M  91.5 PL  Collinsville Fire/EMS: Talk-Around [2-Fire Talk]
158.8050             WNAH538  M      CSQ  Collinsville Public Works     [3-Public Works] 
154.4300             WPII568  M 167.9 PL  Madison County 911            [4-Madison Co]
154.1900             KSF817   M 186.2 PL  St. Clair County 911 Dispatch [5-St Clair Co]
154.1750  156.1950   WQBA905  M 210.7 PL  Edwardsville Fire             [6 Edwardsville FD]    
154.2500             KFA468   M  94.8 PL  Troy Fire Department Dispatch [7-Troy-FD]
154.2650             WPII568  M 210.7 PL  Fire: Statewide Mutual Aid    [8-MABAS]
153.8300             WQAG579  M  69.3 PL  MABAS Fireground - Red        [9-FG-RED]
154.2800             WQAG579  M  74.4 PL  MABAS Fireground - White      [10-FG-WHTIE]
154.2950             WQAG579  M  85.4 PL  MABAS Fireground - Blue       [11-FG-BLUE]   
154.2725             WQAG579  M  94.8 PL  MABAS Fireground - Black      [12-FG-Black]
153.8375             WQAG579  M  91.5 PL  MABAS Fireground - Gold       [13-FG-Gold]
162.5500                      M      CSQ  National Weather Service - St. Louis [14-Weather]
159.9750             WPII568  M      CSQ  Collinsville Fireground       [15-Fireground]
150.7900             WPII568  M           Collinsville Fire: Mobile Extenders [16-Repeater]


Collinsville Public Works

  • Website
  • 158.805 heard; "Water Plant" to "24",Sweeper, Unit 10?? 505 (from Coll PD) respond to a dog problem

Collinsville Area Recreation District (C.A.R.D.)


Collinsville Metropolitan Exposition Auditorium and Office Building

  • 158.895 previously reported as D754, but confirmed as D466 Operations (1/09)
  • WQZE984 55-5wt 452.5375, 452.1875, 451.7125, 456.5375, 452.9875, 451.5375 (NXDN) (New 2017)
Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
460.27500      KSA903   CSQ  Coll Police c2c6 Police: Tactical/Car-to-Car [Ch 6]  FMN  Law Tac 
158.80500      WNAH538   BM  CSQ  Collnsv PW VHF Public Works / Water / Animal Control  FMN  Public Works 
458.55000      WNAH538   203.5 PL  Collnsv SS/Watr Senior Shuttle / Water   FMN  Public Works 
158.89500      WNVB343   466 DPL  GatewayCenter 1 Gateway Center: Ops [Ch 1] [Expired 6/14]  FMN  Business 
465.27500      KSA903   CSQ  Coll Police c2c7 Police: Base-to-Car (on 460.275) [Ch 7]  FMN  Law Tac 
158.94000      WNVB343     GatewayCenter 2 Gateway Center: Ops [Expired 6/14]  FMN  Business 
155.67000      KSA903   BM  CSQ  Collnsv EMA Old Emergency Management: Old  FMN  Emergency Ops 
154.35500  159.77000   WPII568   RM  91.5 PL  Coll EMA/Sirens Emergency Management / Outdoor Warning Sirens / Events  FMN  Emergency Ops 
452.53750      WQZE984   62 RAN  GatewayCenter A Gateway Center: Ops  NXDN  Business 


Dorsey (Village)

Dorsey Fire Protection District

  • A division of Bunker HIll FPD (Macoupin County)
  • 11/12 - KAN769 add 159.435 Mobile Extenders (NFM)
Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
154.07000  WPMK833   BM  516 DPL  Mac Frgrnd A Fireground (w/ Bunker Hill) [Ch 2]  FMN  Fire-Tac 

Edwardsville (City)

Edwardsville Police Department Beat Map

Edwardsville Police Department

  • 2022 - New police car - getting a APX4500 mobile radio for $3224 (WirelessUSA)
  • Former UHF Repeater could be patched to Starcom21 (for SIUE Police)
  • Police Webpage
  • (2008) Has a new radio system with multiple receive sites. Squelch data tails on mobiles.
Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
453.97500  458.97500   KNHN539   RM  203.5 PL  Edw WarningSiren Outdoor Warning Sirens: Data  FMN  Emergency Ops 
154.17500  156.19500   WQBA905   RM  210.7 PL  EdwardsvilleFire Fire: Dispatch (WPGM753)  FMN  Fire Dispatch 
158.77500      KNAE820   BM  107.2 PL  Edw PublicWorks Public Works   FMN  Public Works 
453.85000      KNHN539   203.5 PL  Edw Police c2c (OLD) Police: Back-up  FMN  Law Tac 
458.85000      KNHN539   203.5 PL  Edw Police FX1 (OLD) Police: Back-up  FMN  Law Tac 
464.88750  469.88750   WQNT892   RM    Edwardsville IT IT Department [Expired 5/21]  FMN  Public Works 

Edwardsville Public Works

Primary functions include the maintenance of city streets, sidewalks, storm sewers, sanitary sewers, water mains; snow removal; solid waste collection; planning & zoning; building inspections; code enforcement; and the operation and maintenance of the City owned water and waste water treatment plants.(The water plant supplies Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and the Northeast Central Water District.)


Fosterburg Fire Protection District

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
153.95000  KNEY977   BM  CSQ  Fost Fireground2 Fireground [Ch 2]   FMN  Fire-Tac 
160.05000  WQAK426   BM  CSQ  Fost WD Ops Water District: Voice / Digital  FMN  Utilities 
452.25000  WRMQ202     Fost WDD UHF Fosterburg Water District (CSQ)  Telm  Data 

Godfrey (Village)

Incorporated in 1991. Police services have been provided by Madison County Sheriff since the early 1977s. Madison County provides 2 full-time officers 24/7. Godfrey is by far the largest municipality in the county geographically - the village maintains about 94 miles of road inside its limits but about 12 miles are still maintained by the county.

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
151.02500  KTP829   BM  127.3 PL  Godfrey Street Streets [Expired 8/21]  FMN  Public Works 

Godfrey Fire Protection District '"`UNIQ--freqsubcat-00000021-QINU`"'

Granite City (City)

Granite City Police Department

  • Website
  • 618-877-6111 - IWIN/MDCs used in squad cars
  • Police using Starcom21, see listings at the top of the page
Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
153.84500  155.85000   KSA217   RM  100.0 PL  GraniteCty Local Local / Events [Expired 6/21; off air?]  FMN  Multi-Tac 
151.34000  153.77000   WNPG778   RM  123.0 PL  GrCty FireEMS Fire/EMS: Dispatch/Operations  FMN  Fire Dispatch 
154.11500      WNDG340   BM  156.7 PL  GrCty Streets Street Department  FMN  Public Works 
155.88000      WQFW581   BM  CSQ  GrCty LocalGovt Public Works / Streets [Local Government]  FMN  Public Works 
154.11500      WNDG340   BM  CSQ  GrCty Sirens Emergency Warning Sirens (Voice)  FMN  Emergency Ops 
159.00750      WQGB665     GrCty PublicWrks Public Works / Water Data (CSQ)  FMN  Utilities 
155.88000      WQFW581   BM  205 DPL  GrCty Street/A-C Streets / Animal Control / Snow Plows  FMN  Public Works 
154.47125      WQBF255     GrCty WaterData Water Distribution Data (CSQ)  Telm  Data 
159.69000      WRMB507     IA Water Data Illinois-American Water Data (CSQ)  Telm  Data 

Former Frequencies

  • 158.77500 KKV545 M CSQ GrCt PD Tac2 Police: Tactical [Ch 2] [Expired]
  • 159.60000 M CSQ GrCt PD MX Police: Mobile Extenders [No license]

Granite City Public Works/Parks

Grantfork (Village)

Grantfork Fire Protection District '"`UNIQ--freqsubcat-00000023-QINU`"'

Hamel (Village)

  • Police using Starcom21, see listings at the top of the page
Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
154.99500      KZT524   BM  CSQ  Hamel VillageOps Village Ops [Expired]  FMN  Public Works 
151.18250  159.17250   KW9095   RM  243 DPL  AlhHam Fire/EMS Fire/EMS: Dispatch [Simulcast 154.43 167.9]  FMN  Fire Dispatch 

Hamel Fire Protection District

Hartford (Village)

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
155.89500  KKR357   BM  CSQ  Hart PW/Loc Public Works / Police: Local  FMN  Public Works 

Highland (City)

Highland Police Department

  • 151.0925 348 NAC - Talkgroup 1 (RIDs: 7000-Dispatch; units 7002, 7004, 7034)
  • Radios have access to 152.2850 R D612 Highland School District
Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
154.35500      KSG687   BM    Highland FG Fireground  FMN  Fire-Tac 
453.27500  458.27500   KEG908   RM  203.5 PL  Highland Sirens Siren Data (DTMF)  FMN  Emergency Ops 
151.09250  153.79250   WQVQ384   RM  384 NAC|TG 1  Highland Police Police: Dispatch (multicast on SC21 TG7014)  P25  Law Dispatch 
155.10750  158.88750   WQVQ385   RM  385 NAC|TG 1  Highland Fire Fire/EMS: Response/Local (Paged on 154.43)  P25  Fire Dispatch 
159.20250  155.54250   KEG908   RM  396 NAC|TG 1  Highland PubWrks Public Works  P25  Public Works 
453.05000  458.05000   KEG908   RM    Highland Utility Utilities  FMN  Utilities 

Highland Fire / EMS

  • EMS for HP, Granfork, Marine, St Jacob, St Rose
  • 155.1075 385 NAC - Talkgroup 1 (RIDs: 7000-Dispach, 7003, 7005, 7023, 7037, 7059 unit, 7060 unit, 7061 unit, 7062 EMS unit?)


Highland Public Works

  • 159.2025 396 NAC - Talkgroup 1 (3/18)
  • RIDs: 6039, 6047 (Edward 33), 7041 (City Office)

Highland Light and Power"

Highland-Pierron Fire Protection District

  • Serves areas east of Highland and Pierron (including Millersburg) (64 square miles)


Old Frequencies

  • 453.05000 KEG908 RM 203.5 PL High PD Old Police: Dispatch - Old
  • 453.25000 WPSD749 RM High Parks Parks / Recreation (not 146.2 PL)

Holiday Shores (Unincorporated)

Holiday Lake is a private lake located in Madison County, Illinois and owned by Holishor Association Website

Holishor Security

  • Holiday Shores Public Safety 618-656-7294
  • Has volunteer Security Officers that check the lakes for boat stickers and keep on eye on the area, including vacation checks of homes.
  • Unknown VHF frequency used by Maintenance department
  • Power by Southwestern Electric Cooperative.
  • Water and Sewer by HS Sanitary District and Fosterburg Water District provides water to Lake James Subdivision
  • Gas by Ameren IL
  • Cable/Internet by Madison Communications
  • Trash Collection by Midland Waste
  • Telephone by AT&T (SBC Ameritech)
Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
154.07000  WPMK833   BM  516 DPL  Mac Frgrnd A Fireground (w/ Bunker Hill) [Ch 2]  FMN  Fire-Tac 

Holiday Shores Fire Protection District '"`UNIQ--freqsubcat-0000002A-QINU`"'

Livingston (Village)

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
154.99500  WQSA734   BM  CSQ  Livingston LG Public Works / Police: Local / Olive FPD Fireground   FMN  Multi-Tac 

Olive (Township) Fire Protection District (Livingston)

  • EMS by Staunton Area Ambulance Service (SAAS) |Units


Madison (City)

  • Police using Starcom21, see listings at the top of the page
  • Police has link to Granite City PD on 153.8450
  • Old licenses - 158.8950 KE8526 & 158.7450 KN2858
Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
155.88000  KAS418   BM  CSQ  Madson Fire Fire/Rescue: Dispatch / Street Dept / Venice Fire   FMN  Fire Dispatch 

Madison Public Works

  • Refuse Units: 3,5?? 155.8800 ?? "Madison Base" Truck 8, Street 31

Marine (Village)

Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
155.77500      WNWX267   BM    Marine PubWrks Public Works  FMN  Public Works 
159.32250  154.43000   KZJ808   RM  167.9 PL  Marine Fire Fire: Tone-Outs/Dispatch (Patch to County Fire)  FMN  Fire Dispatch 

Meadowbrook (Village?)

'Meadowbrook Fire and Rescue Protection District '"`UNIQ--freqsubcat-0000002F-QINU`"'

Mitchell (Unincorporated)

  • Police by Sheriff's Department
  • EMS by Abbott

Mitchell Volunteer Fire Department

Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
154.29500      KLS473   BM  CSQ  LL/Mitch FG (Old) Fire: Local / Fireground (still CSQ 11/17)  FMN  Fire-Tac 
155.65500  159.40500   WRBL600   RM  167.9 PL  Mitchell Fire Fire: Local / Fireground  FMN  Fire Dispatch 


  • Police by Sheriff's Department
  • EMS by Alton Memorial Ambulance
  • Fire by Bethalto Fire Department & Prairietown Fire/EMS


New Douglas (City)

New Douglas Fire Department

  • Paged on 154.43 by Madison County at Edwardsville tower, then repeats the page on a local tower
  • EMS by Staunton Area Ambulance Service (SAAS) |Units

Pontoon Beach (Village)

Pontoon Beach Police Department

  • Now has D271 on 155.7900. Repeater still does not appear to be on the air, but have heard simplex testing comms. Has NexTel for secure communications.
  • There is also a large "Command Center" vehicle and 3 Police Emergency Response Unit trailers sitting at the Municipal Building.
  • 13 Officers, uses ISP TIPS codes.

'"`UNIQ--freqsubcat-00000032-QINU`"' Long Lake Volunteer Fire Department (Pontoon Beach)

Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
155.79000      WNJM746   BM  271 DPL  PntnBch Police Police: Local Use  FMN  Law Dispatch 
159.45750  156.06750   WNJM746   RM  CSQ  PntnBch Local Local   FMN  Multi-Tac 
151.00250  159.25500   WREZ552   RM  734 DPL  Long Lake Fire Long Lake Fireground  FMN  Fire-Tac 

Pontoon Beach Public Water District

  • Unknown communications

Prairietown (Village)

Prairie Fire Protection District

  • Serves: Prairietown and the surrounding area.


State Park Township

State Park Fire District (Caseyville/Collinsville)

  • Serves State Park Place / Township and rural areas near Caseyville and Collinsville, around I-255 (outside the city limits of Collinsville, to the south; mostly St Clair County)
  • 2018 Fire - Uses talkgroup 8762 and others. (as of 5/18)


Trenton (City)

  • Located mostly in Clinton County

Venice (City)

Venice Police

  • Began using STARCOM21 as of 8/22

Venice Fire

  • Serves the city limits of Venice. 155.88 still in use for paging (only?) as of 8/16/22
Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
155.07000  WQPJ991   BM  411 DPL  Venice Police Police: Dispatch (9/21)  FMN  Law Dispatch 
155.88000  KDR695   BM  CSQ  Venice Fire Fire: Tone-Outs / Dispatch (9pm Page Test)  FMN  Fire Dispatch 

Williamson (Village)

  • Fire by Olive FPD (Livingston)
  • EMS by Alton Memorial Ambulance
  • Assumed to be patrolled by Madison County Sheriff

Williamson Police

  • Disbanded, now patrolled by Madison County Sheriff
  • FORMER - 154.0925R/158.8725 WPOX648 RM 131.8 PL Police: Tac/Phone Patch [Exp 10/04] [was still on air 4/10]

Worden (Village)

  • Village Website
  • Police using Starcom21, see listings at the top of the page

Worden Fire Protection District

  • Dispatched by Madison County on 154.43 167.9 PL
  • EMS by Staunton Area Ambulance Service (SAAS) |Units


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