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BSD Systems News / Updates

Sep 2023 - Security upgrades in the MetroEast

  • PowerPoint The first $6.4 million contract of a $52 million plan to make platforms more secure has been awarded, and construction on four stations in St. Clair County is first on the to-do list.

Construction at the first four stations, which includes the Jackie Joyner-Kersee station, College station, Emerson Park station and Washington Park station, is expected to begin within the next six to eight weeks, and be completed by spring, Scott said.

  • Those four stations are part of the first of a six-phase plan. The second phase focuses on the Forest Park DeBaliviere, Central West End, Cortex, Grand, Union Station, Civic Center and Delmar Loop MetroLink stations. The design phase for that group is scheduled to be completed later this year, with construction at those seven stations expected to be completed next summer.
  • The goal is to have all 38 stations upgraded in about two years, he said. Scott says more security cameras are also part of the plan.
  • “We are going from about 800 cameras system-wide to over 1,800,” Scott said. “All of those feeds are viewed real-time and a real-time camera center that just opened in our central facility at Spruce, the Metro Central facility.”

Bi-State Development Agency/Metro

Bi-State Development (BSD)History

  • BSD proudly serves the City of St. Louis and six adjacent counties, including Missouri’s Jefferson, St. Charles, and St. Louis Counties, and Illinois’ Madison, Monroe and St. Clair Counties. Together, these areas form partnerships that better each other and the St. Louis region as a whole.
  • One of the first transit agencies in the nation to operate wheelchair-lift equipped buses in regular service. Our St. Louis Downtown Airport (formerly Parks) has a rich history of its own. Today, the airport and its surrounding business park deliver nearly $600 million in economic impact to southern Illinois. What’s more, last year leaders chose us to run a regional freight district; coordinating with industry and government to enhance and grow the $6 billion in goods traveling through our area by rail, road, river, and runway.
  • Iconic Eads Bridge, an integral component of the region’s $8 billion network of transportation infrastructure. Performing a complete rehabilitation of this historic landmark so that it can continue to serve as a critical link between Missouri and Illinois for generations to come.

BSD is a key partner with CityArchRiver in current Gateway Arch improvements that will transform the visitor experience, not only at the Gateway Arch, but also on the St. Louis Riverfront and in downtown St. Louis.

Riverboats - Tom Sawyer and ---

Radio Systems/Communications

  • Communications is on MOSWIN P25 Digital Trunked System, with multiple simulcast sites, including in the Metro East/Illinois. Radio ID's (RIDs) Wiki Page
  • Bi-State also reportedly owns the radio system used by the City of St Louis.

MLRFGS Radio System; MLRFGS ROW (i.e., Rail Systems, Engineering and Construction, Track Car Operators, and Safety and Claims)

2023 Budget Info

  • Some of this looks like complete BS, as there is not any changes occuring in FCC regulations, that we know of
  • A multi-year radio system replacement project is underway with design and planning of optimal sites for location of new radio towers being planned. This project is the result of FCC regulations requiring changes in technology and operating frequency. The radio system upgrade will incorporate automatic vehicle location (AVL) technology. The addition of AVL should result in operating savings of more than $500,000 annually. If the

radio project were not undertaken, the operational issues that would result from losing operating radio frequency would be unacceptable

Metro Metro (Transit) Website History

  • "METRO" operators of MetroLink and MetroBus
  • Metro is the St. Louis metropolitan region’s public transportation system, which includes MetroLink, a 46-mile, 38-station light rail system; MetroBus, a 400-vehicle bus fleet with a service area of about 600 square miles; and Metro Call-A-Ride, a wheelchair lift-equipped paratransit service.
  • Metro is an industry leader in operations and on-time performance, and is internationally recognized for its comprehensive maintenance and asset management program. A driver of economic development, more than $7.9 billion in commercial development has been completed or is currently under construction within a half-mile radius of MetroLink stations since 2011.
  • AVL uses TransitMaster program


  • Offers fixed-route in St Louis City, St Louis County.
  • Has around 16 bus routes, for the St Clair County (IL) Transit District (SCCTD)
  • Winter 2023 - SCCTD has launched new and increased transit service in Sauget and Cahokia Heights providing access to jobs, healthcare and education. Link


YouTube Videos

MetroLink St Louis is the only light rail system in the US that crosses a state border (Mississippi River)

Metro Public Safety Department

MetroLink Police Taskforce Joint law enforcement task force with members from all three law enforcement agencies. The MOU spells out that specific staffing goals will be established by St. Clair County, St. Louis County and the City of St. Louis. Bi-State does not directly employ law enforcement officers and will only employ security officers. Headquartered at a dedicated facility at 5977 Delmar Boulevard

  • Public Safety Dispatchers - Dispatch Metro Transit Service Specialist and contract security personnel; Dispatch emergency and lifesaving equipment as needed; Answer PAT (Passenger Assistance Telephones);

Answer non-emergency telephone lines; Answer telephone inquiries from the public and other agencies as well as members of Metro; Monitor CCTV System

  • Public Safety is responsible for the safeguarding of Bi-State Development’s customers, personnel, and property as well as fare enforcement. Bi-State Development utilizes certain employees, jurisdictional police officers, outside security service guards, and undercover police officers.

Former conventional analog (before P25 system)

  • 453.70000 458.70000 WPUU990 RM 146.2 PL MetroBus 1 Buses: Dispatch
  • 453.25000 458.25000 WPUU990 RM 146.2 PL MetroBus 2 Buses: Routes (South County)
  • 453.30000 458.30000 WPUU990 RM 146.2 PL MetroBus 3 Buses: Routes (May be CSQ out)
  • 453.77500 458.77500 WPUU990 RM 146.2 PL MetroBus 4 Buses: Call-A-Ride (Specialty Buses)
  • 453.65000 458.65000 WPUU990 RM 146.2 PL MetroBus 5 Buses: Garage / Maintenance
  • 460.25000 465.25000 WPUU990 RM MetroBus AVL AVLS/GPS Data (CSQ) [Deleted 3/12]
  • 851.15000 806.15000 WPUR564 RM 107.2 PL MetroTrain 1 Operations [Ch 1]
  • 851.63750 806.63750 WPUR564 RM 107.2 PL MetroTrain 2 Operations [Ch 2]
  • 852.23750 807.23750 WPUR564 RM 107.2 PL MetroTrain 3 Security [Ch 3]
  • 856.96250 811.96250 WPTS560 RM 107.2 PL MetroTrain 4 Trainyard (also CSQ Data)
  • 856.96250 811.96250 WQDU507 RM 107.2 PL MetroTrain 4 Cross County Tunnel 3 (Underground Repeater)
  • 868.60000 823.60000 WPUR564 RM 107.2 PL MetroTrain 5 Operations [Ch 5]
  • 856.93750 811.93750 WPTS560 RM 107.2 PL MetroTrain 6 Trainyard [Ch 6] (also CSQ Data)
  • 857.73750 812.73750 WPTS560 RM MetroTrain 7 Telemetry: Data (almost constant) (CSQ)

St. Louis Regional Freightway

  • Established in 2015 with the mission of optimizing the St. Louis region’s network of freight transportation infrastructure and advancing the bi-state area’s position as a premier freight gateway and multimodal hub.
  • As a business enterprise of BSD, The Freightway plays a critical role in the growth of the region’s manufacturing and distribution sector within the City of St. Louis and seven adjacent counties in Missouri and Illinois.

St Louis Downtown Airport Database page Wiki page

  • Located just minutes from downtown St. Louis and Clayton, Mo., St. Louis Downtown Airport is the region’s second busiest general aviation airport and the third most active airport in Illinois.
  • 3 runways, 2 terminals, 2 fixed-based operators and more than 1000 acres, SLDA and the adjacent Sauget Business Park support 1,800 jobs and contribute an estimated $584 million annually to the region’s economy.
Transit Operations manages three modes of public transportation in the St. Louis metropolitan
area and associated support functions including the following:
Operations Administration provides overall management of the Metro transit operations
MetroBus includes MetroBus activities related to bus operations management, bus operators
and operator training.
MetroLink includes MetroLink activities related to light rail operations management, light rail
operators and operator training.
Call-A-Ride includes all Call-A-Ride activities related to paratransit operations management,
van operators, operator training, passenger scheduling, and paratransit programs.
Vehicle Maintenance is responsible for Metro’s fleet management and transit asset
management programs maintenance and cleaning of all revenue and non-revenue vehicles.
Vehicles maintained include buses, light rail cars, vans, and support vehicles. In addition to
development and management of predictive, preventative and condition-based maintenance
programs, this function also operates a heavy repair facility, which includes a body and paint
shop, engine overhaul shop, radiator shop, transmission overhaul shop, and radio
communications maintenance shop. Also included are the vehicle maintenance management,
vehicle maintenance training, maintenance analysis, and product development groups.
Responsibilities of Metro Bus’ Maintenance of Way include transfer centers, shelters, loops,
and bus stops.
Facilities Maintenance is responsible for maintaining and cleaning the DeBaliviere,
Brentwood, and Illinois bus operations facilities, paratransit facility and passenger transit
Maintenance of Way is responsible for the inspection, maintenance, and repair of assets
along the MetroLink routes. MetroLink responsibilities cover all rail systems including
communications, signals, and traction power right-of-way including light rail stations, light rail
maintenance facilities, tunnels, structures, track, and rail right-of-way.
Public Safety is responsible for the safeguarding of Bi-State Development’s customers,
personnel, and property as well as fare enforcement. Bi-State Development utilizes certain
employees, jurisdictional police officers, outside security service guards, and undercover
police officers.32
Planning & System Development designs fixed route service plans and other efficient and
attractive mobility solutions across Metro Transit’s service area, including MetroBus,
MetroLink, and since FY 2020, microtransit solutions. These service plans are based on
detailed analysis of operating schedules, service productivity, and other research regarding
opportunities and trends in mobility. Metro’s Customer Service Team communicates Metro’s
service options, provides trip planning assistance to customers, and supports the customer
through engaging conversations across multiple media.
ADA Services administers and oversees compliance with transportation provisions of the
Americans with Disabilities Act. The group administers and coordinates the ADA activities
related to Metro’s services and facilities. This includes certification of customers as eligible
for ADA complementary paratransit service, monitoring of service to the disability community,
and active participation in community outreach. A Travel Training Program, designed to train
disabled customers in the use of transit’s fixed route bus and light rail service, is managed by
the department.
Engineering designs, engineers, and constructs capital projects for the rail and bus systems.
The Capital Projects Department manages the design and construction of projects that repair,
upgrade or expand the MetroBus and MetroLink facilities. Capital projects are typically funded
from federal grants. The Project Control Department tracks and monitors project schedules
and budgets and provides quality assurance. All project documents are maintained within this

Glossary / Stations / Tracks / Trains / Vans / Buses


  • Livery - "Train" cars


  • BOCC - Bus Operations Control Center
  • C4R - Call For Ride (used on the page/RR only)
  • OCC - Operations Control Center
  • TSM - Transportation?? Manager? (sent to confirm no damage on a C4R Van, broken windows on bus)
  • SD400 Siemens Mobility train cars
  • SD460 Siemens Mobility train cars (built in 2005)
  • S200 Will start replacing cars in 2026


  • Metro Central facility, located at Spruce St

Stations (Bus)


[ Map coming soon]

  • Red Line
  • Blue Line

Stations (Trains)

  • IL - Shiloh-Scott
  • IL - College
  • IL - Belleville
  • IL - Swansea
  • IL - Memorial Hospital
  • IL - Fairview Heights
  • IL - Jackie Joyner-Kersee station
  • IL - College station,
  • IL - Emerson Park station
  • IL - Washington Park station
  • IL - 5th & Missouri (Blue only)
  • IL - East Riverfront (Blue only)
  • MO - Laclede's Landing
  • MO - Convention Center
  • MO - 8th & Pine
  • MO - Stadium
  • MO - Civic Center
  • MO - Union Station
  • MO - Grant
  • MO - Cortex
  • MO - Central West End
  • MO - Forest Park-DeBaliviere
  • MO - Central West End, Cortex
  • MO - Grand, Union Station
  • MO - Civic Center

Blue Line (West and South from

  • MO - Skinker
  • MO - University City-Big Bend
  • MO - Forsyth?
  • MO -
  • MO -

Red Line (North/Northwest from

  • MO - Delmar Loop
  • MO - Welston
  • MO - Rock Road
  • MO - UMSL South
  • MO - UMSL North
  • MO - North Hanley
        • Airport

Tracks (Trains)

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