CNY (Central/Eastern IL) Talkgroup Notes

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Note: Talkgroup usage on the Champaign site has ceased as the two biggest users, Checker Cab and the trucking company are no longer using the system on a daily basis.

TG Notes
0-02-170 trucking/cement company*
0-06-100 Automated messages about the generator at the Champaign site
0-06-120 Rantoul Twp Roads Dept
0-06-121 snow plows heard 12/2013
0-06-122 Compromise Twp Roads Dept
0-10-248 Yellow Cab - "backup" talkgroup
0-14-170 trucking/cement company*
0-18-248 Yellow Cab
0-20-248 Yellow Cab - briefly heard unit talking on here before switching to one of the other Yellow Cab TGs

Yellow Cab Notes:
As of late 2013, Yellow Checker Cab has switched to 461.250 TRBO and no longer uses this LTR system.

*Either 0-2-170 vs 0-14-170 will be used (but not both during the same shift).

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