CNY (Central/Eastern IL)

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System Name CNY (Central/Eastern IL)
System Type LTR Standard
System ID ?
Connect Tone ?
Wide Area Communications Network ?
Network Access Code ?
TRBO Color Code ?
Band 800
County Various
State Illinois
Ownership Private

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Welcome to the CNY (Central/Eastern IL) collaboration article, a Trunked Radio System located in Illinois.
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System Notes

4/21/13 - R19 being noted in use again, unidentified frequency.  TG 0-19-053 possible a school buses.

6/12/11 - Charleston LCN identified.  Iroquois County site, 859.3875 showed 1-05-255 R05, 860.3875 had an idle burst and 858.3875 was silent.  This site may be stand alone ??? (all others are 0-xx-xxx)

8/15/07 - It's possible that these are related to the Sangamon County Sheriff's Department, who is licensed for 856.0125, 858.0125, 858.1375, 859.1375 for data/MDT's.

Have heard 860.01250 815.01250 411 DPL WNGC296 Dispatch Also heard talkgroup 11280 on 859.0125 in Springfield.

Lifestar Ambulance dispatched locally during the day and by "Centralia Dispatch" and evenings and overnight.

May be related to IE Communications (KLL/G&P Communications) in SW IL/St. Louis (has same LCNs including 10, 14 & 18) and possibly the Overturf Communications system in Southern IL with like LCNs.  Lifestar EMS uses those systems in other parts of the state.

8/28/10 - 856.0375 showed as R19 with talkgroups of 0-02-170 and 0-19-097 active.

5/11/08 - Migrated CNY--Coles County to this system, changed name of this system from Young, William J to CNY Inc. (per PDF) 2/10/07 - Migrated Young, William J - Champaign to this system

CNY Info: Possibly used by TRIAD Supply, telephone 217-394-2094 @ 868 E 700 North Rd, Buckley 12/07 - Hearing LTR clicks on both frequencies

Champaign Site Notes

Site LCNs Note: As of 11/24/13, LTR repeater clicks are present on all the frequencies except 854.0125

Talkgroup Notes