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Unit Numbering

1xx  New Holstein PD/County Govt
3xx  State Troopers
5xx  High Cliff State Park Rangers
7xx  Sheriff Jailers
73X's-74X's Brillion PD
8xx  Sheriff
9xx  Chilton PD
33xx State Patrol Inspectors
C-XXX's Wisconsin DNR

1X's St. Anna Fire Department
2X's New Holstein Fire Department
3X's Hilbert Fire Department
5X's Forest Junction Fire Department
6X's Harrison Fire Department (Station 60)
7X's Harrison Fire Department (Station 70)
8X's Brillion Fire Department
9X's Potter Fire Department
10X's Chilton Fire Department
11X's Stockbridge Fire Department
12X's-13X's Stockbridge First Responders
20X's-21X's Harrison First Responders
23X's-24X's Hilbert/Potter First Responders

ALL of the following are dispatched by Gold Cross on 453.175 (D265):
MEDIC 1 - MEDIC 9 Gold Cross Ambulance
MEDIC 70 & MEDIC 75 Brillion Ambulance Service
86X's CMC Ambulance (occasionally heard on 155.040 and 154.220)


Unit I.D.’s are as follows :

10000 - Gold Cross Dispatch
4001 - Outagamie Co. Dispatch
4002 - Calumet Co. Dispatch
4003 - Winnebago Co. Dispatch
4004 - Waupaca Co. Dispatch

Unit I.D.’s that are 1xxx, are portables. 
Unit I.D.’s that are 2xxx, are mobiles. 

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