Coles County (IL)

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Coles County Government

Dial-A-Ride is the county's public transportation program "Coles County Council on Aging"

  • 461.85000 466.85000 WNJX623 RM 662 DPL Coles Animal Coles County Animal Shelter [Expired]

Coles County 911 - CECOM (Charleston)

  • CECOM stands for Coles, Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, Oakland and Mattoon
  • Website
  • Facebook Page
  • Agencies Dispatched: Mattoon Police & Fire*, Lincoln Fire, Mitchell-Jerden Ambulance, Cooks Mills Fire, Humboldt Fire, Wabash Fire, Hutton Fire, Seven-Hickory-Morgan Fire, Ashmore Fire, Oakland Fire, Mitchell-Jerden Ambulance, Oakland Ambulance, Mattoon ESDA, Charleston/Coles Co ESDA
  • 11/08 - Mattoon Dispatchers now part of CECOM Article

Coles County Sheriff's Department

  • Website
  • Coles County Crisis Response Team - have officers from County, Charleston, EIU PD, Mattoon and Lakeland. Negotiators (SWAT) to neutralize risky situations.
  • Deputies have access to Lakeland College Police (155.79 RM 153.7550 151.4)

Possible unconfirmed/old frequencies

  • 153.9050 KSC438 M Coles SD C2C Sheriff: Car-to-Car (Old? not 88.5 PL)
  • 156.0900 M Coles SD Tac Sheriff: Tactical (NOT 88.5 PL) (or 153.9050)
  • 159.2100 M Coles SD Det Sheriff: Detectives "Private Call" (Old?)

Charleston-Coles County EMA

  • Website
  • Includes members from all over the county including Charleston and the former Mattoon ESDA (Rescue & Dive Team) Dive teams located in Charleston & Matoon

146.6550 162.2 PL, 444.9250 SKYWARN Coles & Moultrie Counties (MARK)

  • Charleston Recieve link to 146.655 is 446.2 103.5 PL

Coles County Emergency Management Amateur Radio Club - KC9KRA

EMS Agencies and Hospitals

Dunns Ambulance (no longer in service)

Serving Mattoon -- Located at 1821 Marshall Avenue

  • 5 Units in the shed: 3X52, 3X53, 3X58 van (5/08), now 3-I-55 heard locally (was Carlinville unit) (4/25/11)
  • News Article

AMR Abbott EMS

Baker Ambulance Service

Took over ambulance service for Oakland Fire Protection district as of 11/2009; serves the Oakland, IL area. Operates 1 ambulance (3X20) Employs 2 full time Paramedics, 2 full time EMT- Basics and 4 part time EMT-Basics.

  • Paging: uses CECOM county fire and ambulance dispatch 159.0900 88.5 PL; Ambulance to Hospital Comms: MERCI 155.3400 100.0 PL

Mitchell-Jerden Funeral Home/EMS (Mattoon)

  • Website
  • Units are 3X14, 3X15 & 3X16 (ALS)

Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center (SBLHC Mattoon/Charleston)

  • Area E-7 Hospital Association

Townships and Water Districts

Cooks Mills is in North Okaw TWP. Humboldt is in its own TWP. Mattoon TWP is just outside borders of Mattoon. Paradise TWP-southwest corner of county out of Mattoon that includes Lake Mattoon and the tiny Lake Paradise. Lafayette TWP is south and east rural Mattoon and westout of Charleston. Pleasant Grove TWP contains the Village of Lerna. Hutton TWP contains Hutton. Ashmore TWP contains Ashmore. Seven-Hickory and Morgan TWP (kind of combined) are east of Humboldt and North of Charleston and includes Fairgrange, Bushton, Rardin. East Oakland TWP contains Oakland.

  • Oakland Township has been reported previously to use their 460.8500 R, but has been hear using the county frequency 1/10
  • 151.0250 WNED234 BM 67.0 PL ColesTS Road East Oakland Township Road Maintenance [Exp. 1/06]
  • 151.0250 KNIF490 BM 67.0 PL ColesTS Road Humboldt Township Road Maintenance
  • 151.0250 156.1650 KNCF617 RM 67.0 PL ColesTS Road Lafayette Township Road Maintenance (Charleston/Mattoon)

Municipalities and Distrcts


Ashmore Fire Protection District & ESDA


Charleston Police Department

  • Uses MT-1000 portables
  • Uses ISPERN and I-REACH for alternate channels
  • KJV218 173.2875 Mobile Extenders

Charleston Fire and Rescue

  • Uses MABAS Firegrounds: Black, Red and Gold -- Unit-to-Unit (Fireground/Hydrant Testing)

Charleston Public Works

  • WQOZ964 - 451.4375 Fixed - Water Data


Humboldt Fire Protection District


Lincoln Rural Fire Protection District (Lerna)

Lincoln FPD of Charleston, Mattoon, and Lerna; covers Lafayette, Pleasant Grove, and Charleston TWP. Listener is reporting that 158.9550 input is CSQ, as Flora Fire can be heard over repeater (Clay County)


Mattoon Police Department

  • 42 sworn police officers and 13 support staff which includes dispatchers, clerks, and secretaries; patrols 8 sqm of corporate city limits, serving a population of 18,500.
  • East Central Illinois Task Force leases much of the third floor of the Mattoon Police Station (renewed 2018 for five years) LINK
  • Code 5 = Secure ? (4/21)

Mattoon Fire and Rescue

  • Website
  • Old Facebook Page
  • Full-time career department with 38 members, 36 shift personnel working 24/48-hour shifts and two Command personnel. (OLD Info: 37 are EMTs providing non-transport Emergency Medical Services to the community. Of the 37 EMTs, 7 are Licensed Paramedics)
  • Stations: Two within the City and 1 station located at the County Airport near Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center.
  • Apparatus consists of: 3 front-line Engine Companies and one reserve Engine; one 100' Aerial; one Heavy Rescue Truck; one Light-duty Medical Response Unit; one Technical Rescue Support Vehicle; 2 Emergency Response Trailers; and 2 Command Vehicles.
  • Operated an advanced life support ambulance service from 2010 to 2018

Mattoon Public Works Department

  • Street, Sewer, Water, Parks and Cemetery

MOBILE RADIO LAYOUT-Motorola CM300-32 Channel

154.0100      WPIT504  M  Matt FD MX  Old Mobile Extenders [Deleted] 
155.0850      KNNN227  BM 192.8 PL Matt FireTA2  Fireground  
465.5500      WPIT504  M  Matn FD RF  Old Remote Link [Deleted] 
154.4300        M CSQ 15443 FG CSQ  Wabash Fire (Old "National Trails Fire Association"-"National Fire")  
154.4300        M CSQ 15443 FG CSQ  Humboldt Fire  
154.4300        M  15443 FG CSQ  Cooks Mills Fire  
154.4300        M  154.43 FG ??  Windsor Fire
154.4300        M  154.43 FG ??  Effingham Fire 
154.4300        M  154.43 FG ??  Toledo Fire  
158.7750        M  Cole A/P Ops  Charleston Fireground ?? 
158.9400        M 146.2 PL Tuscola Fire  Tuscola Fire  
154.8150  156.0300   KSA874  RM 167.9 PL Matn Police1  Mattoon Police: Dispatch   
155.3400      KNNP400  M 100.0 PL MERCI-1 1000  Ambulance to Hospital Comms (to Sara Bush Lincoln)

PORTABLE RADIO LAYOUT-Motorola D1225 16 channel

154.3850  156.00000   WPIT504  RM 192.8 PL Mattoon Fire  Mattoon Fire [F-1/3] 
154.2650        M 210.7 PL IFERN  Fire: Statewide Mutual Aid [F4 NIFERN] 
154.8150  156.03000   KSA874  RM 167.9 PL Matn Police1  Mattoon Police (rpt) [F-6]
155.3400        M 100.0 PL MERCI-1 1000  Ambulance to Hospital Comms (to Sara Bush Lincoln) [F-7] 
154.1000      KXT997  M 88.5 PL Coles ESDA  Charleston-Coles County ESDA [F-9]
155.0550      KA5825  M CSQ I-REACH  Statewide Interagency Mutual Aid [F-11] 
155.6700  153.9050   KSC428  RM 88.5 PL Cole Sheriff  Coles County Sheriff [F-12]  
154.4300        M CSQ 15443 FG CSQ  Humboldt Fire [F-13]
154.2350  158.95500   WQN849  RM 88.5 PL Lncln R Fire  {Link to} Lincoln RFPD Fireground [F-14] 
155.1450      KEE995  M  Coles EMA F7  Mattoon ESDA [F-15] 
154.1300  153.7700   WPKY417  RM 123.0 PL Arcola Fire  Arcola Fire (Repeater) [F-16]  


Oakland Community Fire Protection District and Ambulance

  • WRAW201 - 151.1525 Repeater w/ 159.285 input (P25/NFM, new 2018)
  • Old 460.8500 WNIH213 RM 205 DPL Oklnd FD Tac Fire: Tactical/Fireground [Dague, Archie]

Seven Hickory-Morgan Fire Protection District (Bushton)

  • *WQOW282 155.31 Base/Mobiles/Pagers (11K at Charleston)
  • Old KD38768 153.7700 mobiles


Mattoon Schools

Riddle Elementary School

  • WQOZ823 - Mobiles on 151.7900, 151.9100, 159.6150, 159.7200, 159.7650 (11K)

Mattoon Community Unit School District 2

  • New License:
MATTOON CUSD #2  	WRDV936  	456.23750  	2019-08-02  	A  	60  	0  	MO  	IG  	MATTOON  
MATTOON CUSD #2  	WRDV936  	456.33750  	2019-08-02  	A  	60  	0  	MO  	IG  	MATTOON  
MATTOON CUSD #2  	WRDV936  	456.36250  	2019-08-02  	A  	60  	0  	MO  	IG  	MATTOON  
MATTOON CUSD #2  	WRDV936  	456.46250  	2019-08-02  	A  	60  	0  	MO  	IG  	MATTOON  
MATTOON CUSD #2  	WRDV936  	456.53750  	2019-08-02  	A  	60  	0  	MO  	IG  	MATTOON  
MATTOON CUSD #2  	WRDV936  	456.73750  	2019-08-02  	A  	60  	0  	MO  	IG  	MATTOON  
MATTOON CUSD #2  	WRDV936  	456.76250  	2019-08-02  	A  	60  	0  	MO  	IG  	MATTOON  
MATTOON CUSD #2  	WRDV936  	457.08750  	2019-08-02  	A  	60  	0  	MO  	IG  	MATTOON  
MATTOON CUSD #2  	WRDV936  	457.18750  	2019-08-02  	A  	60  	0  	MO  	IG  	MATTOON  
MATTOON CUSD #2  	WRDV936  	457.48750  	2019-08-02  	A  	60  	0  	MO  	IG  	MATTOON  
MATTOON CUSD #2  	WRDV936  	457.66250  	2019-08-02  	A  	60  	0  	MO  	IG  	MATTOON  
MATTOON CUSD #2  	WRDV936  	463.92500  	2019-08-02  	A  	60  	0  	MO  	IG  	MATTOON  
MATTOON CUSD #2  	WRDV936  	463.92500  	2019-08-02  	A  	1  	0  	FB2  	IG  	MATTOON  
MATTOON CUSD #2  	WRDV936  	468.92500  	2019-08-02  	A  	60  	0  	MO  	IG  	MATTOON  
  • All licenses are expired
152.40500 	   	WQGK871 	BM		MtnSD2 Bus	Buses/Maintenance (in use) 	DMR 	Schools 
160.03500 	   	WPPY881 	M		MSD MidSchOp	Middle School: Admin/Maintenance 	FMN 	Schools 
159.82500 	   	WPVI745 	M		Mttn Sch Op1	School Ops 	FMN 	Schools 
159.72000 	   	WPVI745 	M		Mttn Sch Op2	School Ops 	FMN 	Schools 
159.76500 	   	WPVI745 	M		Mttn Sch Op3	School Ops 	FMN 	Schools 
160.15500 	   	WPVI745 	M		Mttn Sch Op4	School Ops 	FMN 	Schools 
160.20000 	   	WPVI745 	M		Mttn Sch Op5	School Ops 	FMN 	Schools 
151.83500 	   	WPIU430 	BM		Mttn HS Ops1	High School Ops 	FMN 	Schools 
153.57500 	   	WPIU430 	M		Mttn HS Ops2	High School Ops 	FMN 	Schools 
151.74500 	159.96000  	WPEW923 	RM	503 DPL	1Stdnt Chstn	First Student: Buses (Charleston) [No longer in use] 	FMN 	Schools


Eastern Illinois University - Charleston (EIU)

  • EIU Police: Prefix "4" Units: Cars 40, 41, 42 & 43 C6,C12, L-13,17,20,23,27
  • Website
  • RAs (resident advisors) have access to 453.6500 and can contact PD on channel (Heard: EIU PD, Base 2, Carmen (residence Hall))
  • 151.6850 -- heard "Base to xx, then 3 beeps

Lakeland Community College (Mattoon)

  • Police Units: L4,56,9 ---heard 2/08 - 6L2, 6L3 on "lakeland"
  • Units access 155.6700 Sheriff and 154.8150 Mattoon PD, for answering area calls; only has a dispatcher on 155.7900 during the day.

Codes, Unit Lists, Pager Tones

Law Enforcement All units begin with "1" ("1-Adam-1", etc.)

  • A1, A4, C1, C3, K-9-1, S1, S2, D2, D3, S1, S2, S5
  • L-3,5,6,7,9,11,10,12,13,14,15,16

Non-lettered units-court units: 793 (public service van), 797

  • 1-Ocean-1 Coroner

Sheriff Codes
Code 5 Secure
106-S Sitation
106-W Narcotics Search?
109-J Transporting Inmate
117 Probation Check
118 Paper Service
119 Warrant
213 Lunch Break
213-H1 Taking break at officer's own residence
213-P Lunch Break (on pager or portable)

Charleston Police
Unit numbers - Prefix "3" C60, C66, D82, L-72,74,82,83,88,89,92,96,97,99,100,101,102,103,109,111

Mattoon Police
Units: Prefix "2" C10, D5, D6, D9, S20, S22, L-9,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18
Adam-Administrative, Charles-Command, David-Detectives, Frank-Forestry/investigators, Ida-ISP investigators, J-Jail Transport, Lincoln-Patrol units, K9-K-9 dog units, V-Victor unit (Auxillary-Volunteer "2V10")

Oakland Police
Oakland Pd-"5" A1, L-2,3,4

Eastern Illinois University Police Department (EIUPD)
Units: Prefix "4" -

Lake Land College Department of Public Safety
Unites Prefix "6" - 6-Lincoln-2, 6-L-3, 6-L-4, 6-Charles-1, 6-C-2.

EMS Units
3P17 Arrow Ambulance Champaign, and their private dispatch for Mattoon, rptr is 463.3 mhz.?

  1. 7and 32 #8 are Arrow-Carle Ambulance units, division of Carle Hospital in Urbana, 6-506-08 is 32, and I am unsure of 31's unit.?

3T12 Arthur Ambulance, Moultrie County.
3U12 Shrader Ambulance, ALS, in Arcola (Douglas Co)
3U20 #20 Arrow Ambulance, Villa Grove, IL, ILS (Northern Douglas Co)
3U21 Arcola Ambulance, ALS, 3U22 # 6is Arrow Ambulance, Tuscola, ALS, sometimes runs in Coles County as a backup unit. (Douglas Co)
3Z11 Neoga Ambulance, and 3Z12 is Neoga Also, both ALS. (Cumberland Co, south of Mattoon)
5B19 Effingham City/County Ambulance,?
5B91, 92, and 93 Effingham Advanced Ambulance Service units, 91 is BLS, 92, and 93 are ALS.?
3X14 Mitchell-Jerden Ambulance Service (ALS-Mattoon)
3X15 Mitchell-Jerden Ambulance Service (ALS-Mattoon)
3X16 Mitchell-Jerden Ambulance Service (ALS-Mattoon)
3X20 Oakland Ambulance
3X38 Charleston Fire Protection District Ambulance [new 4/07]
3X52 Dunn's Ambulance (Mattoon)
3X58 Dunn's Ambulance (Mattoon) [new 5/08]
3X59 Dunn's Ambulance (Mattoon)

Fire Departments
Ashmore Fire
--Engine 11 2000 International/Smeal Pumper- red
--Engine 12 Ford/FMC C-800 pumper-red
--Attack 13 1980's F-350 Brush Truck-red
--Tanker 14 1980s FMC/GMC Tanker (yellow)
--Tanker 15 196x Chevy Tanker (red)
--Engine 16 195x reserve pumper (red)
--Engine 17 Newer Kenworth Tanker - 3000 gallon (red)
--Support 18 197x Ford E-350 Box Van-Yellow

Charleston Fire
(Unit numbers - 300's) (EMS are Paramedic units)
301 Chief 302 Asst Chief 303-305 Unknown
306 1994 Pierce Dash Engine (Sta. 2)
307 2002 Pierce Saber Full-Cab Engine (NEW)(Sta. 1)
308 2001 Pierce/Kenworth Rescue Pumper (Sta. 1)
309 2004 Pierce 105ft Platform Aerial (Sta. 2)
310 ATV - Tactical Response Team
312 2006 Ford F350 (pull trailer with 310)
3X11-Ambulance (Station 2)
3X13-Ambulance (Station 1)
3X18-Ambulance (Station 2)
3X38-Ambulance [New 4/07]

Cooks Mill Fire
Units Number: All "400's"
2006 Kenworth Pumper (red)
older Ford F-800 Pumper/Tanker (red)
1991 red utility bucket truck
military tanker (green)
older ford L-9000 Red Tanker

Humbolt Fire Protection District
Units: "50's"
Engine 51-199? Ford F-600 Pumper (Red)
Engine 52-197? Ford L-9000 Pumper (Yellow)
Engine 53-New Ford F-600 pumper (Red)
Tanker 54-newer Sterling Tanker (white)

Hutton Fire (6 trucks)
Unit Numbers: "60's"
--1980's GMC/E-One Pumper (white)
--1980's GMC pumper (red)
--2004 F-350 Brush truck (red)
--3 newer IHC Tankers (red)

Lincoln Rural Fire Protection District (Lerna
Station 1 - Charleston
--Engine 71 Pierce/Kenworth Pumper
--Tanker 74 KW Tanker
--Support 77 1989 F-800/Towers Walk-in Supoort Truck
--Attack 710 1972 F-350 Brush Truck
--Engine 713 1985 F-800 Pumper (reserve)
Station 2 - Lerna
--Engine 72 Pierce/Kenworth Pumper
--Tanker 75 1987 F-800/Towers 3000 gallon tanker
--Support 78 1990 F-800/Towers Walk-in Support Truck
--Attack 711 GMC Brush Truck
Station 3 - Mattoon (Old State Road)
--Engine 73 1998 Towers/Sterling pumper
--Tanker 76 Pierce/Kensworth Tanker
--Support 79 1984 E-850 Support Truck (old moving truck)

,72,73 Tankers 74,75,76 Support 77,78,79 Brush Attack 710,711, Tanker 712 Reserve Engine 713

Mattoon Fire & Rescue
Unit numbers - "20's" Website
Car 2-Chief's Red Impala; Car 20 is Batallion Chief GMC Yukon, Car 26-Red GMC Yukon for Chief; 1973 Winnebago-Mobile Command Post

Station 1 (Prairie Ave.)
Engine 21- 2000 Pierece Saber "Squrt"
Ladder 24 2006 KME 95' platform
Rescue 25- 1994 Darley/IHC heavy rescue
Rescue 27- 1994 Chevy suburban (medical response, will be replaced by ambulance soon)
Station 2 (Airport Road) CLOSED Engine 22-1992 Darley/Pemfab Pumper {reserve}, GMC Mini-pumper "Airport rescue", reserve 1970's IHC loadstar foam truck' (2 airpoirt units and the city pumper at station two)
Station 3 (Marshall Ave.)
Engine 23-1998 HME/Towers TeleSquirt (55' aerial/water tower)
Annex (next to Station One):
Engine 26-1987 Pierce Arrow Pumper (reserve)
Support 210-haz-mat/reserve rescue truck (1978 GMC/Pierce)
2-S-8 & 2-S-9 Support trailers

Radios: Portables- D1225 16 channel, Mobile: Motorola CM300-32 Channel

Oakland Fire
Units: "80's"
--1996 IHC Pumper (red)
--Ford C-800 Pumper (red)
--Tanker ?

Seven Hickory Morgan Fire Protection District
Units: 90's
--200x Pumper

  1. NAME?
  2. NAME?

--196x Chevy Tanker (red)
--196x Chevy Pumper (red)

  1. NAME?

Wabash Fire Protection District (Neoga/Mattoon)
--197x GMS/FMC Pumper (red)
--197x F-800/FMC Tanker (red)
--2001 IHC Tanker (red)
--2007 pumper

Coles County Units: "1-Edward-#", "2-Edward-#"

Units #'s "1000's" 1001-1006

Fire/EMS Pager Tones

Mattoon Police Department 154.8150 798.0 1502.0
Matoon Fire 0.0 313.0 1092.4 QCII
Mitchell-Jerden Ambulance 159.0900 R 1092.4 1063.2 QCII

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