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Law Enforcement Agencies

Fire Departments W/Tones

Note: The Warning Sirens will sound for Civil Defence, Tornados, Fire Calls.
Some Town like Kasson have them sound at 12:00pm - Lunch, 05:30pm
- Dinner, 10:00pm - curfew.

Dodge County (MN) West Concord FD
[Fire & EMS: A:634.5 - B:569.1]
Dodge County (MN) Pine Island FD
[Dispatch by Goodhue County]
Dodge County (MN) Mantorville FD
:[Fire & EMS: A:601.1 - B:746.6]
Dodge County (MN) Claremont FD
[Fire & EMS: A:669.9 - B:746.8]
Dodge County (MN) Blooming Prairie FD
Dodge County (MN) Hayfield FD
[Fire & EMS: A:569.1 - B:600.9]
Dodge County (MN) Kasson FD
[Fire & EMS: A:669.9 - B:569.1]
Dodge County (MN) Dodge Center FD
[Fire & EMS: A:601.1 - 707.3]

Emergency Medical Services


Dodge County (MN) Dodge Center Ambulance
[First Crew: A:601.1 - B:634.7]
[Second Crew: A:601.1 - B:669.7]
[ALS: A:651.9 - B:669.9]
Dodge County (MN) Hayfield Ambulance
[Fire & EMS: A:569.4 - B:601.1]
Dodge County (MN) West Concord Ambulance
[Fire & EMS: A:634.7 - B:569.4]

ARMER Migration


Site ID Site Name Status Lat. Long.
3-008 Hayfield ARMEROA.jpg 43:50:53.2 92:51:42.2
3-016 Dodge Center ARMEROA.jpg 44:03:08.2 92:54:03.7