Douglas County (IL)

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No Longer in use:

154.75500    WPKX969  BM       Dgls SD Jail  Sheriff: Jail [Expired]  
 39.34000    KSC240   M   CSQ  Dgls Shrf LB  Old Sheriff Mobiles  
 39.46000    KSC240   B   CSQ  Old LB P2P  Old Point-to-Point (Used with ISP D-10 Pesotum)    
 39.50000    KSC240   BM  CSQ  Old 39.5  Old Sheriff's Net    
155.37000    KSC240   B   CSQ  ISP S/W P2P  Statewide Point-to-Point (HF-5) (@ Tuscola Courthouse)    

Unit Numbers

  • 2101 -Sheriff
  • David 2 - Deputy Chief (Retired Unit, Formerly 2102)
  • 2103-2113 - Douglas Co. Deputies
  • 2116 - Douglas Co. Coroner
  • 2120-2128 - Corrections Officer's
  • (X= Unit #)
  • Adam "X": Arcola Police
  • Arthur "X" -- Arthur Police
  • Atwood "X": Atwood Police
  • Tuscola "X": Tuscola Police
  • Victor "X": Villa Grove Police
  • Ambulance Unit #8282 Villa Grove Ambulance

Fire Unit Numbers

  • MABAS Division 26
  • All agencies are dispatched from Sheriff office in Tuscola. Dispatch identifies as "Douglas" over the air, and use KSC240 after pages.

Arcola FPD (Douglas)

  • E11 Engine - Rescue/Pumper, white

Arthur Fire

Atwood FPD

Cabot Corporation Fire

Camargo FPD

Tuscola Fire

Cooks Mill FPD

Equistar Fire

Hindsboro FPD

Longview FPD

Murdock FPD

Newman FPD

Oakland FPD

Pesotum FPD (PSTM)

Villa Grove FPD

Douglas County Emergency Management Agency

  • [http::/ Webite]

Douglas County Highway Department

  • Also licensed for data on 453/458.2875, 453/458.8125
  • 453.2875 Tone Carrier heard in use in Mt Zion area 10/5/21.

EMS Agencies and Hospitals

Arrow Ambulance (Tuscola)

  • 155.22 Base/Mobile MERCI-2 Dispatch [Expired 1/03] KXM406
  • 155.34 Mobile MERCI-1 Ambulance to Hospital Comms [Expired 1/03] KXM406

Arcola Ambulance Service (EMT Association)

  • 155.34 Mobile MERCI-1 Ambulance to Hospital Comms WPDK547

Arrow Medical Services Emergency Communications (AMSEC)

See Page Based out of Champaign County

Carle Health Care

  • 155.22 Base/Mobile MERCI-2 unknown use WPMP608

Shrader Ambulance Service

155.22000  KA87089  M MERCI-2  Local Ops

Municipalities and Districts

Townships and Water Districts

  • Murdock Township - WQSF539 151.46 Base/Mobile (at Murdock)
  • West Prairie Water Company -- WQLC553 F 452.8125 Water Data (at Tuscola, Arthur)


Arcola Police

  • Dispatched by Douglas County on 155.7 123.0 PL. Unit ID's "Adam 5", etc.

These are expired and/or possibly not in use.

  • 452.45000 WNYF619 F Arcol PD RF1 Police: Remote Link to Tuscola [Expired]
  • 457.47500 WNYF619 F Arcol PD RF2 Police: Remote Link from Tuscola (w/Telephone Interconnect) [Expired]
  • 154.41500 WPQH279 BM Arc FD ? Fire Protection District ?

Arcola Fire Protection District

West Prairie Water Company

  • 956.29375 Microwave Water Data WQLL830


  • Arthur is also partially located in Moultrie County

Arthur Police

  • Dispatched by Douglas County on 155.700 123.0 PL. Unit IDs "Arthur #"

Arthur Rural Fire Protection District

  • 154.13000 159.26250 WPGR807 RM 123.0 PL Arthur Fire Fire: Dispatch [146.2 in] (was 153.77 in)

Expired/Old Remote Links - Unknown if still in use

  • 452.27500 WNQN498 F Arthur RF1A Police: Remote Receive Links (457 @ Sullivan) [Expired]
  • 457.27500 WNQN498 F Arthur RF1B Police: Remote Receive Links (457 @ Sullivan) [Expired]
  • 460.61250 WPUJ351 M Arthur RF2A Police: Remote Receive Links [Expired
  • 465.61250 WPUJ351 M Arthur RF2B Police: Remote Receive Links [Expired]


  • Police dispatched by Douglas County on 155.700 123.0 PL. Unit ID's "Atwood 6", etc.

Atwood Fire Protection District

  • Website
  • Pagers appear to receive pages on the input 159.45 (licensed to Arthur). Fire dispatchappear to simulcast and/or repeat on 154.13, 151.4 and 154.4


Carmargo Fire

  • uses 154.13 and 154.265 on base at 2 stations.
  • 154.205 Repeater does not appear to be in use (2/11)


Hindsboro Fire Protection District

  • 3/23 add 154.13 Repeater with 159.0375 input (2 FX1s) NFM WPKY435


  • Police dispatched by Douglas County Sheriff on 155.7 123.0 PL. Unit IDs "Tuscola #"
  • adding 156.16 Base/Mobiles (NFM Police) WPEC646,
  • EMS provided by Arrow Medical Services ("Tuscola Ambulance" responds to Atwood)
  • Fixed, Water Data 451.312 WQMH674

Villa Grove

  • Police dispatched by Douglas County Sheriff on 155.7 123.0 PL. Unit IDs "Victor #" *EMS provided by Arrow Medical Services
  • 154.115 WNZF316 BM CSQ VG Intercity Intercity Communications/PD to FD/Fireground/Public Works (rare use) [F-5] [Expired 4/02]


Eagan Bus Service

  • 154.515 Base/Mobile at Atwood-Douglas Co, WNAD206
  • 155.16 Base/Mobile at Atwood-Piatt Co KXT858

Arthur-Lovington Schools

Atwood-Hammond High School