EDACS Talkgroup Conversions

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The Uniden EDACS format: (Agency Fleet Subfleet)

Using this example (586 DECIMAL = 04-092 AFS = 24a HEX):

(1) 586 decimal = 01001001010 binary  (talkgroups are 11-bit binary)
(2) Split the binary as follows    0100  |  1001  |  010
(3) Convert each group to decimal   04       09       2   
(4) Format as 04-092

The HEX translation would be:

(1) 586 decimal = 01001001010 binary
(2) Split binary as             010  |  0100  |  1010
(3) Convert each group to HEX    2        4        a
(4) Write as  24a

The BC245XLT can do the DECIMAL/AFS conversion internally, and the user can choose either mode of entry and display. So it won't be necessary to do this by hand.

Win92, Win93, Win95 and Win96 software from Starrsoft will convert EDACS DEC/AFS/HEX. However, the Pro-92/Pro-2067 will only receive data from the software as DEC. The Pro's 93, 95 and 96/2096 will receive data from the software in either DEC or AFS format. None of these scanners will receive HEX from the software. The latter group can toggle DEC/AFS using the scanner keyboard.

The Internet Archive has a working copy of a webpage which has a Javascript Converter: EDACS-AFS Converter

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