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Eau Claire County Sheriff uses LSM simulcast. City of Eau Claire is standalone. UW Eau Claire PD uses their own analog police channel.

Unit Numbers

Law Enforcement:

  • Patrol Area Designators West: W###, North: N###, South: S### (IE: audio "William174" and "W174" in type)
  • 100's - Eau Claire PD Sworn Officers
  • 200's - Eau Claire PD Community Service Officers (Animal Control, Parking Enforcement, Reserve Officers)
  • 300's - Sheriff Reserves
  • 400-419 - Altoona City Police
  • 420's - Fall Creek Village Police
  • 430's - Augusta Village Police
  • 440's - Fairchild Village Police
  • 450 - Town of Washington Constable
  • 455-456 - Town of Seymour Constables
  • 460's - Sheriff Animal Control
  • 500's - Sheriff Deputies
  • 600- University of WI Police

Fire Departments:

  • 1-79 Township FD
  • 100 Fall Creek FD
  • 200 Augusta-Bridge Creek FD
  • 500 Mayo Clinic Ambulance
  • 800 Altoona FD

Fire and EMS get paged on the paging frequency, then respond on the Fire/EMS channels.

P25 Radio ID's

1 Misprogrammed Radios (ECCO PSAP, ECSO, Altoona PD, etc.)
816XX Wisconsin State Patrol Eau Claire Post dispatchers
1830000 Eau Claire County PSAP
18005XX Eau Claire County Sheriff's Office
18105XX Eau Claire County Sheriff Portables
1810902 Eau Claire County Jail
79011XX Mayo Clinic Ambulance
79013XX Life Link III
79113XX Life Link III
81006XX Wisconsin State Patrol EF Johnson VM900 squad radios
81066XX Wisconsin State Patrol EF Johnson VM900 squad radios
81106XX Wisconsin State Patrol portables
81166XX Wisconsin State Patrol portables
81206XX Wisconsin State Patrol squad radios
81266XX Wisconsin State Patrol squad radios
81606XX Wisconsin State Patrol portables
81666XX Wisconsin State Patrol portables
82XXXXX Wisconsin DNR
8589319 ???
9901109 National Weather Service-Twin Cities/Chanhassen Weather Forecasting Office
??????? Altoona PD
??????? Augusta PD
??????? Eau Claire PD
??????? Fairchild PD
??????? Fall Creek PD
??????? Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
??????? Marshfield Clinic-Eau Claire
??????? Mayo Clinic Health System-Eau Claire
??????? Oak Leaf Surgical
??????? Sacred Heart Hospital
??????? Seymour PD
??????? US Marshals Service (USMS)
??????? UW Eau Claire PD
??????? Washington PD
??????? Wisconsin DNR Augusta Ranger Station
??????? Wisconsin DNR Eau Claire Service Center