FL Department of Military Affairs (FL)

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The Florida National Guard is also a user of the State Law Enforcement Radio System.

There is a SLERS radio site located at Camp Blanding which was designed primarily for their use.

They are authorized for 1000 radios on the SLERS system although outside of deployments for hurricanes and other declared emergencies, most of these radios are off and not in use on the system.
Those that are used regularly are usually only on the Camp Blanding site.

In the past Camp Blanding has hosted radio interoperability exercises allowing participates from agencies from across the state to train and practice mobile field deployments and interconnection. The were called Operation RADAR and RADAR II.

Camp Blanding also serves as a Continuity of Government (COG) site for the State of Florida in the event of disruptions in Tallahassee.

As of 2020 there was planning for the inclusion of SLERS P25 radios in some of their aerial assets.