Fleet Area Control and Surveillance Facility Virginia Capes

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General Information

The Official mission of Fleet Area Control and Surveillance Facility, Virginia Capes --

Provide Fleet surveillance and functional area support services to include scheduling, monitoring and controlling air, surface and subsurface traffic operating in Warning Area 105 Narragansett Bay Operating Area (OPAREA) southward to Warning Area 122 (Cherry Point OPAREA. Coordinate Department of Defense (DoD) usage of oceanic airspace East of the warning areas to the Azores and the Gulf of Mexico.

Schedule inland aircraft target ranges and military training routes. Provide air intercept control services. Coordinate and provide range control for surface and airborne missile firing exercises. Provide coordination and equipment support for opposition forces and data collection teams involved with major Fleet exercises. Coordinate, schedule, and oversee associated commercial and military aircraft services support (Atlantic and Pacific Fleet requirements).

Maintain target, training route, and aircraft services usage data. Act as Regional Airspace Coordinator (RAC) for Department of the Navy (DoN) activities and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Provide full Air Traffic Control (ATC) services by direct interface with FAA and military/civil approach controls. Coordinate operations with U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) Search and Rescue (SAR), anti-immigration interdiction defense operations, Federal drug interdiction teams, and Northeast Air Defense Sector. Operate FAA Service "B" flight plan teletype and file flight plans. Operate, maintain, and schedule services for the Large Area Tracking Range (LATR).


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