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This function can be accessed via the scanner pulldown menu (figure 1), the scanner symbol at a diagonal from View in the toolbar or CTRL-D from the keyboard

  1. Select 'download programming' from the pulldown menu (Figure 1)
  2. The download screen appears. Check to see all the options on the right are the ones you want. Click 'Queue System List' (Figure 2). If you wish to also download the various scanner settings, such as those for Quick call, search ranges, Fire Tone out, and so on, be sure to check the 'Get Scanner Settings' box.
  3. The list of available systems in the scanner is shown (figure 3). Deselect/Select those systems to be downloaded and click the 'Start Download' key
  4. Figure 4 shows a typical result. Examine the number of errors. If it seems high, this usually indicated a problem with your USB/Serial converter. You should download the latest drivers available for it. If you are using Vista with a PL2303-based adapter (such as the Uniden USB-1 cable), there are special drivers that are recommended for use with Vista. Using XP drivers on Vista can cause dropped packets and errors.
  5. If a COM error is encountered (cannot connect, too many errors, ect.) click on the 'Freescan' link in the upper left corner. Select 'Setup Com Port' from the pulldown, as shown in Figure 5. You can also click on the COM port button to the left of Start Download. See our Making the Connection article for more information.
    1. You can now choose to either sort the systems or keep them in the order they currently reside in the scanner by checking/unchecking the Auto Sort System List option. Normally, they are sorted by system type then name.
  6. The Quick Editor (figure 6) can be used to quickly delete an entire system from the scanner. To remove a system, first hit 'read scanner', then click on the desired system. Hit 'Nuke Selected Systems'. 'Reset All Memory' will clear the scanner memory so use with caution.

Background Downloading

You can close the download window during a download and FreeSCAN will download the systems in the background. During this process, status will be displayed in the bottom status bar, and the screen will constantly redraw as new systems are downloaded. When complete, the status bar will display "Download complete with no errors". If there were errors, FreeScan will redisplay the Download dialog box to allow the user to reattempt the download or examine the fault.

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