Freescan Install Under LINUX

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Functional Overview


  • Connects to the scanner and will allow upload and downloads
  • Wine 1.8 now allows this to connect to the database. Imports from the DB and uploads to the scanner work fine.
  • Free


  • When the Virtual Control Panel (VCP) starts it takes the scanner from scanning mode and places into hold.
  • The VCP font is small. While it allows you to increase the font size going from a 8pt to 10pt makes the channel description overwrite the band type.

Uniden DMA Model Compatibility Chart

Installation Process (Ubuntu 15.10)

The following is written after the base OS has been loaded and updates applied as needed with Wine not installed. This will probably work for all Debian based distributions of Linux.

Install Wine First

Software Setup For Linux

Precaution: If you have Wine installed it is highly recommended that you start off with a fresh 32 Bit prefix and a correctly installed .NET Framework 4.5 by deleting your ~/.wine directory and see the link above to reinstall.

Install FreeScan

1) Download
2) Extract file in your download directory.
3) Run the Install the program:
wine ~/Downloads/fssetup-217.exe
4) Install into the default location.
You can leave check “Run FreeSCAN” to run it at the end of the installation.

Running & Setup

1) Run the program by pasting the following into Terminal or you can create a shell script:
wine ~/.wine/drive_c/'Program Files'/FreeSCAN/FreeSCAN.exe &
2) You can also create a launcher by right clicking on your desktop, select "Create Launcher..." and type "FreeScan" into the name field. When the Launcher opens for the first time select "Mark Executable.

Once started on the toolbar select Scanner > Control Scanner > COM Port Setup and pull down Port# selecting COM1.
Match Baud rate to your scanner port setting and press “Start Auto” and your scanner will be detected.
Now select the right most handheld icon to start the Virtual Control.
Note: Once the program starts it will place your scanner into hold if it is scanning. There maybe a setting to correct this or its a bug.

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