Fulton County (IL)

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Fulton County

Fulton County Sheriff

9/24/06 - The Sheriff of Fulton County met with all of the Police Chiefs in that county last month. The Sheriff reported that his department will be changing out their communications that are currently running on UHF. He said that Motorola has pointed out that the Homeland Security Grants ( 90/10 % matching ) will only fund the STARCOM21. He asked the Chiefs to meet back with him after some questions were looked into. He said that if Farmington and Canton agreed to come on board, then County commo would most likely go to STARCOM21 ( or whatever solution was agreed on ) for primary communications barring the outcome of certain questions being looked into.

Fulton County EMA

Website Fulton County agencies now have a new way of communicating in a disaster scenario. A new VHF Channel, that has a repeater based in Canton, will help emergency response agencies to communicate in numerous disaster/emergency response situations, helping remove the communication problems.

Until this new channel was activated, communication was often difficult between Fulton County agencies, especially those in different disciplines. The new channel will also allow different agencies to communicate over long distances. News Article

Municipalities and Districts

Canton (City)

  • 155.310 KSA920 BM Cntn Police2 Police FMN
  • 451.4375 WDD has not been heard in use (2/13) no license known
  • 154.965 heard in lewistown, 167.9 data?, 146.2? (12/13)
  • KSA920 - also mobiles on 153.92


  • As of Dec 2011, the Police Department has disbanded. Now contracted to Sheriff's Department (Old: 158.8575 KWK442 Cuba Fire Protection District)

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