Great River Energy

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Utility Trunked Radio System

NameGreat River Energy
OwnerGreat River Energy
Owner TypeUtility
StatesMN, ND & WI
CountryUnited States

System Details
TypeMotorola Type II SmartZone OmniLink
ID751E & 673E
Connect Tone76.76
P25 NAC1E1 & 3E1

FCC Callsign(s)
WPGB449, WPQA861, WPQA916, WPQA917, WPQA984, WPQB608, WPQB610, WPQB738, WPQC627, WPQD542, WPQD543, WPQD544, WPQD918, WPQE506, WPQE553, WPQE748, WPQF553, WPQF570, WPQF573, WPQF576, WPQF579, WPQF581, WPQF964, WPQG209, WPQG685, WPQG716, WPQG720, WPQG725, WPQH699, WPQH754, WPQI950, WPQJ336, WPQJ424, WPQJ485, WPQJ600, WPQJ807, WPQJ808, WPQJ809, WPQJ888, WPQJ890, WPQJ891, WPQJ893, WPQK289, WPQK431, WPQK432, WPQK433, WPQK434, WPQK435, WPQK930, WPQZ224, WPRF288, WPRF623, WPRG505, WPRI349, WPRJ499, WPRJ709, WPRJ737, WPRK712, WPRK995, WPRL752, WPRR957, WPRT462, WPRV852, WPRX237, WPSF414, WPSK730, WPSM336, WPSM525, WPSZ431, WPTB837, WPTI442, WPUT566, WPWD550, WPYL820, WPZI653

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System Information

(June 2005)

This was originally part of a larger group of licences that formed a network among all Great River (then United Power Association) member utilities. It has since been superceded by their new trunking system; I have not heard anything on the old UPA conventional freqs for years, and I have no idea how many (if any) of the stations still exist. Up until a year or so ago, I worked for Mora's public utilities department (a former UPA member), and the station assigned KFI24 sat near my desk. In all the time I worked there, I never heard any communication on the channel. Only a few people could recall when the channel was last active, back in the early 90's. When I left, I was told to take the radio with me if I wished(!). It is a Motorola MOCOM70 consolette, 35W (IIRC), with an external DTMF encoder. It recieved on 153.605 (the wide split was presumably for a repeater).

In the UPA Radio Handbook (dated 11/01/63), this station is identified as being one of 24 across the state. The others include:

ER - Elk River, KAA935
GR - Giese, KDD422
LM - Litchfield, KAI584
WR - Willmar, KDD802
OR - Onamia, KDD441
AB - Elk River/auxillary base, KFI28

C - Cambridge, KFI25
H - Hawick, KFI38
M - Milaca, KFI35
P - Pine City, KFI27
L - Maple Lake, KFI36
KR - Kettle River, KCR57
WM - Willmar, KFI32 (different from repeater)
PM - Princeton, KFI26
MM - Mora, KFI24
HM - Hutchinson, KFI33
NB - North Branch, KAV30
LM - Litchfield, KAI584 (same as repeater)

F - Finlayson, KAV29
B - Braham, KFI31
W - Wright Henn, KFI30
K - Kandiyohi, KFI34
MR - Mille Region, KFI37
A - Anoka, KFI29

According to the manual, the radios were used only when calling by phone was not feasible. Mobile radios identified themselves by a two-digit call number, while bases were known by their location and callsign. The example listed goes: Mobile: "40 to Elk River" Base: "GA, car 40" Mobile "[message] - 40 off" Base: "KAA935" Mobile1: "40 to 45" Mobile2: "45 to 40" Mobile1: "[message] - 40 off" Mobile2: "X-4 - KA5446 - 45 off" The codes used all started with 'X', and sound pretty typical to me: X-1: Poor reception X-2: Good reception X-3: Stop transmitting; stand by X-4: Recieved and understood X-5: Radio test; count to ten X-6: Radio test; hold key X-7: Checking in X-8: Checking out X-9: Repeat; not understood X-11: Relay to dispatcher X-12: Talking too quickly or too softly X-19: Return to base X-20: Give location X-21: Call by phone X-22: Coming in late; request call home X-23: Stand-by X-24: Weather report X-25: Refer to procedure

System Users

  • Great River Energy
  • Wright-Hennepin Cooperative Power
  • Connexus Energy
  • East Central Energy
  • McLeod County Cooperative Power
  • Cass County Electric
  • Lake Region Cooperative
  • Todd-Wadena Cooperative
  • Benco Electric Cooperative

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