Great Wolf Lodge (Scottsdale)

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Great Wolf Lodge (Scottsdale) TRS
System Name Great Wolf Lodge (Scottsdale)
System Type MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus
System ID
Connect Tone ?
Wide Area Communications Network
Network Access Code ?
TRBO Color Code
Band UHF
FCC License WREL518
City Scottsdale
County Maricopa
State Arizona

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Great Wolf Lodge (Scottsdale) FCC Info
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Welcome to the Great Wolf Lodge (Scottsdale) collaboration article, a Trunked Radio System located in Maricopa County, Arizona.
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  • See the Monitoring DMR and Monitoring TRBO sections of the DMR MOTOTRBO articles for compatible receivers, scanners and applications


  • 1xx: Security
  • 2xx: Housekeeping
  • 5xx: Aquatics
  • 6xx: Retail
  • 7xx: Management
  • 9xx: Engineering

Status codes

  • 1: Guest injury
  • Green: Fight/conflict

Rope course

The rope course also had radios that looked like FRS/GMRS radios to talk just among those staff members. There were at least two people helping people get geared-up at the start and another on the course itself. They might have been using 462.5875 MHz for their channel.