Green County (WI)

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Unit IDs

 1-49   Sheriffs Department
50-51   Emergency Management
70-79   Monticello PD
80-89   New Glarus PD
90-95   Brooklyn PD
96-99   Coroner
100     Brodhead PD
200     Monroe PD
300     Sheriff Part-time Deputies
325-326 Humane Society
400     Albany PD
700     Fire
800     EMS
6100    Belleville PD 

==Fire Tone Outs==
Monroe Fire: 1034.7/1092.4
Juda Fire: 953.7/1687.2
Monticello Fire: 600.9/634.5
Monroe EMS On DTY: 553.9/1152.4
Monroe EMS Off DTY: 634.5/728