Guelph Emergency Services

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Guelph Emergency Services is on a trunked P25 system. All voice is encrypted, so you cannot listen in with a scanner. However, information like radio IDs and call alerts (used to page out fire stations) is still unencrypted and viewable with tools like DSDplus.

Guelph Police

OPP does interop testing with Guelph Police on Sundays. Guelph Polices patches GPS OPS 2 (TG 4002) with the Fleetnet talkgroup 1PC Guelph Police (TG 2680), and then the OPP Comm Centre patches the two Fleetnet talkgroups 1PC Guelph Police and OPP 1OPS14 together.

You can hear the OPP 6T Wellington and Guelph Police units talking to each other when they do so on 1OPS14.

This happens on most Sundays at around 7am-9am.

Guelph Fire

Using DSDplus, you can monitor when Guelph Fire Dispatch pages out stations for calls. It will appear in the logs as a 'Call Alert' to a Radio ID. Each station has it's own radio ID, listed below:

Last checked as of Q4 2022:

Radio ID, Fire Station #, Station Name

40550, FIRE STATION 1, Wyndham HQ

40551, FIRE STATION 2, Speedvale

40552, FIRE STATION 3, Stone

40553, FIRE STATION 4, Imperial

40554, FIRE STATION 5, Elizabeth

40555, FIRE STATION 6, Clair

Guelph/Wellington EMS

For EMS, see: Wellington County EMS