HF Hardware Decoders

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This article contains links to hardware driven decoders and Terminal Node Controllers that can copy various HF digital signals. With the exception of the Wavecom and SCS modems, these units are very much out of date and have not been updated in years. Too, some of these are devoted exclusively to modes used by amateur radio and are of limited usefulness to a utility DXer. However, soundcard interfaces might well be very useful to a ham who is interested in digital, not just in the amateur service, but in the other ranges as well.

Soundcard Interfaces

Often, hams will use a soundcard interface to make the connection between their computer's soundcard and their radios. This offers many advantages, not the least of which is good isolation and suppressing problems such as hum and ground loops.

Terminal Units/Hardware Plug In

These units require a display of some kind (PC, video terminal) to function. There are some, like the PK232 series, that have been updated to keep up with new capabilities, while others, such as the M-8000 are of limited usefulness since it copies modes that have long since been abandoned.

Terminal Unit Support Programs

There are only a few programs available today to interface with the terminal units listed above. This is a rapidly dwindling category as more and more decoding is being done at the software level.

Hardware Links

Websites that have other information on these decoders are presented here

Decoders using RS-232 Interfaces

This section lists software that needs some sort of interface (usually a RS232 connection like the Hamcomm or Tigertronics Bay-Pac modem) to feed the program. These programs are very old; don't expect much support for them. They will, however, run on very old PCs

Readers and Discontinued Units

Readers are units that usually have their own display, in the form of a LCD readout. These units are very much out of date. They don't have any upgrade path, so new modes cannot be added. There still are some being sold on the used market, and unless you have a specific need, there are better (software based) solutions.

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