Utility Monitoring Central Links

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These links come from the recently shut down Utility Monitoring Central website.

Other Software Sites

Links in this section have other sites that have a good selection of software links

Other Digital Sites

More specific sites devoted to one or more modes, digital related topics or sonograms of various modes, are presented here.

Mailing Lists / Social

In recent years, there's been a slow but steady development of mailing lists (reflectors) that are devoted to a vast multitude of HF digital topics. Of greater importance here is the existence of a few groups devoted to specific software. This is a big help to the beginner, as this is a good place to get support from the authors as well as devoted users.

Facebook Groups


Other Forums


It's sometimes necessary to use a database to look up an unfamiliar callsign, or to research unfamiliar networks. Some links for retailers and online databases are presented here. However, with the professional support is a jump in costs, so expect to spend more for such applications.