HF Modes List

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This is a list of modes as reported on the DigiFaq 5.3, along with a few that weren't known almost 20 years ago. The systems are, by no means, a complete list of every system used on HF. There are undoubtedly systems that simply haven't been discovered or identified yet.

Some articles are kept on this wiki. These may contain a description of the signal from the original DigiFaq, software that can decode the mode (if known), an audio sample and/or waveform of the signal and lastly, links to external sources of data such as the go2monitor and Wavecom online help, the Rivet wiki along with other relevant links.

For those that still have the Universal / Info-Tech / DES terminal units, we have a link in the HF Appendix to a PDF file that lists what modes they copy and other operational characteristics. Please refer to that to see if the mode you are interested in is copied by one of these units.

Those modes that are in the Inactive list (and are stored on this wiki) come nearly verbatim from the original DigiFsq, as well as links to the Signal Identification Guide (where needed). The Active lists come from active scans on the UDXF group, the Signal Identification Guide wiki and Antonio's excellent blog on digital signals. The Signal Identification Guide also contains links (where known) to software that will decode (but not decrypt) these modes. The links for all of these can be found in the HF Appendix.

HF Mode Categories