Voice Scrambling Systems

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This page describes some of the voice scrambling systems you may encounter. It's unlikely that anyone (apart from the intended recipient) will ever get anything useful out of these modes.

Waterfalls of these systems can be found at the Voice Scrambling Systems Waterfalls page for easy reference.

More information can be had from the Signal Identification Wiki and the Antonio I5-56578 Blog; links for all of these can be found in the HF Appendix.

Mode or Description Synonym Notes Waterfall Page
EADS Echotel FARCOS Modem Rare EADS Echotel Waterfall
Hagelin HC265 Voice Scrambler HC265 Waterfall
Harris Advanced Voice Security (AVS) Scrambler Harris AVS Waterfall
Necode ARX300 Rare
Rockwell DVP200 Digital Voice Protection Heard on COTHEN ALE DVP200 Waterfall
Rockwell TE204 4FSK (AN/USC11) Used rarely by USAF
Sailor CRY2001 Voice Scrambler
Tadiran HF2000 Voice Scrambler Tadiran HF2000 Voice Waterfall
UK Forces WinDRM51 Variant Rare - via I5-56578 Antonio Digital blog UK WinDRM51 Waterfall
Yaktah Voice Scrambler inactive? Yakhta Waterfall