Hamilton County (IL)

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  • 8600 people in 436 sq.mi., 72% agricultural. Formed in 1821 and named after Alexander Hamilton

Hamilton County Government

Hamilton County Sheriff

  • License Plates "S 33-x" Units Heard: 842, 843, 845, "2" "CM" units McLeansboro Police

Municipalities and Districts

Townships - Crook, Crouch, Dahlgren, Knights Prairie, McLeansboro, South Flannigan, South Crouch, South Twigg, Twigg

Hamilton County Water District

Rend Lake Conservancy District


Belle Prairie City

Broughton (Village)



Dahlgren (Village)

Dahlgren Fire Protection District

  • New firehouse 2005

Dale (unincorporated)

  • Police by Hamilton County, Illinois State Police Fire by McLeansboro. Ambulance by Gholson, Harre-Hamilton of McLeansboro, Fire by McLeansboro


  • Partially in Franklin County

McLeansboro (City/County Seat)



EMS and Hospitals

Hamilton County Ambulance Service

Gholson Ambulance Service

  • PERMANENTLY CLOSED -- Bases in Diamond City, McLeansboro (Operated by Gholson Funeral Home)
  • 5P11, 5P12, 5P13, 5P18; Ford Box units white/blue stripes
  • 151.865 M CSQ GAS U2U EMS: Local FMN EMS-Tac
  • 155.160 WPML630 M MERCI-3 EMS: Local FMN Hospital
  • 155.340 WPML630 M MERCI-1 Patient Reports FMN Hospital

Harre-Hamilton County Ambulance (McLeansboro)

  • Disbanded in Sep 2021 when Hamilton County EMS began LINK
  • 5P22, 5P23, 5P24, 5P26
  • 5 P?? 5 055 02 Basic Life Support with 3 defibrillators/AED's -
  • DBA Harre, Joe Michael, Harre Funeral Home

Hamilton Memorial Hospital (McLeansboro)


McLeansboro Police

  • Units: "City", "CM" Sam 12, 13, 17, 18

Wayne Fire Protection District #1

  • See Wayne County?


Hamilton County Community Unit School District #10

  • Countywide School in McLeansboro (Opened in early 2000's)


  • American Environmental corp
  • Hamilton County Mine #1
  • Launius Farming/Livestock 159.765 (11K - Broughton) WQNN437
  • Lueke Farming 153.2075 Base/Mobile (11K - Belle Prairie City) WQNN644
  • Nice Farms 151.535 Base/Mobile (11K at Dalhgren) KNPS904
  • Thomas Bros Farms 452.175 Repeater (Springton) KNGA521