Howell County (MO)

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Howell County Government

  • 928 square miles, 38,000 residents

Howell County 911

  • 5/22/13 - Howell County 911 went live with their new 6 site Simulcast voted VHF radio system, and so far all reports have been great. The system, built by Tait North America, is being funded by a FEMA Assistance to Firefighters grant, and Howell County 911. Frequencies remain the same, but only one PL code, 156.7 is being used.

Old Tones before simulcast system

  • 155.95500 153.75500 WPEN665 RM 167.9 PL How9 Central Fire: Dispatch (West Plains) 
  • 155.95500 153.75500 WPEN665 RM 100.0 PL How9 Caufid Fire: Dispatch (Caulfield) 
  • 155.95500 153.75500 WPEN665 RM 114.8 PL How9 Brndsvl Fire: Dispatch (Brandsville) 
  • 155.95500 153.75500 WPEN665 RM 141.3 PL How9 MtnView Fire: Dispatch (Mountain View)
  • 155.95500 153.75500 WPEN665 RM 156.7 PL How9 WlSprng Fire: Dispatch (Willow Springs)

Old News

Howell County (Miss.) will implement a simulcast radio system from Tait Communications to improve mission-critical radio coverage for its 20 emergency response agencies.

“The new Tait network will alleviate the coverage problems we are having with our current system and provide reliable communications to ensure our first responders are safe,” said Stephen Gleghorn, 9-1-1 director, Howell County. “Reliability is extremely important. We are in a tornado-prone area and located on the edge of the New Madrid fault line. We need to make sure our first responders have the most reliable, interoperable communications equipment.”

Designed for interoperability, the system will enable the county’s 13 fire departments, three ambulance services, three police departments and the Howell County Sheriff’s Office to reuse their current radios and pagers, saving the county money in equipment and training.

The Howell County Fire Chief’s Association is purchasing the system with the 9-1-1 department, with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Assistance to Firefighters grant money. “We are very pleased to be awarded this grant; it enables us to purchase the critical equipment that we need,” said Blake Bowers, chief of the Lanton Volunteer Fire Department.

The network design will meet the 2013 narrowbanding requirements, and will address the coverage and congestion issues the county was experiencing, said Bruce Bonini, vice president of sales, Tait Communications Americas.

Howell County Sheriff's Department

  • 154.875 BM 151.4 PL Sheriff: Dispatch (Old) - no longer licensed or used. Took it down when they went to narrowband KAI669

Howell County Emergency Management

  • 3/24 - Sheriff Dispatch repeater is now primarily used by the OEM for Weather Spotting and contact with the Emergency Operations Center. 154.7475R/153.8525 103.5 PL KAI669

Howell-Oregon Public Water District

  • 173.210 F Water Distribution Data [Expired 1/13] WPWU397 removed from DB 3/15/24

Howell-Oregon Public Water Districts

EMS Agencies

South Howell Ambulance District

  • Uses MOSWIN, unknown/former use of below frequencies
  • 158.8275 153.8675 KFR511 RM Howell EMS R* EMS (West Plains) FMN EMS Dispatch
  • 453.1375 458.1375 KFR511 M How EMS MX EMS: Mobile Extenders FMN EMS Dispatch

Municipalities and Districts


  • 154.0625 Repeater with 158.865 (NFM)

Mountain View

  • 453.225 Repeater Police/Fire WNGN648
  • Police does not have their own channel, they are dispatched on Howell County 911. In the future they will have a VHF channel, not this UHF WNGN648


West Plains

  • 462.025 Repeater Housing Authority [Expired 5/13] FMN WPCF859

West Plains Fire Department

  • Station 1
    • 4611 - 2007 Freightliner 4 Door Rosenbauer
    • 4614 - 1991 Sutphen Detroit 440V Diesel
    • 4633 - 1987 Ford C-900 Caterpillar 6V-92TA 350hp
    • 4642 - 1998 International Navistar Tractor Trailer, 1981 32′ Hesse Trailer - West Plains Regional Hazmat Response Unit (Region G)
  • Station 2
    • 4622 1997 Freightliner
    • 4626 1991 Pierce Dash
    • 4627 1987 F250 4X4
    • 4644 2008 32′ Holiday Rambler - Command & Communication Vehicle

Willow Springs (City)

  • Police has vehicular repeaters on 806.3875, 851.3875 (FBT/MO3) (P25) WRYQ977


Glenwood School District R8 (West Plains)

  • Elementary/Jr High School 50-4W portables on 451.0875/456.0875, 452.075/457.075, 451.225 (8kmra) (NFM/DMR) WRZI315 Issued 11/23

Nixa School District R2

Thayer School District R2

  • 153.1025 Repeater with 158.1525, mobiles on 151.565 WQCI901

West Plains School District R7

  • Website
  • District-wide: 40-4W portables on 461.525, 463.25, 463.85, 464.825; 40-2W portables on 467.85 (NFM) WQBF918
  • Tower Site 152.945 Repeater with 157.71/159.7725 115W mobiles, 451.1625 Repeater, 451.75 Repeater; 125-50w mobiles WQBF918
  • West Plains Middle School 451.675, 451.7 Repeaters; 125-50W mobiles on 451.1125, 451.575, 451.6, 452.0125, 452.275 WQBF918
  • South Fork Elementary School 451.525, 452.0 Repeaters 125-50W mobiles

Willow Springs Schools R4

  • 152.3 Base/Mobile, 157.56, 151.655 mobiles (NFM) (Possible repeater?) WRUY866 replaced expired WPKI830 that was 157.56 Base/Mobile


St Joseph Mercy Livingston Hospital

  • 461.4625 M WQLA718 Operations
  • 462.1125 M WQLA718 Operations
  • 463.6625 M WQLA718 Operations
  • 463.9000 M WQLA718 Operations
  • 464.4625 M WQLA718 Operations

Ozarks Medical Center (West Plains)

  • 155.400 - no interconnect, dispatch is a portable at the switchboard operators position.
  • 453.75 458.75 Remote Links to 155.4 was removed around 2004. WQR263
  • 464.325 Repeater Security WPJT485 Reported NOT in use [Expired 10/21]


  • Peace Valley Telephone 151.985 Base/Mobile (Peace Valley) KNFU832