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Codes/Units/Station Lists

Huron County EMS Apparatus

  • 1034 1033 1036 1028 1037 1029 1032 1039 1031 1035 1038 1304-SUPERVISOR 1302-SUPERVISOR 1301-SUPERVISOR 1030 1063

Huron County EMS Stations

Map of stations

Name Address Notes
ACW Post 36204 Belgrave Rd, Lucknow Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh Post.[1] Likely a Public Works building that is also used as an EMS post.
Bayfield 4 Municipal Rd, Bayfield Shared with fire[2]
Blyth (closed) Emergency Services Training Centre The training centre has been sold to Cowbell
Brussels Post (former location) 820 Turnberry St, Brussels Old location of Brussels Post (a long term care facility), no longer used because of COVID19 risks [3]
Brussels Post 51 Cn Rd, Brussels Leased space in fire hall until Oct 2021 ([4] page 89) [5]
Clinton 401 Beech St, Clinton
Exeter 210 Thames Rd W, Exeter
Goderich 170 Cambria Rd N, Goderich
Tuckersmith Kinburn Line Southwest corner of Kinburn Line and Huron Rd intersection, between Clinton and Seaforth
Wingham 62 North Street W, Wingham
Zurich Blind Line, Zurich Just north of Zurich Hensall Rd/Blind Line intersection

Huron County EMS Pager Tone Out

Station 1 Seaforth 368.5/330.5

Station 2 Seaforth 349.0/330.5

Wingham North 607.5/922.5

Exeter 1 433.7/330.5

Exeter 2 433.7/349.0

Goderich 1 457.9/928.1

Goderich 2 433.7/707.3

OPP Soft ID's

Soft ID Service Area Detachment Location

  • 6 Golf 10 Wingham Huron Goderich
  • 6 Golf 20 Exeter Huron Goderich

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