Hurricane Gustav

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If you have an online scanner that covers communications or operations in the affected areas and want to stream to the public safety and RR community, you can follow the instructions at the RR_Icecast page for details on how to use the RadioReference Icecast server.

To see the current online feeds:

Digg it up here:

As landfall occurs in the gulf coast region, this page will list live public safety radio feeds, statuses of key public safety communications systems, and other related information and data regarding the landfall and recovery from Hurricane Gustav.

Online Communications Streams


These are the primary stream and relay points, and not typically used for individual clients. Individual client users should try to use a relays listed below when at all possible.


Current Feed Relays:


  • None Yet


Amateur Radio

  • - Single Sideband (SSB) Hurricane Watch Net Stream. (Subject to propagation and signal-strength variables.) Stream will only be active when reception quality is usable AND the "net" is active and not covered by noise or Foreign Broadcast Interference at night. 9/2/08: 1145 EDT: Suspended Streaming HWN INACTIVE. Tom, W4NOV, N.GA.,
  • - supports the VoIP SKYWARN and Hurricane Nets which we operate by combining both the Echolink and IRLP linked repeater networks
  • - Click Listen Live -> Ham Radio -> VOIPWXNET to listen. A relay of the above stream

HF Frequency Lists and Decoders

  • Please see our Utility Monitoring article for hurricane related HF lists (amateur and other services), as well as DSC and SITOR compatible software. Watch the UDXF and other maritime related HF mailing listss for logs. FAX information is also linked there.
  • The CAR family of MWARA frequencies should also provide information on diverted flights, as well as occasional use by the Hurricane Hunter aircraft in the past.
  • An additional source of logs for National Guard units being deployed is the MT Milcom Blog
  • Software is available - some of it free or very low cost - to monitor various HF modes, including digital selective calling. These packages are linked in the HF Software Decoders article. These are just a few possibilities;
    • DSC Decoder
    • Frisnit NAVTEX Decoder
    • MultiPSK
    • MultiMode(Mac software)
    • SeaTTY
    • SkySweeper

Revised August 26, 2008

VHF/UHF Frequencies


  • Houston
    • 165.2375 R [100.0] Customs and Border Protection -- providing protection and escorts for Urban Search and Rescue task forces.
    • 408.8625 P25 encrypted -- Possible FEMA Urban Search and Rescue (unconfirmed usage)
    • 409.3375 P25 encrypted -- Possible FEMA Urban Search and Rescue (unconfirmed usage)
    • 415.4625 P25 encrypted -- Possible FEMA Urban Search and Rescue (unconfirmed usage)

Radio, TV, and Webcam broadcast sites in affected areas

Latest Track Forecasts and Models



Latest Satellite Photos

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