Utility Monitoring

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What are utility stations on HF?

This is a valid question, and one that can be answered using a bit of negative logic. If it isn't

  • Amateur Radio
  • CB
  • SW broadcast

Then it's considered a utility station.

This type of station has many different types; military, aeronautical, maritime even non-governmental organizations like the Red Cross all fall into this category.

This page represents a tiny fraction of the available services and topics. The single best reflector that covers this topic is the Utility DXers Forum reflector on the server. The Utility DXer's Forum webpage has an exhaustive set of links and pages covering a wide range of utility related topics.

This topic is covered in the Utility Listening Forum

General Topics

What Equipment Will I Need to Hear these Stations?

Digital Decoding

  • For additional information on HF digital utilities, see the DXing Digital Utilities section
  • Several digital decoding apps have mailing lists (reflectors) and/or Facebook for support. Links for them can be found here

Other Websites

Utility Related Clubs, Mailing lists and Publications

Mailing Lists / Social

  • The Spectrum Monitor Electronic Magazine is the only remaining hobby level magazine that publishes logs from its subscribers. Most others have gone by the wayside, having been supplanted by many web-based sites - which may or may not have up to date information.


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