Iberville Parish (LA) Bridges

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Iberville Parish (LA) Bridges

  • Bayou Sorrell Drawbridge along State Road 75 over the Port Allen Lock,Bayou Sorrell (KIL751) (30.155738/-91.331357)
  • Port Allen Lock Drawbridge @ 64145 Bayou Jacob Rd. (aka State Road 77),Plaquemine (KJA548) (30.268287/-91.320774)
  • Bayou Plaquemine Drawbridge between Bayou Jacob Rd. (aka State Road 77) & Bayou Rd. (aka State Road 3066),Plaquemine (WXZ518) (30.257660/-91.312736)

  • All Sta.'s are licensed to operate on Marine Channels 09, 13 & 16

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