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9/30/14 - (from a CARMA contributor) - The source of the frequently reported interference on AAR Channel 73 (161.205 MHz) has been located. It is the Norfolk Southern Railroad transmitting from a 180 foot tower with 280 watts ERP located at Columbus Avenue and Maplewood Avenue in Chicago. It is used by the NS Police, the channel is NXDN and it is encrypted. I can hear the channel as far west as Oswego and north in Buffalo Grove and beyond.

Northeast Illinois Regional Commuter Railroad Corporation (NEIRC)

  • The 495-mile Metra system serves 230 stations in the counties of Cook, DuPage, Lake, Will, McHenry and Kane.
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Metra Commuter Rail

Metra Police / Public Safety


  • Licensed for multiple other frequencies on KNFX766
  • WQLD446 - Bases on 218.425, 218.725, 218.775 (NFM Digital / NXDN Data)

Chicago Union Station

  • WQRC885 461.7375, 464.4625 4w ERP repeaters (NFM, DMR)

Northeast IL Regional Commuter Railroad Corporation (METRA)

  • WQXZ480 150.8900 (repeats 153.5150) (NFM, NXDN) - at Chicago Union Station


  • WPLG303 Corwith Yard (3526 W 43rd St, Chicago) - 461.250, 464.275 repeaters (NFM, NXDN)
  • BNSF Agents have two talkgroups on STARCOM21 with statewide access on both talkgroups. One is used for day to day operations and the other is a TAC channel used for special details, etc.
  • All Agents at BNSF have VHF/UHF radios (either APX7000s or a UHF portable). Those radios have all 13 Zones and 7 Citywide frequencies. Most often you will hear BNSF on Zone 6 or Zone 10. The UHF radios have many other municipalities who are on UHF. In addition, the UHF radios have Metro 1-6, the U-TAC channels and a few CTA frequencies.
  • The VHF portables have ISPERN, IREACH, ESMARN, local municipalities, the VHF Interop channels, the three fireground channels and of course the 97 AAR channels.
  • BNSF also has a VHF repeater on 161.205 but it is not used much anymore since the NS Police are also on that frequency with their powerhouse transmitter on NXDN.

Union Pacific Railroad

Global 1 Yard (1425 S. Western Avenue, Chicago)

  • WRCF791 - 463.300 repeater (D703): H&M International Transportation: Terminal Operations?

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