Jackson County (WI)

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Unit Numbering

1xx Sheriff Department
101 Sheriff Waldera
102 Sgt LaBarbera
103 Capt Smokowicz
137 Deputy Gray
138 Deputy Brown
139 Deputy Bluedorn
140 Deputy Johnson
141 Deputy Mazur
142 Deputy Koran (K9 officer)
143 Deputy Mach
144 Deputy Nosbich
145 Deputy Ring
146 Deputy Haldeman
147 Deputy Hanson
148 Deputy Utter
149 Deputy Bue
2xx Sheriff Detectives
201 Chief Deputy
235 Det Nichols
240 Det Bowe
3xx Sheriff Dispatch/Jail
301 Jail Sgt
4xx Sheriff Reserve Deputies

501 Emergency Management Director Ross
62x Alma Center Police
63x Melrose Police
65x Taylor Police
67x Millston Police
68x Merrillan Police
69x Brockway Police
70x Black River Falls Police