Jaguar 700P

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MA/COM Jaguar 700P Portable (system Model)

Designed with input from public safety users, the rugged Jaguar portable excels in the challenging public safety environment. The Jaguar 700Pi portable is a digital two-way radio with immersion resistance that operates on trunked and conventional communications systems for both voice and data. Critical features such as Status Message, encryption, ProFile™, ProScan™, and Priority System Scan are easily field programmable for added efficiency of operation. The latest models of the Jaguar portable have a faster C5416 Digital Signal Processor (DSP) that allows Project 25 Common Air Interface (CAI) and an expanded conventional feature set, as well as an enhanced channel knob.

The 700P Supports and is designed for MA/COM EDACS ProVoice Digital Voice Systems. The 700P also supports ESK (EDACS System Key) systems with a flash upgrade.