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United States Air Force

United States Air Force Headquarters Second Air Force

2nd Air Force

Mission - Provide the best-trained, combat-ready forces!
Second Air Force, with headquarters at Keesler AFB MS, is responsible for conducting basic military and technical training for Air Force, Joint and Coalition partners. Second Air Force also trains and provides oversight of Airmen completing Army training prior to Joint Expeditionary Tasking missions.

Vision - Deliver innovative, relevant and responsive training to produce forces required by the warfighter. [1]

403rd Wing

403rd Wing

The 403rd Wing is the largest flying organization at Keesler, and the only Air Force Reserve Command wing in Mississippi. With a military manning authorization of more than 1,400 reservists, including some 250 full-time air reserve technicians, the 403rd Wing performs dual missions: tactical airlift support during peace- and war-time contingencies, and aerial weather reconnaissance in support of the Department of Commerce.[2]

403rd Wing major units:

  • 403rd Operations Group
    • 403rd Operations Support Flight
    • 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron "Hurricane Hunters"
    • 815th Airlift Squadron "Flying Jennies"
    • 345th Airlift Squadron "Golden Eagles" (Active Associate unit)
  • 403rd Maintenance Group
    • 403rd Maintenance Operations Flight
    • 403rd Maintnenance Squadron
    • 403rd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
  • 403rd Aeromedical Staging Squadron
  • 403rd Mission Support Group
    • 403rd Civil Engineer Squadron
    • 403rd Logistics Readiness Squadron
    • 403rd Security Forces Squadron
    • 403rd Communications Flight
    • 403rd Force Support Squadron
  • 41st Aerial Port Squadron

815th Airlift Squadron

  • Callsign - HOBBY
  • Aircraft - C-130J Hercules
  • Nickname - "Flying Jennies"
815th AS "Flying Jennies"

The 815th Airlift Squadron is located at Keesler Air Force Base, Miss., and functions under the operational control of the 403rd Wing, located at the same base.

Peacetime: The mission of the 815th AS is to recruit, organize and train to deploy, redeploy and employ air and ground forces to any area of the world and provide them with logistical support.

Wartime: The mission is to support the theater commander with the capability to resupply the forces, provide for their airlift requirements and employment operations within the combat zone or forward areas, and when requested, to provide aeromedical/refugee evacuation and augment strategic airlift forces.[3]

53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron "Hurricane Hunters"

  • Callsign - TEAL
  • Aircraft - WC-130J Hercules
  • Nickname - Hurricane Hunters
53rd WRS "Hurricane Hunters"

The 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron, a component of the 403rd Wing located at Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, Miss., is a one-of-a-kind organization. It is the only operational unit in the world flying weather reconnaissance on a routine basis.

The mission of the Hurricane Hunters is to recruit, organize and train assigned personnel to perform aerial weather reconnaissance. They provide surveillance of tropical storms and hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico and the central Pacific Ocean for the National Hurricane Center in Miami. The unit also flies winter storm missions off both coasts of the United States.[4]

81st Training Wing

81st Training Wing

The 81st Training Wing, located at Keesler Air Force Base, Miss., is the electronics, computer and weather training center of the United States Air Force. Under the direction of the Headquarters 2nd Air Force, also located here, Keesler is one of the largest training centers in the Air Force.[5]

81st TRW major units:

  • 81st Training Group (81st TRG)
    • 81st Training Support Squadron (Falcons)
    • 333d Training Squadron (Spartans)
    • 334th Training Squadron (Gators)
    • 335th Training Squadron (Bulls)
    • 336th Training Squadron (Red Wolves)
    • 338th Training Squadron (Dark Knights)
  • 81st Mission Support Group (81st MSG)
    • 81st Civil Engineering Squadron (81st CES)
    • 81st Communications Squadron (81st CS)
    • 81st Force Support Squadron (81st FSS)
    • 81st Logistics Readiness Squadron (81st LRS)
    • 81st Security Forces Squadron (81st SFS)
  • 81st Medical Group (81st MDG)
    • 81st Aerospace Medicine Squadron (81st AMDS)
    • 81st Dental Squadron (81st DS)
    • 81st Diagnostics and Therapeutics Squadron (81st DTS)
    • 81st Inpatient Operations Squadron (81st IPTS)
    • 81st Medical Operations Squadron (81st MDOS)
    • 81st Medical Support Squadron (81st MDSS)
    • 81st Surgical Operations Squadron (81st MSGS)

Radio Communications

All land mobile base communications are conducted over site 1-20 of this system.

United States Air Force (BEE00-3D6)

020 (14) Keesler Air Force Base385.350000c 385.887500 386.200000a 386.550000 386.750000a 386.962500 388.250000a 388.562500

Keesler AFB Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description
4811  12cb  KAFB Fire 1  Fire 1 
4812  12cc  KAFB Fire 2  Fire 2 
4822  12d6  KAFB SF Disp  Security Forces 1 - Dispatch 
4823  12d7  KAFB SF Tac2  Security Forces 2 - Tactical 
4824  12d8  KAFB SF Tac3  Security Forces 3 - Tactical 
4825  12d9  KAFB SF Tac4  Security Forces 4 - Tactical 
4833  12e1  KAFB 81MDG 1  81st Medical Group 1 
4834  12e2  KAFB 81MDG 2  81st Medical Group 2 
4855  12f7  KAFB 81CES 1  81st Civil Engineering Squadron 1 
4856  12f8  KAFB 81CES 2  81st Civil Engineering Squadron 2 
4866  1302  KAFB Trans 1  Transportation Net 1 
4867  1303  KAFB Trans 2  Transportation Net 2 
4868  1304  KAFB Fuel  Fuel Trucks Net 
4871  1307  KAFB Mobility  81st Mobility 
4877  130d  KAFB 81TRG 1  81st Training Group Primary 
4888  1318  KAFB RampNet  403rd Ramp Net 
4900  1324  KAFB MOC 1  403rd Maintenance Operations Center 1 
4901  1325  KAFB MOC 2  403rd Maintenance Operations Center 2 
4902  1326  KAFB MOC 3  403rd Maintenance Operations Center 3 
  • KAFB Medcial Center also has access to at least the following public saftey trunked radio systems
    • Mississippi Wireles Integrated Network (MSWIN) - MED-COM Talkgroups
    • Jackson County TRS - EOC Talkgroups

Deprecated Radio Communications

403rd Wing Operations

Frequency Input Type Tone Alpha Tag Description Mode Service
139.0125 RM 210.7 PL 403d BaseOps 403rd WG Base Ops Net FMN Military
407.1750 410.0250 RM 403d MOC U1 403rd WG Maintenance Operations Center UHF 1 P25 Military
142.6500 BM 293 NAC 403d MOC V1 403rd WG Maintenance Operations Center VHF 1 P25 Military
150.3375 RM 293 NAC 403d MOC V2 403rd WG Maintenance Operations Center VHF 2 P25 Military
141.3375 RM 210.7 PL 403d RampNet 403rd WG Ramp Net FMN Military

81st Medical Group

Frequency Input Type Tone Alpha Tag Description Mode Service
173.4125 RM 293 NAC 81st MedNet1 81st MDG Medical Net (New) P25 EMS Dispatch
173.5375 RM 81st MedNet2 81st MDG Medical Net (Old) P25 EMS Dispatch

81st Mission Support Group

Frequency Input Type Tone Alpha Tag Description Mode Service
138.0750 RM 293 NAC Keesler PD 1 Keesler Police Primary P25 Law Dispatch
141.6250 RM 293 NAC Keesler PD 2 Keesler Police 2 (Encrypted) P25 Law-Tac
141.5250 148.6625 RM 293 NAC Keesler PD 3 Keesler Police Tac 3 P25 Law-Tac
163.5250 RM 293 NAC Keesler PD 4 Keesler Police 4 (Encrypted) P25 Law-Tac
173.5875 RM 293 NAC Keesler FD 1 Keesler Fire/Crash P25 Fire Dispatch
165.0125 RM 293 NAC Keesler FD 2 Keesler Fire/Crash Response P25 Fire-Tac
165.0375 RM Keesler EOC Keesler Emergency Operations Center P25 Emergency Ops
140.7875 RM 210.7 PL 81st CES 81st Civil Engineering Squadron FM Military
141.8000 148.8625 RM 210.7 PL 81LRS Trans 81st LRS Transportation FM Military
149.2500 RM 210.7 PL 81LRS Fuel 81st LRS Fuel Trucks Net FMN Military

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