LPE 200

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LPE-200 Overview

LPE200 System Model
LPE200 Scan Model

There are 800 and 900 MHz versions of the MA/COM LPE-200. The LPE-200 can work in conventional mode, Wide Band EDACS (800 MHz and 900 MHz) and Narrowband EDACS (900 MHz).

Some of the latest models of the LPE-200 also support ProVoice and AEGIS Digital modes.

The System Model sports a full keypad and display. The Scan Model supports a limited keypad and display.

The LPE-200 is programmed using the MA/COM Programmer Windows based software, Rib Box, and Cable.

ProVoice LPE Radios

If you own an LPE 200 and you want to verify that it has ProVoice capabilities, your feature code list must resemble the following:


In addition, you must have the C56 processor installed, you must be flashed with a ProVoice capable DSP, and you MUST have 1024Kb (1 Meg) of Flash memory on your LPE 200. Many LPE 200's do not have the C56 processor with the proper memory, and many radios have shown up on ebay with the correct feature code, but the incorrect hardware as outlined above. Be careful!

Tips & Tricks

  • To unlock the keypad press the M and the side clear/monitor button.
  • To set the LPE 200 so the backlight stays on, In programmer under Display Settings Set Backlight-Timeout to CONTINUOUS and set a macro or menu setting to turn it on or off

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