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As a general rule: radios and cell phones are prohibited items during competition days at the course.

If you bring a scanner, you must be very discrete. Since UHF is the predominant frequency range, an antenna tuned for that band works best. Many operations are simplex so 1/4 wave antennas are preferable to UHF stubby antennas.

Tour Frequencies

New license:
License WQMJ457 was issued in August 2010 to R2 Innovative Technologies with the description that it is to provide radio communications to LPGA events nationwide. It lists many temporary repeaters and simplex frequencies. The emission code is for MOTOTRBO; however, no TRBO radios or TRBO transmissions were heard at the June 2011 State Farm Classic.

2011 LPGA frequencies:

  • 451.8125 072 repeater
  • 451.2375 CSQ Scores (No PL tone ever heard)
  • 452.8625 114 Scores
  • 461.0625 116 LPGA administrative staff

Other frequencies not yet determined if they are used nationally or just locally are listed here.

Media frequencies

Golf Channel and ESPN have been observed using frequencies in the 450 MHz and 455 MHz ranges at LPGA events. More info can be found here.

Course and Event Frequencies

Event frequencies are listed on state-specific sports pages: