Lancaster County-Wide Communications (LCWC) Digital POCSAG Pagers

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The following are the CAPCODES used with the LCWC 512 baud POCSAG Alphanumeric Paging System operating on 453.525mHz; county owned and maintained.

Fire / Rescue

Lancaster County Haz-Mat 2
02Haz-Mat 2 (Duty Officer)0000209
02Haz-Mat 2 (Common)0000210
03Martindale Fire Company0000213
05Strasburg Fire Company0000215
07Mountville Fire Company0000217
10Marietta Fire Company0000219
11Adamstown Fire Company0000221
12Akron Fire Company0000223
13Denver Fire Company0000225
14Durlach - My. Airy Fire Company0000227
15Ephrata Fire Company0000229
16Lincoln Fire Company0000231
17-1Reamstown Fire Company0000237
17-2Smokestown Fire Company0000238
17-3Stevens Fire Company0000241
18Reinholds Fire Company0000243
19Schoeneck Fire Company0000244
Manheim Township Fire Rescue
20MTFR (Common / Duty)0000246
201MTFR (Southern)0000247
204MTFR (Eden)0000251
207MTFR (Neffsville)0000255
21Brickerville Fire Company0000256
22Brunnerville Fire Company0000257
23E. Petersburg Fire Company0000258
24Rothsville Fire Company0000261
25Lititz Fire Company0000262
26Manheim Fire Company0000264
27Mastersonville Fire Company0000266
28Penryn Fire Company0000267
29W. Earl Fire Company0000269
30Weaverland Valley Fire Company0000272
31Bareville Fire Company0000274
32Fivepointville Fire Company0000276
33Bowmansville Fire Company0000278
34Caernarvon Fire Company0000279
35Farmersville Fire Company0000281
39Gardenspot Fire Rescue0000283
41Bird-in-Hand Fire Company0000288
42Gap Fire Company0000290
43Gordonville Fire Company0000295
44Intercourse Fire Company0000297
45Kinzer Fire Company0000300
47Paradise Fire Company0000302
48Ronks Fire Company0000304
49White Horse Fire Company0000307
50Willow Street Fire Company0000310
51Bart Twp Fire Company0000313
52Christiana Fire Company0000315
53Conestoga Fire Company0000317
54Lampeter Fire Company0000321
55New Danville Fire Company0000323
57Quarryville Fire Company0000325
58Rawlinsville Fire Company0000327
59Refton Fire Company0000329
60West Willow Fire Company0000331
61Upper Leacock Fire Company0000333
62Witmer Fire Company0000335
63Lafayette Fire Company0000336
Lancaster City Bureau of Fire
64Lancaster City Fire (Common)0000337
64Lancaster City Fire (Platoon WFD)0000338
64Lancaster City Fire (Fire Marshal Div)0000338
64Lancaster City Fire (Platoon 64A)0000339
64Lancaster City Fire (Platoon 64B)0000340
64Lancaster City Fire (Platoon 64C)0000341
64Lancaster City Fire (Platoon 64D)0000342
64Lancaster City Fire (RIT 64)0000343
64Lancaster City Fire (E641, L642)0000345
64Lancaster City Fire (Duty Officer)0000348
64Lancaster City Fire (E643, L641)0000349
64Lancaster City Fire (E642)0000351
66Lancaster Twp Fire Department0000344
Rohrerstown Fire Company
67Rohrerstown (Engine 67-1)0000346
67Rohrerstown (Truck 67)0000347
69Hempfield Fire Department0000350
70Rheems Fire Company0000352
71Bainbridge Fire Company0000353
74Elizabethtown Fire Company0000355
75Fire Department Mt. Joy0000357
76W. Hempfield Fire Rescue0000360
79Maytown-E. Donegal Fire Company0000362
Columbia Borough Fire Department
TRA80Columbia Borough Fire Police0000363
80Columbia Borough FD0000364
80Columbia Borough FD0000366
89Robert Fulton Fire Company0000368
Blue Rock Fire Rescue
901North Station - W. Lancaster0000372
903South Station - Highville0000374
905East Station - Millersville0000376
907West Station - Washington Borough0000379
93Mt. Joy Twp Forest Fire Crew
94Middle Creek S.A.R.0000383
95PA Canine S.A.R.0000385
96PA Wilderness S.A.R.0000388
??Keystone Wild Fire Crew0000387
W17PA Forest Fire Warden - District 170000392


01Ephrata Ambulance0000101
Ephrata Hospital ALS
04Ephrata Hospital ALS (04-10 & 04-20)0000104
04Ephrata Hospital ALS (04-30 & 04-40)0000105
Lancaster EMS (LEMSA)
06Lancaster EMS (Common)0000106
06Lancaster EMS (Supervisor)0000107
09Reinholds Ambulance0000114
17Reamstown Ambulance0000115
21Brickerville Ambulance0000116
24Rothsville Ambulance0000117
36Fivepointville Ambulance0000120
New Holland Ambulance
37New Holland Ambulance (A371)0000121
37New Holland Ambulance (A372, A373)0000122
37New Holland Ambulance (A378)0000123
43Gordonville Ambulance0000124
46Christiana Ambulance0000125
49White Horse Ambulance0000126
Susquehanna Valley EMS (SVEMS)
77SVEMS (Supervisor)0000127
77SVEMS (Common)0000128
82Manheim Twp EMS0000136
Warwick EMS
85Warwick EMS (BLS)0000138
85Warwick EMS (ALS)0000139
86Northwest EMS0000140
88Wakefield Ambulance0000142


08Columbia EMS0000198
10Marietta Fire Company QRS0000148
Manheim Township Fire Rescue
201MTFR QRS (Southern)0000152
204MTFR QRS (Eden)0000153
205MTFR QRS (Eden)0000153
207MTFR QRS (Neffsville)0000154
27Mastersonville Fire Comany QRS0000157
30Weaverland Valley Fire QRS0000159
35Farmersville Fire Company QRS0000162
51Bart Twp Fire Company QRS0000170
73Franklin & Marshall College QRS0000178
79Maytown- E. Donegal QRS0000197
90Blue Rock Fire Rescue QRS0000202

Lancaster County Alerting (In-house / Siren)

07Mountville Fire Company0000216
11Adamstown Fire Company0000220
13Denver Fire Company0000224
19Schoeneck Fire Company0000236
22Brunnerville Fire Company0000259
23East Petersburg Fire Company0000248
27Mastersonville Fire Company0000265
34Caernarvon Fire Company0000280
41Bird-In-Hand Fire Company0000287
47Paradise Fire Company0000301
59Refton Fire Company0000328
63Lafayette Fire Company0000334
74Elizabethtown Fire Company0000354
80Columbia Borough FD0000365

Miscellaneous Lancaster County

RTF36Lancaster County Rescue Task Force #360000144
Lancaster County Fire Police Task Force
FPTF1Fire Police Task Force Region 10000400
FPTF2Fire Police Task Force Region 20000401
FPTF3Fire Police Task Force Region 30000402
87Lancaster County Emergency Management Agency (LCEMA)0000412
Lancaster County-Wide Communications (LCWC)
91Field Communications Unit 91 (LCWC)0000410
91Field Communications Unit 91 (LCWC)0000411
P92Lancaster County Coroner's Office0000421

Out Of County Units

Chester County Units
33Honey Brook Fire Co - Station 330000403
89Elverson EMS - Station 890000404
189Elverson EMS - Station 1890000405

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