Livingston County (IL)

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Livingston County Government

Vcom 911

On February 1, 2017, the Livingston County Emergency Services and Disaster Agency (or LivCom) became the Vermilion Valley Regional Emergency Communications Joint Authority (or VCom)

Law Enforcement Sheriff: Patrols Campus, Chatsworth, Cornell, Emington, Flanagan, Forrest, Long Point, Odell, Saunemin, Strawn


St. James Hospital (Pontiac)

  • WQOA560 - also mobiles on 456.4, 456.7875, 456.8625, 456.9875, 457.3875 (7/11K)

Townships and Water Districts

  • 156.135 is licensed to townships of Livingston (Odell) KNIM466, Belle Prairie (Cropsey) WPVC469, Chatsworth WNFP294, Cropsey WPVC469, Odell WPML765
  • Amity Township - WPFZ494 - 154.025 (NFM at Cornell)
  • Broughton Township - WQPC633: 156.135 Mobiles (NFM); *WQPC757 - Union Road District - 156.135 Mobiles (Odell/Saumemin NFM)
  • Nevada Township - WRAL791 - 159.06 mobiles 5-50wt (NFM) for Roads/Snow Plows (Odem)
  • Newton Township - WQCM665: 453.4 Repeater (NFM at Streator)
  • Pontiac Township - WQRB586 - 156.135 6-50wt Mobiles for Snowplows/Highway Maintenance

Dana/Long Point/Reading/Ancona Public Water District

  • WQJF824 456.4 Mobiles (NFM Digital at Streator-Livingston, Dana-Lasalle)
156.135  159.04500   KNIM466  RM  LvstTS Road2  Livingston Township Road District
151.130      WPML765  BM  OdellTwp Rds  Odell Township Road Mainteance 
153.7475      0003814374  M  InGrvTS Road  Indian Grove Township: Roads (Rodds/Fairvbury)  FMN
154.025      WPFZ494  BM  AmityTwpRds  Amity Township Road Maintenance
156.135      WNFP294  BM  LvstTS Road2  Chatsworth Township Road Maitenance 
156.135      WPVC469  M  LvstTS Road2  Belle Prairie Township Road Maintenance
453.400  458.40000   WQCM665  RMF  NewtnTwpRds  Newtown Township Road Maintenance

Municipalities and Districts


  • WRAX731 - 774.98125 NFM for Mobile Extenders for Police


Cornell Fire Protection District

Dwight (Village)

  • 154.10000 KTP343 BM Dwight Public Works

Dwight Fire Protection District

  • 154.40000 KNBJ842 M Fire: Local Alternate
  • 154.29500 KNBJ842 BM MABAS: Fireground (may not be 85.4 PL Blue)

Fairbury (City)

  • 154.755 KNHH956 BM Frbry Police Police: Local Alternate
  • 151.895 M Frbry Fair Fairbury Fair Association

Flanagan / Graymont

Flanagan Graymont Ambulance Service

Forest-Strawn-Wing Fire Protection District

Long Point Fire Protection District

Odell (Village)

Pontiac (City)

  • Pontiac Fire appears to have a base station on 458.3 at firehouse to talk to responding units (10/20/10)
  • 460.225 465.225 WPGW541 RM 146.2 PL Pontiac PD Police: Dispatch (DB: LivCom)
  • 155.25 156.03 KSC671 RMF 114.8 PL Pont Police Police: Old Dispatch FM Deprecated
  • 154.340 KBV770 BM Pont EMA-VHF ESDA / Police: Local Alternate FM Multi-Tac
  • 154.995 WNWA393 BM Pont PubWrks Public Works
  • 451.125 456.12500 WPUP766 RM Pont PbWrkU1 Public Works/Utilities
  • 451.475 WPUP766 BM Pont PbWrkU2 Public Works/Utilities FM Public Works

Saunemin Fire Protection District

  • Serves: Emington

Codes, Unit Lists, Pager Tones

County Unit IDs

Law Enforcement
"LV" - Livingston County Sheriff's Department
"Dwight" - Dwight PD
"Fairbury" - Fairbury PD
"P-Paul" - Pontiac PD

Chatsworth FPD 1500's
Cornell FD 450's
Cullom FPD 1700's
Duffy EMS 3Mary 11, 3Mary12, 3Mary14, 3Mary18
Dwight FD/EMS 1800's
Fairbury FD 240's
Flanigan-Graymont 420's
Forrest-Strawn 280's
Long Point FPD 1600's
Odell FPD 1300's
Saunemin FD 1400's
Strawn Station 280's


Prairie Central School District 8

  • Serves: Chatworth, Fairbury, Forrest

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