Livingston County (MO)

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Livingston County Government

  • KNHD942 - Mobile Extenders for Law on 453.8875 (was ? 159.1725) (NFM/P25)
  • 8/12/14 - (See Chilicothe) The City of Chillicothe, Livingston County, Livingston County 911 and Livingston County Ambulance District split the costs for the project.
  • The Livingston County Sheriff’s Office and Chillicothe Fire Department are 99 percent equipped with MOSWIN equipment, while Chillicothe Police are 20 percent equipped, according to the release. If all goes according to plan, all three departments will reach 100 percent MOSWIN capability within two years. Six rural fire departments in Livingston County also will have at least one radio connected to the network.

Livingston County Public Water Supply District #2

  • WQJL962 - 956.40625 Microwave Data at Chillicothe

Municipalities and Districts


  • Trenton to Chillicothe dispatch can be heard on 154.980 179.9 PL

Chillicothe Township

Chula Rural Fire District

  • Serves 5 mile range in NE county


Dawn Fire Fighters Association

Pleasant Ridge Township

  • WQNT856 - 155.6475 Base/Mobile (NFM at Forrest)


Green Township Fire Department

  • WQNC765 154.4225 Base/Mobile/Pagers (NFM)


Wheeling Rural Fire District

  • Serves a part of Linn County


Chillicothe R2 School District

  • 461.05 Repeater (NXDN/NFM) KNDH427

EMS Agencies and Hospitals

Codes, Unit Lists, Pager Tones

Fire/EMS Pager Tones



  • Chula Farmers Coop 1562.885 Base/Mobile WNVQ746
  • MFA Propane 151.745 Base/Mobile (Chillicothe) WPGC790
  • KNBL748: Beetsma Farms - 151.52 Base/Mobile (NFM at Morresville, Chillicothe)
  • WQAS832: Gaston Farms - 462.15 Repeater (NFM at Chillicothe)

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