Macoupin County (IL) Legacy Info

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Information from the past, kept just for records, that no longer needs to be on the main wiki page

Macoupin County Sheriff

  • (Former) 158.835 D065 is a Simulcast of 154.7850 R, located in the southern Macoupin County, possibly to help provide better coverage for the Brighton area.
  • (Former) 159.09 D351 Repeater for Sheriff. Replaced around Jan 2009 with 151.2125 Rptr with 153.8 input

Formerly Used Frequencies

  • 158.38500 154.78500 RM 065 DPL Mac Shrf LG-Sim (OFF AIR) Law: Simulcast of 154.785 [No License]
  • 153.75500 WPFS699 M 023 DPL Mac Shrf MX1 Sheriff: Mobile Extenders (still in use?)
  • 159.09000 WPFS699 M 047 DPL Mac ShrfOld2 Sheriff: Car-to-Car / Events
  • 159.09000 155.91000 WPFS699 RM 351 DPL Mac ShrfOld1 Sheriff: Dispatch -
  • 460.5500/465.5500 - used in the 90s, Automated Voice; Recorders at Courthouse WNRC739 exp 4/00, No longer in use
    • These were purchased in Sep 1989 for $8824 as a Court Security System from McKeever Communications; security for 3 Court Rooms, 3 Judges Chambers and 2 States Attorney's offices
  • 461.1250 R - was licensed to Global Technical Systems at Sheriff Tower Carlinville FB6 (may have been 250.3 PL); No longer licenaed

Old Low Band for Sheriff

  • 39.08 Base 39.78 Mobiles for Sheriff Dispatch
  • 39.46 Point-to-Point was used to contact Benld Police and ISP District 18 Litchfield
  • 39.5 was used to contact other Police agencies in the county
  • Jan 1993 - McKeever Communications received $1000 for a propagation map and frequency coordination/FCC License.
  • Mar 1994 - Bids were received to replace the 39 MHz system with a 150 MHz system.
    • Whiteside Communications bid was accepted for $60,165. McKeever Communications had submitted a bid for $112,561
  • Jun 1994 - Reported that the high-band system should be operational in 2 weeks
  • 06/02 - 11 new radios purchased by the Sheriff for $3400

Macoupin County E911 / ETSB

  • 9/03 - Mac911 began test paging daily at 6pm.
  • 9/1/11 - Sheriff took over the 911 dispatcher roles, the 911 dispatchers contract was terminated.

EMS Agencies

Carlinville Ambulance

  • Began in 1979 by volunteers William Pranger Jr, Ben Strode, Walker
  • Transitioned to Carlinville Area Hospital after the city could no longer support the service

Carlinville Area Hospital Ambulance Service

  • Took over the city ambulance service on
  • 6/30/05 - Stopped serving the community and Dunn's Ambulance took over.

Dunn's Ambulance (Carlinville)

  • The Taylorville company took over CAH Ambulance service as of July 1, 2005. Provides ALS (Paramedic services based out of St Johns-Spfld) Crews 24 hours a day. Also providing ALS intercepts for neighboring agencies. 4/06 - Has moved to new shed at N. Broad/Broadway in Carlinville.
  • Dunn's Ambulance stopped serving Macoupin County as of 9/27/18 at 07:00.
  • Gillespie-Benld EMS came in to take over

Medics First Ambulance

  • Formerly served Girard out of Auburn and Springfield bases (153.32 D411 Springfield Dispatch Repeater). Had a Girard base, but closed in 2018.


  • 154.07 CSQ was used for Fire by multiple agencies. Girard and Virden Fire paging, dispatch and operations. Bunker Hill for the same.

Brighton (Village)

  • Fire was formerly on 155.715, but Wood River Police also use this as an input to their police repeater on 155.115.
  • 155.71500 KBM215 BM 100.0 PL (Old) Fire FMN Deprecated
  • 155.71500 KBM215 BM 703 DPL (Old) Fire FMN Deprecated

= Carlinville

  • 154.025 CSQ was formerly used by all city agencies, Police Dispatch; Fire/EMS Paging, Dispatch and Fireground; Street and Water Departments
  • 154.025 was also used by Staunton for Fire/EMS Paging/Dispatch and 154.025 could also pickup Belleville Fire operations (due to CFD's tall tower)


  • 154.98 was formerly used by Police and Fire for dispatching. Police moved to 154.8 Repeater eventually. 154.98 become a Public Works channel


Girard Fire

  • Previously used 154.07, but then switched to Mac911 for paging/dispatch. Installed a local repeater on 154.2425 around 2013/2014.

(Former) Actual Fire Radio Layout

Chnl Frequency Input License Type Tone Out Tone In Alpha Tag Description Mode Tag
F-1 158.2050 159.6300 RM D047 911 DISPATCH Countywide Fire/EMS Dispatch FM
154.0700 KQG671 BM D516 GIRARD FIRE Fireground (also Virden Fire) (or D432) FM
F-3 154.2650 KQG671 BM CSQ TAC 2 IFERN-Statewide Fire Mutual Aid) or could be 154.2725 fireground black) FM
F-4 155.0250 M CSQ ESDA Macoupin County ESDA FM
F-5 155.3100 M 77.0 VIRDEN PD Virden Police Department FM
F-6 154.0250 M CSQ C-VILLE F-A-P Carlinville Fire/Ambulance/Police FM
F-7 154.3250 M D162 F-VILLE AMB Farmersville Ambulance FM
F-8 154.3250 M D047 F-VILLE FIRE Farmersville Fire FM
F-9 155.2200 KZ6352 M Spfld C-MED ALS AMB (probably this freq for Springfield C-MED) FM
F-10 155.0550 M CSQ I-REACH Statewide Interagency Mutual Aid FM
F-1 155.3400 KZ6352 M 210.7 AL HOSPITAL (statewide Hospital) (Rescue Squad & Dive Team) FM
F-12 154.7850 159.1050 M D351 COUNTY LOCAL GOV Sheriff Local Government FM
F-1 159.0900 155.9100 M D351 COUNTY BASE TO CAR Sheriff Dispatch FM
F-14 153.9350 M CSQ CITY OF GIRARD Girard Public Works/Street FM
F-15 154.7475 156.0975 M 131 SECOND REPETER 911 Channel 2 FM
F-16 162.4000 M CSQ WEATHER National Weather Service (Springfield FM


North Mac Community Unit School District 34

  • formerly Virden Community Unit School District 4 and Girard CUSD