Maryland State Police and the FiRST Migration

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Use this page to track the migration of the Maryland State Police to the FiRST statewide radio system

This system can only be trunk-tracked by the scanners listed here

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Current Database Listing

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description
7301  1c85  MSP Northern  Northern Troop 
7302  1c86  MSP D BelAir  Barrack D Bel Air 
7303  1c87  MSP F NE  Barrack F North East 
7304  1c88  MSP M JFK  Barrack M JFK 
7305  1c89  MSP Nthn Tac  Northern Troop - Tac 
7306  1c8a  MSP D Tac  Barrack D Bel Air - Tac 
7307  1c8b  MSP F Tac  Barrack F North East - Tac 
7308  1c8c  MSP M Tac  Barrack M JFK - Tac 
7309  1c8d  MSP Nthn CID  Northern Troop - CID 
7310  1c8e  MSP D CID  Barrack D Bel Air - CID 
7311  1c8f  MSP F CID  Barrack F North East - CID 
7312  1c90  MSP M CID  Barrack M JFK - CID 
7313  1c91  MSP Central  Central Troop 
7314  1c92  MSP G Wmnstr  Barrack G Westminster 
7315  1c93  MSP R GldnRg  Barrack R Golden Ring 
7316  1c94  MSP A Waterloo  Barrack A Waterloo 
7317  1c95  MSP HQ  Pikesville HQ 
7318  1c96  MSP CntrTrpT  Central Troop - Tac 
7319  1c97  MSP G Tac  Barrack G Westminster - Tac 
7320  1c98  MSP R Tac  Barrack R Golden Ring - Tac 
7321  1c99  MSP A Tac  Barrack A Waterloo - Tac 
7322  1c9a  MSP HQ Tac  Pikesville HQ - Tac 
7323  1c9b  MSP Cent CID  Central Troop - CID 
7324  1c9c  MSP G CID  Barrack G Westminster - CID 
7325  1c9d  MSP R CID  Barrack R Golden Ring - CID 
7326  1c9e  MSP A CID  Barrack A Waterloo - CID 
7327  1c9f  MSP Eastern  Eastern Troop 
7328  1ca0  MSP S Cntrvl  Barrack S Centreville 
7329  1ca1  MSP I Easton  Barrack I Easton 
7330  1ca2  MSP E Salisb  Barrack E Salisbury 
7331  1ca3  MSP V Berlin  Barrack V Berlin 
7332  1ca4  MSP X PrAnne  Barrack X Princess Anne 
7333  1ca5  MSP Estn Tac  Eastern Troop - Tac 
7334  1ca6  MSP S Tac  Barrack S Centreville - Tac 
7335  1ca7  MSP I Tac  Barrack I Easton - Tac 
7336  1ca8  MSP E Tac  Barrack E Salisbury - Tac 
7337  1ca9  MSP V Tac  Barrack V Berlin - Tac 
7338  1caa  MSP X Tac  Barrack X Princess Anne - Tac 
7339  1cab  MSP Estn CID  Eastern Troop - CID 
7340  1cac  MSP S CID  Barrack S Centreville - CID 
7341  1cad  MSP I CID  Barrack I Easton - CID 
7342  1cae  MSP E CID  Barrack E Salisbury - CID 
7343  1caf  MSP V CID  Barrack V Berlin - CID 
7344  1cb0  MSP X CID  Barrack X Princess Anne - CID 
7357  1cbd  MSP Southern  Southern Troop 
7358  1cbe  MSP P/J  Barrack P/J Glen Burnie/Annapolis 
7362  1cc2  MSP Sthn Tac  Southern Troop - Tac 
7363  1cc3  MSP P/J Tac  Barrack P/J Glen Burnie/Annapolis - Tac 
7367  1cc7  MSP Sthn CID  Southern Troop - CID 
7368  1cc8  MSP P/J CID  Barrack P/J Glen Burnie/Annapolis - CID 
7372  1ccc  MSP Western  Western Troop 
7373  1ccd  MSP W McHenry  Barrack W McHenry 
7374  1cce  MSP C Cumberland  Barrack C Cumberland 
7375  1ccf  MSP O Hagerstown  Barrack O Hagerstown 
7376  1cd0  MSP B Frederick  Barrack B Frederick 
7377  1cd1  MSP Western Tac  Western Troop - Tac 
7378  1cd2  MSP W Tac  Barrack W McHenry - Tac 
7379  1cd3  MSP C Tac  Barrack C Cumberland - Tac 
7380  1cd4  MSP O Tac  Barrack O Hagerstown - Tac 
7381  1cd5  MSP B Tac  Barrack B Frederick - Tac 
7382  1cd6  MSP Western CID  Western Troop - CID 
7383  1cd7  MSP W CID  Barrack W McHenry - CID 
7384  1cd8  MSP C CID  Barrack C Cumberland - CID 
7385  1cd9  MSP O CID  Barrack O Hagerstown - CID 
7386  1cda  MSP B CID  Barrack B Frederick - CID 
7397  1ce5  MSP Radio Shop  Radio Shop 
7398  1ce6  MSP EPS  Executive Protection Section 
7404  1cec  MSP PACE  Pro-Active Criminal Enforcement Team 
7405  1ced  MSP Tac 7405  Tac 
7406  1cee  MSP Tac 7406  Tac 
7412  1cf4  MD FireMarsh NE  Office of the State Fire Marshal - Northeast Regional Office 
7413  1cf5  MSP Tac 7413  Tac 
7417  1cf9  MSP Tac 7417  Tac 
7422  1cfe  MSP Tac 7422  Tac 
7423  1cff  MSP Tac 7423  Tac 
7426  1d02  MSP Tac 7426  Tac 
7429  1d05  MSP Tac 7429  Tac 
7430  1d06  MSP Tac 7430  Tac 
7432  1d08  MSP Motor 1  Motor 1 (Motorcycle Unit) 
7442  1d12  MSP Tac 7442  Tac  
7448  1d18  MSP Tac 7448  Tac 
7452  1d1c  MSP Tac 7452  Tac 
7453  1d1d  MSP Tac 7453  Tac 
7455  1d1f  FIRST StwTch  Statewide Tech 
7456  1d20  MSP Tac 7456  Tac 
7457  1d21  MSP CID EA  CID EA Interop 
7463  1d27  MSP CommVeh  Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division 
7467  1d2b  MSP EPS Tac  Executive Protection Section - Tac 
7469  1d2d  MSP STATE Team  STATE Team 
7491  1d43  MSP FireMarsh UE  Office of the State Fire Marshal - Upper Eastern Regional Office 
7499  1d4b  MSP Tac 7499  Tac 

Barracks Not Yet Migrated

Barracks H (La Plata)


Barracks L (Forestville)


Barracks N (Rockville)


Barracks Q (College Park)


Barracks T (Leonardtown)


Barracks U (Prince Frederick)


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