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MedCentral was established in 1982 as a specialized EMS-only coordination and dispatch center. Headquartered in New Brunswick, NJ, it is part of the Robert Wood Johnson (RWJ) Health Network. Historically, it coordinated multiple mobile intensive care units (MICU) throughout central New Jersey. As the demand for these paramedic units increased, some departed from the MedCentral system and either formed their own dispatch centers or integrated with more local pre-existing dispatch centers.

Today, MedCentral coordinates ALS response for all of Middlesex County, NJ, dispatching all the RWJ Mobile Health Service (MHS) EMS units (ALS and BLS), the JFK Medical Center EMS units (ALS and BLS), and Raritan Bay Medical Center (RBMC) EMS units (ALS and BLS). In addition, starting in Spring 2019, Med Central also dispatches BLS units in Essex County and Irvington.


Due to the RWJ University Hospital acquisition of Somerset Medical Center, the EMS units that were part of that former system will be fully-integrated into the RWJ MHS system and will be returning to MedCentral on December 15, 2014.

MedCentral is also currently undergoing its 6th major upgrade since its founding in 1982. Since the demands of the system and the area covered will be virtually doubling, MedCentral version 7.0 will be going live on December 15, 2014 on the NJICS.


As of December 15, 2014, the RWJ MHS units, upon moving to the NJICS, will be changing their entire fleet identifiers, using a standardized notation as follows:

Station ID (single digit) + Unit Tag (single letter) + Unit Number (two digits)

Station IDs Campus
1 New Brunswick
3 Essex County
8 Somerville
Unit Tags Type of Unit
A Advanced Life Support (ALS) Unit
B Basic Life Support (BLS) Unit
C Command Staff
D Special Operations Unit
E Special Events Unit
P Pediatric Intensive Care Transport Unit
S Specialty Care Transport Unit (also functions as an ALS unit)
T Tour Supervisor
1A01: ALS unit 1 out of New Brunswick.
8B04: BLS unit 4 out of Somerville.
8D01: Special Operations unit 1 out of Somerville (i.e. SWAT Medical Support Unit / TEMS Unit)
1S02: SCTU unit 2 out of New Brunswick; would also function as an ALS unit.

Past Units

JFK Medical Center (Mercy units) and Perth Amboy Medical Center (MIC units) used to operate with MedCentral but have since both transitioned to JFK Medical Center's new dispatch center. AC900 Units have been replaced by 3-Bravo Units.

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