Medevac (WI)

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Medical flight request are general mad by a local agency through their own dispatch. The local dispatch will contact the flight provider for the area, and inquire of their availability. Medical Crews are dispatched by their own dispatch and then contact the Incedent Comand on MARC2(151.280)primary or EMS C(155.280)secondary. Some Areas that are not using conventional VHF channels may have a dedicated Talkgroup for Medical Flights and may use that for coordination instead.

Wisconsin Medical Flight Providers

Coverage Maps

Flight For Life Landing Zone Coordination

  • Milwaukee County Med Unit LZ Coordination = Talkgroup 32400 on MCTRS
  • Waukesha County (TRS depts) Fire LZ Coordination = Talkgroup 13168 on WCTRS
  • Sheboygan County Fire LZ Coordination = Talkgroup 13488 on SCTRS
  • Racine County Fire LZ Coordination = 458.8 (100.0 PL)
  • Washington County Fire LZ Coordination = 155.595 (173.8 PL)
  • Ozaukee County Fire LZ Coordination = 155.595 (173.8 PL)