Menard County (IL)

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Menard County Government

Menard County E911

Menard County went live, enhanced 911 on October 8,2007. Menard County is a 2 position PSAP and will dispatch for all emergency services in Menard County. (dispatching for every police, fire, and EMS agency in the county: Athens PD, Petersburg PD, Greenview PD, Menard Co Sheriff - Athens-Fancy Prairie PD, Greenview, Oakford, and Tallula EMS units: Athens-Fancy Prairie, Oakford, Greenview, Tallula, and Petersburg Fire Departments)

Agencies DispatchedAthens BLS, Greenview BLS, Menard County Rescue Squad, Greenview BLS, New Salem BLS, Oakford BLS, Petersburg BLS/Fire, Tallula BLS Units: Greeview 3,6; Petersburg 17 (EMS) D-Rescue Vehicles (not DAVID) D-39, D-58 "Petersburg"

Menard County Rescue Squad

Menard County has a volunteer centralized Rescue Squad (with Dive Team) made up of fire and medical personnel. Each person assigned to the numbering system works for the ambulance service; members of these 2 departments may be local fire or BLS. May be paged by Mendard County Ambulance, Rescue or a local fire department. 1/08 - At this time the Dive Team has 8 certified divers and use the reamining of the rescue squad members as a support team (line handlers, boat operators, etc.) for the divers, during dive operations.

Menard County Sheriff's Department

  • Units heard: 31,32
  • 154.05500 KSM845 BM Mnrd SD ??1 Sheriff [Expired] FM Deprecated
  • 156.03000 KA80903 M Mnrd SD ??2 Sheriff [Expired] FM Deprecated

Menard County EMS

  • Formerly Menard County Ambulance, used to be privately owned; Now ran and controlled by Menard County.
  • Units: 3D11, 3D12, 3D14 and 3D15.

HQ on south side Petersburg (formerly dispatched ambulance, the county fire departments and the Menard County Rescue Squad from that location until the new E-911 emergency call service went online at the Menard County Jail.)

Medivan Service - transports wheelchair patients to non-emergency doctor and hospital appointments

Municipalities and Districts

  • coming soon

10 Codes and Unit Lists

Menard County Public Safety Unit ID's and Codes

Law Enforcement

  • MN 1 The Sheriff
  • MN 2 Chief Deputy
  • MN 3-18 Deputies
  • MN 19 Tow Trucks
  • MN 20-29 Corrections
  • MN 31 Petersburg Chief
  • MN 32-39 Petersburg Police
  • MN 41 Athens Chief
  • MN 42-49 Athens Police
  • MN 51 Greenview Chief
  • MN 52-59 Greenview Police

Codes and Signals

  • Code 1 : Traffic Stop
  • Code 213 : Lunch Break
  • Code 101 : Spouse or Residence
  • Signal 100 : Alarm


  • 1435 on 155.115 (10/1/07)

Menard County Rescue Squad

  • D-21
  • D-22 Main Rescue Truck
  • D-23 Dive Team Vehicle
  • D-24 Air Cascade
  • D-25 Secondary Rescue Truck)
  • 3 boats, John Deere Gator (ATV vehicle).
  • D-30 throuh D-70: Personnel

Menard County Ambulance

  • 3D11
  • 3D12 3 431 01 Menard County Ambulance (2016)
  • 3D14 3 xxx xx Menard County Ambulance
  • 3D15
  • 3D16


Greenview Schools


  • Ag Plus Development 452.075 Repeater (Petersburg) WPES764
  • Eastview Farms 463.925 Repeater (NFM at Greenview) KIR422
  • Pork Valley Farms 154.49 Base/Mobile (NFM at Greenview) KAG909
  • Weidhumer Farms 461.475 Repeater (NFM at Fancy Prairie) KNEL470

Smith Farms (Tallula)

  • 10/12 App 0005455209 for Mobiles on 157.575, 159.75, 159.7575, 160.155, 160.1625 (NFM)