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General Info

Milton Transit is the public transit system in the Town of Milton, Ontario, Canada. Milton is in Halton Regional Municipality, part of the Greater Toronto Area.

Milton Transit began its present service on August 16, 2004, and expanded from 3 fixed routes to 5 fixed routes on September 5, 2005. This system replaced the former dial-a-bus and GO Transit local connector, that utilized school buses. The fixed route service was operated in partnership with Oakville Transit, although they never provided services connecting these municipalities.

Oakville Transit also originally stored and maintained the buses at their garage. Buses were later stored and serviced at the Mississauga Truck and Bus Collision (MTB) facility, located in Milton. This eliminated unnecessary travel to/from Oakville as the buses previously had been deadheaded to and from Oakville each day. Prior to the agreement with MTB, Milton's buses were stored at GO Transit's Milton garage. The Town of Milton extended the contract for conventional transit services with Oakville Transit for a further three years, effective March 1, 2008.

In early 2010, the Town of Milton announced that it would be ending its agreements with Oakville Transit and Mississauga Truck and Bus, and that Diversified Transportation would be taking over all aspects of service beginning March 8, 2010.

Since the inauguration of this service, there have been three major adjustments in order to connect with the growing population of this town, and to the Milton line commuter train and bus routes operated by GO Transit.


  • 1 Woodward/Maple serves the area north of Main, via Ontario, Steeles, Woodward, and Maple
  • 2 Downtown serves the area southwest of Main via Laurier, Ontario, and Bronte
  • 3 Trudeau serves the southeast area between James Snow Parkway and Fourth Line
  • 4 Thompson South serves the south-central area between Thomson and Furgeson
  • 5 Milton Crossroads serves the area northeast area and Crossroads Mall
  • 6 Scott Express serves the area west of Bronte Road along Scott Boulevard