NASCAR Canadian Tire Series

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The NASCAR Canadian Tire series started in 2007, as a result of NASCAR purchasing the CASCAR (Canadian Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) Castrol Super Series. The CASCAR Super Series ran from 1981 to 2006 in various locations across Canada.


The following car/team frequencies are from the Castrol Super Series in 2005. They are in desperate need of updating for 2007 as well as adding the officials' frequencies.

1Peter Gibbons453.5750179.9  
02Kerry Micks469.9250   
3Mark Swain469.1900143  
03Jesse Kennedy469.9875  
4Don Thomson469.9000023  
7Sean Dupuis469.3375   
09Kent Huhn462.5600   
10Doug Brown462.8625   
11Ron Van Es457.5625734  
13Rob Starr453.7250 453.5250 
14John Fitzpatrick468.1500   
17D J Kennington451.8500218.1  
19Brad Graham469.512577.0  
22Scott Steckl461.4500703  
23Jeff Lapcevich469.99375   
25Jim Lapcevich409.58125   
28Steve Robble454.6900   
32Mike Alguire461.9125   
33Neil Fair468.0125   
39Dave Whitlock468.0000   
41J Tsoumaris467.6500   
42Sean Stafford462.4125   
44Marv Wilder469.2625141.3  
46K Trevillin461.9125   
50Pete Shepherd456.3250743  
52Ron Sheridan453.4125   
55Rob Graham452.5375   
60Ron Beauchamp Jr469.7250023  
64Mark Dilley468.2125   
66Josh Wood171.0300   
71B Cathcart468.9125   
76J Hathaway458.6625   
77P Vanderwyst451.0500   
81Shawn McGlyn469.2625141.3  
82Ted McIntyre465.8375   
84J R Fitzpatrick467.6625   
86Kenny Forth460.6875   
88Dave Jacombs467.7625023  
91Doug Day457.5375   
94Mark Graham455.3875