NCAA Football - Big Ten Conference

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Scanner frequencies for NCAA Big Ten Football games

Major sporting events such as NCAA Big Ten football games draw thousands of fans to town for each home game. These games provide great scanning opportunities as there is a wide variety of radio usage related to the games including stadium operations, parking, police, fire/ems, EOC, towing, shuttle buses, media, etc. This page serves to display the local trunked systems and frequencies where these game related operations occur on one single page.

This page is by no means complete and local listeners are encouraged to 
add or correct any of the information presented here. The University of 
Illinois information is complete but the rest is simply what could be 
ascertained by viewing the forums, the   database, and other scanning websites.  Some 
information is just a suggested list of scanner targets until more
accurate radio usage can be determined.

The Big Ten holds FCC license WPUP497 which lists four itinerant frequencies to be used at temporary locations around the United States. Whether these frequencies are ever used for football games is unclear.

For frequency information regarding the Big Ten Network, see the Big Ten Network wiki page.

Team-specific information is listed on the state-specific sports pages: