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General Information

Naval Outlying Field (NOLF) Choctaw (NFJ) is the United States Navy's designation for an auxiliary airfield that was originally constructed during World War II as Eglin Field (now Eglin AFB) Auxiliary Field # 10. It is located 16.6 miles northeast of Pensacola, Florida.

Constructed in Santa Rosa County, the westernmost of Eglin's ten satellite fields, Auxiliary Field 10 was originally named Dillon Field for Captain Barclay H. Dillon, USAAF, a test pilot of the Fighter Section of the 1st Proving Ground Group, Eglin Field, killed 2 October 1943 when his P-38J-5-LO Lightning, 42-67103, crashed 8 miles W of Milton, Florida. Field 10 was later named Eglin Dillon Airdrome.

The field was constructed in 1942 by the Army Air Forces as part of the Eglin Field military reservation. It initially consisted of three 4000' asphalt runways in an "A" type configuration. Runway 18/36 is now 8000' long with 1000' of overhang on each side and 150' wide. No ground station was constructed. It was transferred to the United States Navy in 1943 as NAF 05822 and was designated an Outlying Field for Naval Air Station Whiting Field. Now used primarily for U.S. Navy basic flight training, the Navy refers to it as Outlying Field (OLF) Choctaw, a satellite field for Training Air Wing SIX at Naval Air Station Pensacola and Training Air Wing FIVE at Naval Air Station Whiting Field.

It is also used for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle [UAV] training by the U.S. Air Force.

It is expected that Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps F-35 Lightning IIs assigned to the 33d Fighter Wing at Eglin AFB will utilize OLF Choctaw for training.

Radio Communications

Land Mobile Radio (LMR)

Primary land mobile communications uses site 2-15 of this system.

United States Department of Defense (BEE00-14C)

015 (F) Naval Outlying Field - Choctaw386.262500c 386.762500a 388.487500

NOLF Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description
29211  721b  Choctaw Twr  NOLF Choctaw, FL (Tower) 
29223  7227  NOLF ATG  NOLF (ATG) 
29224  7228  NOLF Barin  NOLF Barin, AL 
29225  7229  NOLF Brewton  NOLF Brewton, AL 
29226  722a  NOLF Choctaw  NOLF Choctaw, FL 
29228  722c  NOLF Evergre  NOLF Evergreen, AL 
29229  722d  NOLF Harold  NOLF Harold, FL 
29230  722e  NOLF Pace  NOLF Pace, FL 
29231  722f  NOLF SantaRo  NOLF Santa Rosa, FL 
29232  7230  NOLF Saufley  NOLF Saufley, FL 
29233  7231  NOLF Silver  NOLF Silverhill, AL 
29234  7232  NOLF Site 8  NOLF Site 8, FL 
29235  7233  NOLF Spencer  NOLF Spencer, FL 

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