NY State Police Troop D

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New York State Police Troop D

New York State Police Troop D Headquarters - Oneida

Identifyer Role/Covrage Area
D1 & D2 Major
D10 First Sergeant
D11 Firearms Trooper
D12 Emergency Management Sergeant
D13 Firearms Sergeant
D14 Troop Recruiter
D15 Unassigned Transporter
D16 Traffic Sergeant
D17 Traffic Safety Trooper
D18 Public Information Officer
D19 Unassigned Transporter
D26 Transporter
D30 Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Sergeant
D31 to D310 CVEU Troopers
D40 School Resource Officer
D41 to D415 SROs assigned to Schools
D80 Quartermaster Van
D81 Bloodhounds Trooper
D85 Flatbed Tow Truck
D86 Marine Patrol pickup
D87 Marked Pickup Truck
D90 Communications Sergeant
D91-94 Radio Repair
D97 Unassigned Transporter
D101 Traffic Incident Management Team Sergeant
D102 to D111 TIMT Troopers

Zone 1 - Marcy (Herkimer, Lee (Rome), Morrisville, New Woodstock, Old Forge, Poland, Remsen, Sullivan, Sylvan Beach, West Winfield, Waterville) (Old Forge station is shared with Webb PD)

Identifyer Covrage Area
1D1 & 1D3 Zone Sergeant
1D2 Zone Lieutenant
1D3 Zone Sergeant
1D6 to 1D10, 1D12 to 1D19 & 1D85 Marcy
1D11 Waterville
1D25 & 1D27 Herkimer
1D26 West Winfield
1D28 Poland
1D30 to 33 & 1D82 Remsen
1D35 Old Forge
1D40 to 1D44 Sylvan Beach
1D45 & 1D46 Lee
1D50 to 1D54 Morrisville
1D55 New Woodstock
1D60 to 1D63 & 1D81 Oneida
1D65, 1D66 & 1D83 Sullivan

Zone 2 - North Syracuse (Elbridge, Lafayette, Lysander)

Identifyer Covrage Area
2D1 Zone Sergeant
2D2 Zone Lieutenant
2D3 Zone Sergeant
MC7 & MC8 Motorcycles
2D10 to 2D18 & 2D81 North Syracuse
2D20 to 23 & 2D82 Lysander
2D40 to 2D45 Lafayette
2D46 to 2D49 Elbridge
2D70 to 2D79 & 2D86 Interstates

Zone 3 - Watertown (Adams, Alexandria Bay, Carthage, Fulton, Grasspoint, Hastings, Lowville, Philadelphia, Pulaski, Orleans) (Grasspoint Barracks used in Summer only)

Identifyer Covrage Area
3D10 to 3D19& 3D80 Watertown
3D21 & 3D22 Adams
3D25 & 3D26 Philadelphia
3D30 to 3D34 Lowville
3D35 to 3D38 Carthage
3D41 to 3D45 & 3D81 Pulaski
3D46 to 3D49 Hastings
3D50 to 3D55 Fulton
3D60 to 3D64 & 3D82 Alexandria Bay
3D70 to 3D78 Interstates
3D97 to 3D99 Marine Patrols

Zone 5 - Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI)

Identifyer Covrage Area
5D1 Captain

Zone 6 - Portable Radios
Zone 7 - Other Agencies/ Local PDs

Identifyer Covrage Area
7D21 Boat
7D90 & 7D91 SUNY Utica/Rome PD
7D101 to 7D104 Morrisville State College PD
7D124 to 7D128 Booneville PD
7D140 to 7D142 Webb PD
7D270 to 7D273 Phoenix PD
7D301 & 7D302 Adams PD
7D305 Clayton PD
7D310 to 7D312 Carthage PD
7D315 ??
7D325 ??
7D330 & 7D331 Lowville PD
7D340 Pulaski PD
7D345 & 7D346 West Carthage PD

Zone 8 -State Park Police

Identifyer Covrage Area
8D3# Lake Delta & Pixley Falls

Zone 9 - Communications Specialists/Dispatchers

Identifyer Role
9D0## Troop HQ & Communications Supervisors
9D10# Zone 1 Communications Specialists (at HQ)
9D20# Zone 2 Communications Specialists
9D30# Zone 3 Communications Specialists

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