NY State Police Troop F

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New York State Police Troop F

New York State Police Troop F Headquarters - Middletown

Identifyer Role/Covrage Area
F14 Unmarked Pickup
F17 & FF77 Pickup Trucks (Marked)
F70 Dive Team Trailer
F71 Boat
F84 Dive Team Van
F51 to F59 & F80 to F89 CVEU
F102 to F11# TIMS Units
F201 CITE Car
F202 CITE Zone 2 Car

Zone 1 - Liberty (Narrowsburg, Roscoe, Wurtsboro)

Zone 2 - Monroe (Monroe, Florida, Deer Park, Middletown, Greenville, Haverstraw, Montgomery, Pine Bush, New Hampton)

Identifyer Covrage Area
2F3 to 2F10 & 2F13 Monroe Patrols
2F11 & 2F14 Florida Patrols
2F15 to 2F19, 2F21 & 2F22 to 2F25 Greenville Patrols
2F21 & 25 Pine Bush Patrol
2F20 & 2F28 Deerpark Patrols
2F26 to 2F29, 2F54 to 2F64 & 2F66 Middletown Patrols
2F30, 2F32 to 2F36, 2F38 & 2F39 Montgomery Patrols
2F31 & 2F37 Stewart Airport Detail
2F40 to 2F49 Havestraw Patrols
2F51 to 2F53 Supervisors
2F65 Campbell Hall
2F70 to 2F79 New Hampton Patrols (I-84)
2F80 to 2F86 Zone 2 K9s
2F88 Monroe Highway Car
2F89 Middletown Highway Car

Zone 3 - Kingston (Catskill, Coxsackie, Ellenville, Gardiner, Greenville, Highland, Hunter, Shokan)

Identifyer Covrage Area
3F50 Stealth car

Zone 5 - Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI)
Zone 6 - Portable Radios
Zone 7 - Local PDs/Other Agencies

Identifyer Covrage Area
7F22# Deer Park PD
7F310 to 7F312 Durham PD
7F385 & 7F386 Windham PD
7F21# Crawford Police (Deprecated)
7F22# Deerpark Police (Deprecated)

Zone 8 - State Parks Police

Identifyer Covrage Area
8F10 to 8F30 State Park Police
8F60 to 8F69 State Park Forest Rangers
8F80 State Park Police K9

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